Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mom's Day 2010

Well, I'm back with some adventures in canvas.  I do not know what I'm doing, but what the heck... it was fun! LOL

My mom is a HUGE quilter so I wanted to make her something to hang in her sewing room.  I simply used my acrylic paint to draw some lines... nothing straight or perfect... just free-handed.  Then I laid a few strips of ribbon here and there.

I used Nina Brackett's, "Nana's Needlework" to stamp my sentiment and a few little hearts and stars here and there.

For a dimensional accent I added the bow on top and some Pure Luxury buttons.

As moms go, she LOVED it. Again, here's a close up of the sentiment I stamped.

I have to tell you though... years and years ago I was really into ceramics.  I made a plate once that had a sentiment to mom written on it.  In MY opinion, I made one major mistake.  The colors were mostly blues and pinks and greens.  BUT... on one set of flowers I (silly me) decided to make the center of them black.  Well now... if you've ever done ceramics you know when you initially paint black... it doesn't look... well... BLACK!!!  It pretty much looks grayish/blue.  Nice, huh?  Until you get it out of the kiln and it really IS BLACK!!! LOL  I was so bummed but you know... again... mom loved it.  I was recently over her house and OMGosh... she had that plate displayed on one table.  I about died! LOL

But hey... I guess in the end... moms just love us for who we are... AND for things we give them that mean something to them.  *smile*

Have a great day!!!


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