Thursday, July 28, 2011

A New Hobby….


Well… here is yet another “to-do” item I had on my list Tuesday while at My Studio.  I recently have just been in love with doing mixed-media art!!! 


This is a 5 X 7 canvas that I brushed some acrylic paint on. I used a piece of bubble wrap to add the dots to the right side with a shade darker blue.  My image is from Unity Stamps  which I used Memento ink on to stamp on some DP I found in my stash.  I added a punch to the corners and used my Copic markers to add a bit of a hand drawn border.  I am not sure what stamp the bird came from… it’s a clear set that I have from when I was taking my Soul Restoration class.  Again I used Memento ink to stamp it.


My flowers are from Prima’s pillar of wildflowers and I added  a Websters Page Sparkler to the middle. 


The metal tag is from Tim Holtz.  I added a bit of bling to the right upper corner. 


I think this would be awesome in a bathroom or even in a bedroom.  Just a place for a bit of serenity.  Smile


I have more to show so stay tuned!!  Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!! *smile*



Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I’m Vining… again! :-)


Today I had a clear list of what I wanted to accomplish at My Studio.  AND… I have to first tell you… I did it! I did it ALL!!  Everything I had planned… I completed and it feels so so good.  I sometimes get distracted (easy to do… I have SOO much there).. but I totally stuck with my plan and yayyyyy I did it!!!!  First on my list… Play with more vines!!!!  Yep… I grabbed Melanie Muenchinger’s last released set, “The Vine” and started stamping away!!!


I started with a card base of Pure Luxury Blue Raspberry card stock.  I layered on some Lemon drop after I ran it through my Vagabond using an embossing folder.  I stamped the vines twice using Memento Tuxedo Black and colored them with my Copic markers.  I “fussy cut” the vines and layered them on my card using Pop Dots.  I stamped the scripture on some Little Boy Blue card stock and using my Deckled Rectangles Nestabilities to cut it out.  I again used the same Nestie an cut out a piece using Crème de Menthe, again layering with Pop Dots.  I added some wrinkled ribbon and bow to the bottom and found a small cross charm I tied around it. 


Really LOVE this set!  Stay tuned to see what other items I had on my “to do” list at My Studio that I finished.  Smile 


Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!!  *smile*



Saturday, July 23, 2011

OH... MY... Goodness!!!

Wow... I mean... wow... No REALLY... WOW!!!!! Yesterday we took our daughter to Ottumwa's water park, "The Beach". On our way back... my husband told me of Goldie's. A restaurant in Prairie City, IA that he had taken his dad to for lunch one day. Apparently, his dad had found an ad in regards to this little diner, and had wanted to go try out their "Mingo" sandwich.

My father-in-law was very sick at the time and was on a very strict diet so my husband told him... "You can have whatever you want today!" (Sometimes you just have to let people do something that will make them happy. You know?) So off they went... to Goldie's.

When we pulled in, I saw it as just a small town ice cream shop. Nothing fancy... small... PACKED with people and definitely quaint! We parked (at the ONLY spot available in the lot) and headed in. Initially I thought, perhaps we should eat outside... they had picnic tables set out and a few people were sitting there, but upon looking inside (though it looked swamped!) we found one lone table in the corner. Regardless of the fact that it was "messy" and the tip still lay where the customers left it, we went inside and sat down.

A very sweet lady walked up... greeted us, cleaned the table and welcomed us. She handed us menus and my husband immediately told me about the "Mingo" sandwich. As I looked I read and saw... "tenderloin and sausage" sandwich. WHAT??? Ok... so here's the deal.... I am sooooooooo not a "mix my food" kind of gal!!! NOT!!! I stared at it a moment and said to my husband... "Seriously??? A tenderloin AND a sausage sandwich together???" He smiled and said... "I'm telling you... Pop LOVED it!" Well... he decided he was getting JUST the tenderloin sandwich and of course, my daughter wanted a cheeseburger. I looked again at the description and sighed. Yes... I HAD to find out more about this sandwich.

Once again the sweet lady walked up to us... smiled and asked if we were ready to order. *sigh* "Ok, first... tell me about this Mingo sandwich." I asked. She grinned and said.. "It's BIG!" Yes... but... that doesn't matter, I can certainly take a doggie bag home... I just can't imagine a tenderloin AND a sausage sandwich??? Together???? "LOTS of people LOVE it!", she says. *HUGE sigh* "OK... I'll have the Mingo!" My husband smiled at me.. KNOWING full well... me and "mixing" just is NOT normal.

A few minutes later... here comes the food. I looked at it and just thought.. "Ok, here goes nothing." I cut the sandwich in half and took a deep breath. I looked at the sandwich and looked for a point where I would get a bite of the tenderloin AND the sausage. I sunk my teeth in... took a bite and looked up at my husband as I closed my mouth and watched him smile... waiting... I believe I chewed once and (as he says) my eyes bulged out and I heard him say.. "Well... how is it?". My mouth full I mumbled... "OH MY GAWD!!!" And he laughed... "That's what HE said!!!!" He giggled and I mumbled once again.. "OH MY GAWD!!!" Shaking my head.. "yes"... I finally swallowed and once again.. "OH MY GAWD!! This is AWESOME!!" LOL

Yes... I IMMEDIATELY fell in love with the Mingo sandwich!!! It WAS a big sandwich but I had NEVER tasted anything quite like it before!! I am truly in love!!! Bite after bite, I truly felt I was in heaven! My husband, eating his sandwich, kept smiling and every now and then giggled again.. "Your eyes bulge with EVERY bite." he said. HA!

Our waitress came by and smiles.. "Well... what do you think?" Me... "OH MY GAWD!!! This is awesome!!" She laughs as did my husband. I'm hooked!

I only ate half the sandwich and FOR SURE, I took the remainder home! But... we aren't done yet! Time for dessert! Oh yes... I HAD to have dessert. It's an ice cream shop for goodness sake... you HAVE to have ice cream!

I settled on a turtle sundae. Ice cream... hot fudge... caramel sauce and pecans. Sounds great. Oh and look... there isn't a SMALL on the menu! Ok... so every ice cream item is either served as a medium or a large. Fine... I'll take the medium. Hubby orders an apple pie sundae... our daughter a brownie sundae.

It takes a bit... not sure why.. but it does. Then... here she comes. She sets my sundae in front of me. My eyes settle on how HUGE a serving it is and that the ice cream looks like it's going to topple over the side of the dish. THEN... I see the MONSTER pecans heaped all over it! So... without politely waiting for everyone to get their dish... I take my first bite of just the ice cream. Again my husband watches with a smile.... "Oh my gawd!!! Wow... this is sooooooooo much better than DQ ice cream!!" I push my spoon in and this time I grab up the pecans... some fudge and some caramel. Eyes bulge once again! The fudge, the caramel... thick... hot... AND soooo chewy! This is just insane! A 1st class sandwich and THEN... THIS???? Wow!

My husband's sundae arrives with LOADS of apple pie goop on it and a comparable amount of ice cream... WITH the same droop exploding over the side as mine did. Hee Hee

Finally, my daughter's brownie sundae came.  She too ordered a medium.  It seemed like forever for hers to arrive, and we couldn't figure out why.  Then... finally it came.  It had a HUGE brownie in the middle that appeared to be home made.  (Seriously ok..  A HUGE piece) of brownie in the dish... FROSTED!... and on BOTH ends... a HUGE amount of ice cream. LOADED with hot fudge and.. nuts everywhere! No way will she eat all this... NO WAY!!! She digs in and honestly... I do not think she even finished 1/3 of it!! Of course we ALL had to take a taste of each other's sundaes and hers was no exception. It was heaven as well! She looks at me.. looks at dad and says... "Can I take this with me?" LOL Uhhh no... we have a half hour drive to get home still. If you're full now... no way can you eat it in the car without it melting everywhere before we arrive. LOL She has to leave MOST of the sundae behind.

I don't remember a time when I've been to a restaurant, ice cream shop or any type of establishment such as this that I actually grabbed my phone and called someone to say... "OH MY GAWD.. You HAVE to come eat here!" LOL LOL

It was truly an awesome experience and I know I've NEVER felt this way about a food establishment before! MAJOR kudos to Goldies!!! MAJOR kudos to my father-in-law (he is not with us any longer and I soooo wish I could tell him... "Wow.. you REALLY hit a home run with this place. Thank you!"... and MAJOR kudos to my awesome husband for sharing this experience with us.

Who'd a thunk a sandwich could inspire soooo much writing! LOL


Friday, July 22, 2011

A Summertime Wish…


Happy Friday everyone!!! My FAVORITE day of the week is normally because I know the weekend is near but today… today a “mini-vacation” is starting!!! Yayyy!!!  Since my son went with my mother-in-law on a FOUR WEEK trip to Alaska (they drove)… we decided it wasn’t quite fair that our daughter was missing out on some “alone time” with us having fun!!  So today, we are starting out at a new (to us) water park we just heard about that is only 1 1/2 hours away!!  AND.. the best part???? It only cost…. are you ready for this… FIVE DOLLARS to get in!!!  What the heck?? They have a wave pool, lazy river, several water slides, kiddie area, etc. and it’s ONLY $5??? Wow!!  And again… 1 1/2 hours away??!!!  We’d be silly NOT to check it out!  As I mentioned yesterday, we have had such hot hot days and this will be just a perfect little get away for us AND her!  She doesn’t know yet… we are planning on just taking off… having hear wear her swim suit, of course, and ending up there!  And, since my husband drives to Illinois and back every night… he took a different route the other day (filling in for someone) and found yet another water park we didn’t know about.  That one is less than an hour away!  So, we are getting wet and staying cool the next three days!


Which brings me to my card.  I had made this a while back and when I looked at it again it REALLY hit me that WOW, that bright yellow just SCREAMS summer!!!  Seems I’ve seen nothing but yellow lately (you know… the sun scorching down on us and all.. hee hee).  My card was created using Theresa Momber’s newest set, “Whimsical Wishes”. 


My card begins with Pure Luxury Wild Dandelion.  I layered in some black and another layer of Wild Dandelion that I ran through my Vagabond using the Dotted Swiss Cuttlebug embossing folder.  I stamped the larger flower from Theresa’s set in Memento ink and colored with my Copic markers.  In the middle of the flower I placed one of the Raindrop Eyelets and then one of the tiny dots in the set as well.  I cut out my image with my Labels 14 Nestabilitie and added a bit of twine around it after sponging on some Memento Dandelion ink. 


I hope you have a fabulous weekend planned and you don’t get TO much sun! 


Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!! *smile*



Thursday, July 21, 2011

Purple Vines?? YAYYYYY!!!


Oh yessss!!! If you know me, you HAD to know I’d put Melanie Muenchinger’s “The Vine” in purple!!! Of course I did!!! 


I started with Pure Luxury Vibrant Violet card stock. I layered on some Lovely Lavender which I stamped my vine on using Vivid, Purple ink.  I stamped the double flower image using Memento Tuxedo Black and some of the smaller vines in the Vivid Purple. I used my Circle Nestabilities to cut out.   I stamped the side shot flowers and more of the double flower image and leaves separately and cut them out and mounted them with Pop Dots.  I colored all the images with my Copic markers.


At the top I added some purple satin ribbon and lace I found in my stash.  I continued with the sentiment in Purple ink as well. 


I hope you are having a great summer!! It is soooo hot here and honestly, sitting with my laptop ON my lap desk is even hot!!  We have had 98+ temperatures and the index has been well over 100*.  I can’t remember it being this hot… for this long… in a while.  So, stay cool… eat light… and try to stay in the A/C as much as possible.  And remember… drink LOTS of water!!! Do I sound like a mother yet??? LOL  I am a bit concerned about everyone since my father ended up in the  hospital Saturday night having his heart checked again.  He woke up not feeling well… ended up passing out on the floor and was out for a couple hours!!  Since he’s had a small heart attack and a stint put in a couple years ago, they obviously are checking his heart.  Nothing was found, thank God for that, but he IS wearing a heart monitor for 48 hours to just check out how things are going.  He did a bit of running around to supply stores we buy from etc., but I could tell the heat was getting to him.  So please, please, watch yourself in this heat.


Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!! *smile*



Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Vine…


Today I finally got some more time to create a few more cards using Melanie Muenchinger’s latest stamp set, “The Vine”.  I LOVE this set and haven’t had much time to play with it yet because I’ve been busy working on my Brave Girls Club, Soul Restoration 2 Class projects.  But today… I go to get inky again!!  Smile


My card begins with Pure Luxury Ocean Mist.  I used my Classic Scalloped Border Petites Nestabilities along the bottom front of my card.  I stamped the fine on White and used a border punch on it.  My vine leaves were colored with Copic markers.  I stamped my sentiment again on White and used my Scalloped Square Nesties to cut it out.  A bit of wrinkled ribbon to the top and a buttoned bow.  Smile  My sentiment was stamped with Memento Bahama Blue.  I used Pop Dots to attach my scalloped square nestie. 


I hope you have a great day and thanks ever so much for stopping by!  *smile*



Monday, July 18, 2011

Sparkly AND Sweet….



It’s been SUPER hot these last few days  and we’ve had our share of rain as well so, as you might guess, the humidity level is unbearable as well.  It’s so thick outside it almost immediately zaps your energy as soon as you walk out the door.  I don’t know about you, but I’ve already had enough of a HOT HOT summer!!!  I fell off my bike a couple weeks ago as well and got a bone contusion on my shin bone.  I figured it was nothing more than a bruised bone.  The doctor had told me it would take a few weeks before it would quit hurting possibly but THEN I find out that it is a bit MORE than just a bruised bone.  I had no clue it COULD take as long as a broken bone to heal!  Apparently, a contusion can consist of a “crushing” of the bone.  And that in itself can cause pain and a healing time of up to 8 weeks!!!! What??? I don’t have time for this!!! 


It hurts to sit long without having my feet propped up… my shin swells and it just hurts like the dickens!  But seriously… how many moms can sit with their feet up 75% of the day??? Certainly NOT me!!!  Oh and here’s the topper… today, my husband was laughing and doing the “eh, right?” look and suddenly swung this hand and HIT ME ON THE LEG… DIRECTLY ON my owie!!! Sad smile  So if you have time, throw up a prayer for me… maybe a faster healing time would be great!! Sure would be appreciated!!!


Things have been super busy and a bit crazy around here lately and I FINALLY got a minute to get some more cards done with Gina K Designs June release sets!  Our heat index here as been well over 100 degrees and I can think of nothing more than hanging in the pool or… eating COLD foods!!!  This watermelon stamp from the Garden Fresh set just really is speaking to me lately!  Smile    If you recall, I use the Quickie Glue Pen and some glitter to add to the watermelon I stamped for the June Release Challenge and I did the same with this card.  I just love the way it looks in real life and totally looks eatable! LOL  (Is that a word???)


My card began with a layer of Pure Luxury Red Hot card stock.  I ran just the lower portion of my card with en embossing folder through my Vagabond.  I stamped the image on White and cut it using my Petite Oval and Petite Scalloped Oval Nestabilities.  The scallop was done using Key Lime Accent card stock.  I used Memento markers to color the watermelon and as I mentioned the Quickie Glue Pen to add the glitter.  I stamped the image one additional time and it (stealing Theresa Momber’s inspiration) and mounted it in the corner using Pop Dots.  I layered up to ribbons for the top and added a button with some twin to the middle. 

I hope you are having a great summer and enjoying some fabulous “cool” treats as well.  Thanks for stopping by today and have a great day!!! *smile*



Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sooo Peaceful….


Quietly I designed the card.  Yes, quietly… I was at My Studio and pretty much done with my Soul Restoration 2 Class and sat there… feeling accomplished.  It was then I looked over at Theresa Momber’s “Whimsical Wishes” set  and once again spotted the lovely dragonfly images.  Am I hooked?? Darn right I am!!!!  And, it just really brings me peace, I decided.  Peace and quiet were my inspirations for this card design.  Smile


I began with Pure Luxury Heavy Base Weight White for my card (told ya I was kinda sold on white lately.. hee).  I ran it through my Vagabond with a embossing folder I had in my stash.  I lightly brushed over the embossing with Tim Holtz Distress Ink, Tea Dye.  I took one of those lovely 4” doilies and cut it in half.  I adhered it at the top of my card and stamped the dragonfly circle stamp using my Memento Desert Sand.  I ran it through my Vagabond using the Circle Nestabilities.  I adhered my circle using Pop Dots.  I used the same ink to stamp my “Peace” on the left. 


Yes, this card brings me peace… and so does Theresa’s set.  Have you got yours yet??? Seriously… taking this card and framing it for a guest room or even a bathroom would be such a nice addition to add a bit of calm.  I find the images in the set are fabulous for any occasion.  What comforting images for a get well or sympathy card and yet.. delicate and classy for a special friend’s birthday.  I think you will be truly pleased with the purchase of this set.  So, what are you waiting for… go… Gina K Designs is ALWAYS open!!!  Winking smile


Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!!  *smile*



Wednesday, July 13, 2011

White Dragonfly…

Hmmm… that title reminded me of Liz’s, White Diamonds! LOL  Well.. he DOES sparkle!!!!  Smile 

Today I played with Theresa Momber’s newest set again, “Whimsical Wishes”.  I so so love that dragonfly… could ya tell?? Hee Hee

My card began with Pure Luxury Heavy Base Weight White card stock.  I took my Nestabilities Fleur de lis pendent  and embossed it onto my card.    I cut out the middle section and raised it up on Pop Dots on the inside of my card.  My dragonfly was glued to the inner Nestie and I used my Copics to add a small amount of color to the wings with some Stickles.  I added some ribbon, lace and a border bunch to the bottom.  Here’s a pic of how the card looks standing alone. 
On the inside I simply stamped the sentiment in the set in Vivid Purple ink.  I was having a bit of a “white-fetish” today and tomorrow I’ll share yet another card I made with Theresa’s awesome set. 
I hope you are having a great day and thanks for stopping by!  *smile*


Saturday, July 9, 2011

John 15:5


Today I wanted to share with you another card I created with Melanie Muenchinger’s, “The Vine” from Gina K Designs’ June release.  I really REALLY love the scripture she quoted in the set and I wanted to create a card that centered around it.


My card today began with Pure Luxury Heavy Base Weight White and I stamped the vine image using Memento Cottage Ivy.  I colored it in with my Copic markers.  My flowers were stamped on Layering Weight White and again colored with my Copics.  I cut them each out and popped them up on the card base using Pop Dots.  The sentiment was stamped on Wild Dandelion and I used a few flowers and a leave from the vine to adhere to the corner of my Labels 1 Nestabilities


I plan to play with this set a bit more today so I hope you check back to see where the scripture ends up next.  Winking smile


Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend!! *smile*



Friday, July 8, 2011

Another Bold and Beautiful Day!!!


I know the Gina K Designs DT hop is over… but… I wanted to put up one more card I did with the Free with Three set, “Bold and Beautiful” that I shared at the release party but never put up on my blog.  I’m sure you won’t mind.  Winking smile


My card started with that gorgeous Pure Luxury Raspberry… can’t get enough of it!  I layered on some Vibrant Violet and the Pure Luxury Accent Key Lime.  I started with the flowers from the set and colored them with my Memento markers then spritz them with a shot of water.  I stamped them on some white card stock and added my sentiment using Vivid Violet ink.  I stamped the butterfly in Memento Bahama Blue (LOVE how it matches the new card stock!) and colored it in with my Copic markers.  I cut the butterfly out and glued the body to the card, lifting up on the wings.  I also used some Black Stickles on the body and antennae of the butterfly. 


I hope you’re having a great day and I really appreciate your stopping by!  *smile*



Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gina K June Release Blog Hop–Day 3

I hope you have had as much fun hopping along with the GK Design Team this week as I have!! It’s always fun seeing what others do with the new sets and I’ve gotten lots of great ideas and inspiration!!!  I hope you have to!!!  Now how about the set you can get for FREE??!!!!  Yep… it’s time to see that FREE with THREE  set!!!


One Free with Three – “Bold & Beautiful” by Gina K Designs


I LOVE butterflies and this set has such an awesome one, you won’t want to miss out on adding it to your stash!!! 


My card base is the new Pure Luxury Raspberry… you GOT TO love that color!!!  I added a layer of white and layer of black.  My Raspberry top layer was ran through my Vagabond using the Stylized Flowers Cuttlebug embossing folder.  I used a 4” doily to mount my butterfly on.  I used my Copic markers to color it in.  My sentiment is stamped from Tami Mayberry’s set, “All Occasion Tags”. 


Now make sure you stop over  to the rest of the team and see what they have in store for you!!! 


Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!  Remember to leave a comment for a chance at a FREE set from Gina K Designs valued at up to $24.95.  *smile*



Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Gina K June Release Blog Hop–Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the Gina K June Release Hop.  These hops are so much fun because not only do you get to see all the DT cards for each set, but Gina gives away so many stamp sets during the hop dates and I hope you remember all you have to do is leave a comment on the DT blogs to be entered!!! How awesome is that!!!  Are you ready for another day of inspiration??? Let’s get hopping!

First up… “Whimsical Wishes” by Theresa Momber…

Today I decided to “mix it up” a bit and used not only Theresa’s new set, but I used her vase from last month’s set, “Vogue Vases”!! 

I started my card with Pure Luxury Heavy Base Weight white and added a layer of Pure Luxury Accent Key Lime.  A layer of Vibrant Violet and then used white again to stamp my image on.  I stamped the dragonfly circle in Vivid Purple ink and then stamped the vase in Memento black.  You need to do some trimming to get rid of the excess but it fits nicely in the vase!  I added it to my white card stock and then stamped the leaves on top.  I stamped my sentiment and then took my Scallop Circle Nestabilitie and sponged all around it with Memento Lulu Lavender.  I added my circle Nestie that fit just inside the scallops and sponged more of the Lilac around it for a more subtle scallop.  I stamped the dragonfly and cut it out then colored the wings in a bit with my Copic markers.  I added diamond Stickles to the leaves and black Stickles to the body. 

Next up… “Garden Fresh” by Gina K Designs…

I have REALLY been loving me some carrots lately… I mean REALLY… just eating the heck out of them!!! LOL  So when I saw this adorable set from Gina K, I HAD to do a card with the carrots!!!  Ha!

My card began with Pure Luxury Wild Dandelion.  I used the dotted DP’s from Echo Park’s, A Walk In the Park, paper pack.  I stamped my carrots using White card stock and colored them with my Copic markers before cutting them out.  I added a jute string bow to appear as though they were tied together.  My sentiment was stamped on White card stock and cut out using the new Fancy Tags 2 Nestabilities.  I sponged on some Tim Holtz Distress ink, Spiced Marmalade, before removing the die.  A little copper nail head in each corner completes my card.

Now check out the rest of the team to see what fabulousness they have in store for you.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great time hopping!  *smile*


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gina K June Release Blog Hop–Day 1

Hope you all had a wonderful Fourth of July weekend!!  I did lots of relaxing and playing with paint in my studio!  Smile  Today the Gina K Designs Design Team is hopping along to share some of our creations made with the new June Release Stamps!!  Are you ready to get inspired???

First up, “The Vine” by Melanie Muenchinger….

My card begins with Pure Luxury Red Hot card stock and added a layer of white which I ran through my Vagabond using the Swiss Dot Cuttlebug embossing folder.  I used just the “trumpet” flowers from the set and stamped them a “cross” shape.  Then I stamped four more separately and cut them out and mounted them between each of the four I had stamped previously using Pop Dots.  This gave them a bit more dimension.  I added a button to the top and a small pearl in the middle for accent.  I cut the flowers out using my Circle Nestabilities and mounted it on top of two layers of the Lotus Pendant Nestabilitie in Red Hot and in Just Peachy.  I ran a ribbon along the side and used our NEXT stamp set *wink*, along it with my sentiment.

Next up… “All Occasion Greetings” by Tami Mayberry…

My inspiration for this card was the “waterfall” designed card. You know the kind… you pull a tab and they “flip” to show more than one sentiment or image??? My take on it was to use three of the labels from Tami’s set and attach them with an eyelet.  When you twist them apart… you see each sentiment (an interactive card, if you will).  Like this….

I started with a Pure Luxury heavy base weight White card stock.  I stamped the tags using Vivid and Memento Ink.  I added a rhinestone on the opposite end and used my Copic markers to color them to the coordinating color needed.  I used twine to tie them all together and keep them in line.  I used the small flourish in the set to stamp in the corners.

Now hop on over to the rest of the DT and see what they have in store for you. 

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of the hop!  Remember… ALL of the new sets you will see during the hop are NOW available at Gina K Designs!! AND.. don't forget to leave a comment on each blog to be entered for a chance to receive a FREE stamp set valued at up to $24.95!!  Have fun!

Have a great day!!! *smile*


Monday, July 4, 2011

Loving the Vine….


Happy Independence Day everyone!!! I hope you have plans to enjoy the day with your family and/or friends and get a chance to find a little “peace” for yourself as well.  To help you do that, I thought I’d share my card with you that I showed at the Gina K Designs Release party last week.  I used Melanie Muenchinger’s newest set, “The Vine” and added the dragonfly from Theresa Momber’s set, “Whimsical Wishes” as an accent.


My card began with Pure Luxury Lovely Lavender and I layered on a piece of Kraft after running it through my Vagabond with the Stylized Flowers Cuttlebug embossing folder.  I add another small strip of the Lavender which I stamped the fine on using Memento ink.  I stamped the flowers and colored them with my Copic markers and added them with Pop Dots.  I used Vivid ink, Purple to stamp my sentiment.  My dragonfly was colored with Copic markers and I added Diamond Stickles to the wings and some Black Diamond Stickles to the body.  LOVE how the Black Stickles really makes the dragonfly pop in real life!  I also added some Yellow Stickles to the center of the flowers. 

Enjoy your day today and thanks for stopping by!!!  *smile*



Saturday, July 2, 2011

Dotted Friend

Today I wanted to share a card with you that I showed at the Gina K Designs Release Party on Thursday evening.  Tami Mayberry’s newest set from Gina K Designs, “All Occasion Greetings” is so fun to play with!! I LOVE that she has different textures with the labels and the sentiments are perfect!!!  I had so much fun making this card with the dotted label and carrying those dots throughout the card! 

My card began with Pure Luxury Bubble Gum pink card stock (in honor of how MUCH Tami loves working with pink.. *wink*).  I layered on some BIG dotted DP from the Echo Park – Dots and Stripes Candy Shoppe paper pack.  I then added a small layer in the middle of smaller pink DP, also from the same paper pack.  I was so excited to find this pink and brown dotted ribbon in my stash and HAD to add it as well!! 

I stamped my label using Vivid ink, Coffee Bean and Vintage Rose.  I used the Grommet Tags Nestabilities to cut out the label.  LOVE that Tami’s images fit in these tags!

I hope you are having a great weekend and that you got your order in from the Release Party!! I know you don’t want to miss out and have to wait for more items to get restocked when they sell out!  ;-)

I’ll be sharing more of the new sets so stay tuned!  Thanks for stopping by!  *smile*


Friday, July 1, 2011

Challenge on Stamp TV – Glitter & Flock


Did you have a great time at the Gina K Designs Release Party last night???? I WAS having a great time until I had to hurry off to get some info signed, notarized, scanned and e-mailed to my mother-in-law!  Arggghhhh.  My son is going on a trip with her to Alaska and will be gone for a MONTH!!! I will soooooooo miss him!!  I hope you play along in my Challenge that was shared last night at the Release Party!!! 


My challenge for you is to use your glitter and/or flock!!  You don't have to use both on one card.  You can pick either glitter or flock.  But if you'd like to do one with each, feel free.... or mix it up and use both items on one card!!  The choice is yours.

Here is a sample I created using Theresa Momber's, "Whimsical Wishes".  I took the awesome dragon fly and her little leaves to make my own base DP for this card.  I stamped the leaves and used black flock on the dragon flies.  LOVE how the black really pops off the card.


My glitter sample uses Gina's "Garden Fresh".  I used the awesome glue pen to color in the watermelon and added glitter to my slice.  I think the glitter just makes it look like a REAL piece of watermelon!!!

Please upload your entries by Tuesday, July 6th at 7 pm CST.  We will announce a randomly chosen winner from all of the entries who will win any Gina K. Designs stamp set valued up to $24.95.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!! *smile*



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