Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Love in Any Color

For today's card I went back to last month's StampTV Kit, "Eclectic Summer". I really really like this set and even though it's been out for awhile, it seems I never get the time to use all of them as much as I'd like. So... here I go again. *grin* I've seen this silhouette used on many cards but not sure if I've ever seen it stamped in brown. I try to do as many "manly" looking cards as I can because those are the hardest for me. I used my houndstooth Cuttlebug folder for the background and also one of Gina K's first digital papers she gave out with her first Stamp TV kit. (I STILL love this paper!!!) This post/card is just full of love, because I also lose the nailheads I used in the lower right corner on the DP. Gina now has them in more than one size... check it out. Have a great day! *smile* Signature

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today's card was made with my father in mind. His birthday is tomorrow and I NEVER have a clue what to get him, but I DO know that he won't ever get another card like the one I give him so that gives me a bit of a smile. For this card I used my Center Stage Spotlight partner, Charlene's, sketch challenge. I grabbed Theresa Momber's, "Timeless Treasures" set because I KNEW from the day I first saw it... I HAD to make a card for my father with it. My dad is a HUGE reader. He reads so much that when the Kindle first came out I knew I'd have to talk him into getting it. I know NO ONE else who reads as much as he does. He averages probably 2-3 books a week!! Theresa's set was perfect to focus on the time he spends reading and to let him know how much he has affected my love for books as well. Read... it teaches, it educates, it inspires and it can take you to places you've never been before. *smile* Signature

Monday, September 28, 2009

In the Pink with Lee!

Today's card was one I designed for Lee Murphy's Monochromatic Challenge over on Stamp TV. Lee's example showed HER card in pink and black. Though I did stamp my image in black... I was going for pink and white. (Hoping she'd forgive me for adding the black ink.. hee hee.) I used Melanie Muenchinger's stamp, "Arranged with Love" as my image. I colored the flowers in with various Copics and simply added a gingham ribbon to the top. I have SO MANY gals to thank for sending their prayers and cards to us during my FIL's passing and one by one, I want to send them a personal note of appreciation. This was for Lee. Have a great day and stay "in the pink"! *smile* Signature

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Dream Come True!!!

A REAL dream!!! This little notebook is one I made when I realized I was FINALLY on my way to having something I'd been dreaming of for quite some time now, come true. The butterflies from Gina K's, "Take Flight" set AND the sentiment were just perfect for MY "business" book! Last week I signed my name to a lease for a building space for MY shop!!!! WOOHOO!!! A REAL space for me to work and teach. I've been teaching stamping and scrapbooking classes out of my home for the last three years and trust me... it's getting a bit crowded for that with the last group having TEN girls in it!!! Yesterday I spent the day with my mother-in-law shopping around looking for fun, cute and of course... useful things to use in my shop. She had a good time and so did I!! She is probably as excited as I am and we both kept turning a corner and seeing this or that I might need. LOL I think it was good for her to get out and spend a day with the "girls" (my daughter was with us as well). We have plans to go back next weekend and do even more looking for NEEDS.. hee hee. I promise when I'm all settle in, I'll post pics of the shop and show all the goodies we got. Have a great day!! *smile* Signature

Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Mojo Monday Brew!

I did today's card for the Mojo Monday sketch challenge and had so much fun playing with the colors. I LOVE the purple in Halloween stuff these days... can ya tell?? Hee Hee. The DP I had for quite some time so I'm not sure where it came from. My stamp is from none other than Gina K Designs, "Spooky Silhouettes", (boy I really need to buy stamps with titles I can spell without having to look them up.. LOL). I do love this set though and that witch a brewin away is way to cool. I know you can't tell here but the spiders and the bats on my DP are glitter coated... fun fun paper. I hope you have a good day and if you need a challenge, try Mojo Monday or StampTV... there is always a challenge somewhere to get your pot brewin again (hee hee). Have a great day! *smile* Signature

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Old Truck Cracked!!!

My card today is one of the Technique Challenges that Gina K. offered up on Stamp TV. Every week Gina does a video to show new techniques, step by step. She then puts the challenge up for everyone to try and this is one I hadn't done in a very long time. This technique is "Cracked Glass". I won't give you the details because Gina has already done that for you. Just head over to StampTV and click on the Video tab then there is a video0 for the "Cracked Glass" technique. I used Theresa Momber's set, "Timeless Treasures" to stamp the "old keys" as a background on my "Moonlit Fog" Pure Luxury Heavy Base weight cardstock. My "BlackOnxy" cardstock was distressed before applying it to the base. For my cracked glass image I used Asela Hopkins truck from "The Journey". I did color the headlights and the wooden racks in the back of the truck just for a splash of color. One other thing I did to my cracked glass was to take my Momento Dew Drop, London Fog, ink pad and rubbed it all over the cracks once I had finished. The I used a paper towel to wipe off the excess ink. This leaves it looking a little more antiqued as the ink sinks down into the cracks. A quick little bow and sentiment and my card is done!! If you like the look of this technique, head to over to Stamp TV every Wednesday. Gina puts a new one up every week and offers a challenge up afterwards for a chance at a free stamp set valued at $24.95 or less from Gina K Designs!! Why not give it a try. Have a great day!! *smile* Signature

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Candy is Dandy!

My card today is one I really really like. Must you ask??? Because it's full of BRIGHT colors!! You know I LOVE my colors... and this card fits the bill perfectly!!
My stamp is from Impression Obsession, "Candy Jars". I saw this initially on Stampers Dream site and when I ordered it was sold out. WHAT??!! If you know me at all, you know I am NOT a patient person when it comes to something I want. So, of course, I headed to Impression Obsessions site and QUICKLY ordered it. Just in case THEY sell out too!! The cool thing about IO is that you can order your stamps mounted or unmounted and as permanent, cling, or clear (most stamps). But I will warn you... be VERY careful when you order. I intended to order the cling stamps and when they arrived, they were unmounted with permanent adhesive on the foam backing. Did I CHECK and realize this BEFORE putting it on my acrylic block... NOOOOO!! Eeeek. I went to pull it off and "OH NO!!". You guessed it... it was stuck. But I worked it slowly and "patiently", ugh, and it finally came off. Needless to say... IO was wonderful about it and said I could return them and they would exchange them for the cling. Thank goodness because I ordered more than just that ONE stamp and have NO plain wooden blocks to mount them on anyway. Check and double check before you order.
I LOVED coloring each piece of candy in this stamp. I must tell you what most caught my eye was the rock candy suckers. While at the Iowa State Fair a month ago my daughter HAD to have one... no problem... they are only $1. So I bought her two. Well, if you look at the design, they have a little wooden ball at the end of their stick. After not even half way thru, she dropped the sucker on the ground and grabbed her 2nd one. Again... not long after she dropped it TOO!! I suddenly realized, she was holding it by the little ball. Ugh. So, back we went for more. Just remember, if you get some for your kids, tell them not to hold it by the ball!! *smile*
After coloring the candy with my Copics, I covered the fruit sticks and gumballs with my Sakura Glaze pen to give them a bit of a shine. For the rock candy suckers I used my Quickie Glue Pen and then covered them with glitter. My daughter was totally in awe of the card and was dreaming of more rock candy. LOL I was going to highlight the glass jars with some blue when I decided since I embossed with my nesties I wanted to just shade the whole image with blue. I got lucky when I went looking for ribbon the other day and found this brightly colored stripped ribbon and it went wonderfully with all the colors.
I think I'll save this for a day when my daughter is being especially "sweet". She will love it! *smile*

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Don't Put All Your Apples in One Basket!!

There's a thief on the prowl!! Or is there??? When I showed this card to my DH he said.. "Squirrels don't eat apples!".. LOL.. well.. MINE do!!! In fact, I think they'd probably eat anything if they got hungry enough!!! Hee Hee So, here's MY squirrel!! I just love this little guy from Carolyn King's, "Whimsical Autumn", set. I THOUGHT I was being clever by putting him up ON TOP the basket of apples, but if you check Stamp TV's Lifestyle Magazine you'll Carolyn beat me to it!! No wonder she's KING! *Hee Hee* The DP's are from Gina K's Stamp TV Kit, "Signs of Autumn". I know LOTS of people are hoping she will offer the papers separately. You never know about that Gina K; she's always full of surprises!! Have a great day and if you see a squirrel... throw him an apple! *smile* Signature

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Weaved Birds

My card today was one I submitted over on StampTV for Dee Marie's, Potluck Friday Challenge - Dream Weaver. Every Friday there is a Potluck challenge and you never know what the designer will come up with, but it's always something fun. I used one of Rupa's birdhouse from her "Home Tweet Home" set. The bird DP is from the Lime Rickey collection. And I LOVE the new Nestabilities tags which Gina K now has in her store!! Obviously, we were to "weave" some part of the card layout. I love this DP and was waiting for the perfect opportunity to use it and how appropriate next to the bird house?! Head over to Stamp TV and try a challenge. If you win... you can go shopping at Gina K Designs for a FREE stamp set!!! Have a great day!! *smile* Signature

Monday, September 21, 2009

Outlined Sunflowers

r My card today was one I did for the last Gina K Designs Release Party. Seems so long ago but so much has happened since so I apologize for my delay in posting it. The stamps are from Theresa Momber's, "Autumn Beauty". Just a wonderful set FULL of so may different fall images. I used the technique that Sharri Seffens showed me while I was in Wisconsin to brayer my background, I sponged the bottom with black and then sponged a small area of green above that.
Last, I stamped my images. I had seen so many images done this way but with solid, silhouette stamps and I decided it didn't have to be a solid stamp. What do you think? Did I pull this off??
Try something new... something daring... something you wouldn't normally think to add to a card. See how it looks... you might surprise yourself. *smile* Signature

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Midnight Madness Sketch Challenge

This was a first for me. There are so many challenges over on Stamp TV and I don't normally go looking for any, and I didn't this time either, but rather I was invited to join in the Midnight Madness Challenge (MMSC19)this week by Phyllis Long (sparkleplenty1000) from over on Splitcoaststampers. There is a TON of info and things happening over at Midnight Madness, I was confused as to what sketch was next, but Priscilla generously pointed me in the direction. I was so set on making sure I followed the sketch, I, sadly, realized afterwards that I had OTHER plans for this card when I laid it out in my mind. LOL Not much, but I did plan to distress the edges and when I held it up afterwards that big shoe hit the floor... ugh. But.. I suppose it's fine as is. They say we are harder on ourselves than anyone else and I seem to fit this mold nicely lately. Try a challenge this weekend. Stamp TV has a new one every day. You won't believe how much it does for keeping your mojo flowing. Have a great day. *smile* Signature

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Soooty Spoooky Halloween

For today’s card, I wanted to share with you a Technique Challenge that Gina K demonstrated on Stamp TV. Soot stamping. This is simple, easy to do and you don’t even need any ink!! Beware… there IS fire involved… hee hee. You will need glossy cardstock as the coating is what you will be “burning” off to create your soot. Obviously, this will require a candle as well. I used a votive candle but a larger one will work as well. This takes a little patience as you move your cardstock over the flame taking care not to hold it in one place to long. The edges are most vulnerable for burning so remember to go slow and watch your fingers. *smile* After you have your cardstock as dark as you want it, you need to remember to only touch the edges because your fingers will take up the soot and leave prints. Once you’re done you simply stamp your images. No ink OR Versamark needed! It’s like magic!! Afterwards I sprayed my cardstock with a matte finish sprayed lacquer. You may notice some speckled marks from the spray but that’s normal and really just adds to the effect. Now you can create your card!! This is fun, easy and talk about “limited supplies”!! Have fun trying your hand at Soot Stamping. The kids really dig watching this as you stamp as well. Have a great day. *smile*

Friday, September 18, 2009

Every Bunny....

.... needs a hug now and then, right??? I just love these cute Magnolia stamps and this one is probably one of my favorites. It's just so versatile. You can use it for a little girl, a birthday or just for saying "I'm thinking of you...". And, of course, I can't think of any better way to say it then in purple and teal/blue.. hee hee. But, I can't quite decide if the bunny is happy or just plain scared to death she will pop his head off... HA HA HA!!! I hope you have a great day and if you need a hug... I hope and angel comes your way. *smile* Signature

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

School, Sports, Spirit Blog Hop

Today I get to share a few more cards I created using Melanie Muenchinger's newest, "School, Sports, Spirit" set from Gina K Designs. I had so much fun creating this "football" shaped card. I know I don't have the points at the top and bottom, but it made my card to small with them so I flattened it... easier to stand up too... hee hee. I admit though, putting it thru the Cuttlebug was a bit of a challenge. I went for a subtle change in colors on the coat because my husband is a Seahawks fan and they changed their colors (which he doesn't like) a bit and I wasn't sure I was matching them right with the actual colors. So... this is what he got! All is well though... he did recognize I was trying to mimic the Seahawks and that's all that matters. *smile* For my next card, I decided to use the graduation cap in the set because, honestly, I hadn't inked it up yet. My colors mean nothing other than... I liked them!!! Oh! And it helps to have fibers that match what you're creating... hee hee. For even more samples of the School Sports Spirit stamp set, please visit the Illustrator of the set, Melanie Muenchinger's blog. Melanie will be offering her new stamp set as blog candy tonight too - so we hope you'll take the time to comment on her blog for your chance to win this spectacular stamp set! After visiting Melanie, hop over to her guest designer Melissa Shultz's blog for a special card she'll be sharing with us tonight. Melanie has also asked a few members from StampTV to join us in showcasing her new set, so please check out her friends' blogs here:

Then, stop by these GinaK Design Team Members' blogs participating in Melanie's blog hop tonight:

Enjoy the rest of the hop!! Signature

Triptych Autumn

Yet another card I shared at the August Release party. This card was designed using Theresa Momber's set, "Autumn Beauty". It is just that too... seems everything I've seen with it is just gorgeous. I took my rectangle Nestabilities and stamped the corn stalks and scarecrow on them and colored them. The DP was also designed by Theresa, available thru Gina K, "All About Autumn" !! I LOVED this particular one because it reminded me of the blinding spots you see when you TRY to look at the sun. It peeked just above my scarecrow perfectly. If you remember the Nautical Netting that Gina K introduced to us a few months back, you'll see I horded mine... hee hee. I thought it was perfect to mimic a fence/straw affect to the card. I hope you enjoy the colors of autumn... they are so beautiful. *smile* Signature

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

School Champs!

Today's card is one I designed a while back for the August Release Party but haven't had a chance to post yet. This was created using Melanie Muenchinger's, "School, Sports, Spirit".
I took the jacket and colored it identical to my old high school colors. I was so proud of our school, and still am!! We were champs in football and basketball during my 3 years there.
I did a bit different ribbon treatment adhering he burgundy ribbon over the wider saffron ribbon then just looking it under itself twice on each side.
My DPs were included in the StampTV Signs of Autumn kit. I LOVE these papers and hope we get them to purchase separately later. *Hint Hint Gina* *smile*
These stamps would make awesome reunion invites!! Have a great day and I hope you still have some school spirit in you! *smile* Signature

Monday, September 14, 2009

Twirl AND SPIN!!!

Today I am sharing with you a card I made using the "spinner card" directions found on This looks complicated, but once you start, it is soooo easy. I couldn't resist using this design using Melanie's baton. The baton and blue ribbon stamps are from Melanie Muenchinger's, "School, Sports, Spirit" set. Since the whole purpose of the spinner card is to watch it in action, I tried to go simple on the design layout. Now I admit, it oesn't look so hot just sitting... but let a set of receiving hands on it and boy.. they don't want to put it down (my kids included!). Hee Hee That's the fun of it all!! I did slant my slider cut out as opposed to using it straight across the card as in the directions, but I was thinking more of someone throwing it up in the air and catching it. About ALL I COULD do when I tried as a kid. LOL I used my Stardust Glitter pen on it, of course, and actually used the very tip of the Momento Dew Drop ink pads to make a small diamond design around the circle. You really must give this a try... I'm sure I will. Have a great Monday!!! *smile* Signature

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Missing You

Again, I brought home an image from my Copic Class in Wisconsin last month that I just fell in love with. This little... fairy??, was just to darling to leave behind. As I mentioned before, we used the "grass flicking" technique to move colors up the page where they would meet with another color. I LOVE this technique because it both adds shading and blending opportunities. I found out later from Sally, our instructor, this image can be purchased from The Prickly Pear site. I found my "poisonous frog" there as well... hee hee. Yes, of course I ordered him too!!! *smile* I Cuttlebugged my background and perched her and the lilly pad on top of Gina K's Jersey Shore digital paper. That print looks sooo much like water and I just love it. I double layered the scalloped oval and colored the back one with my Copics to give it a bit of a "shadow" look. The wings on her are my favorite part.. of course... they have purple in them!!!! But I love her brightly outlined dress as well.
Have a great day and *smile*. Signature

Friday, September 11, 2009

Autumn Beauty Blog Hop

Wow... here we go again!!!! Yet another AWESOME stamp set from Gina K Designs!!! Theresa Momber's newest set, "Autumn Beauty" is just that... BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am so happy to be able to share with you a couple cards that I created using Theresa's set. There are so many possibilities with this and if you don't have it... what are you waiting for????? It's a definite "must have"! For my first card I decided I didn't want to just "spring" Fall upon anyone... so... my farmer-self is getting READY for Fall. My scarecrow hasn't been put up yet... my pumpkins need set out... AND those darn leaves are already in my way! Hee Hee I stamped my scarecrow and colored him in adding a bit of grey to him 'cause you know... I use him EVERY year and well... honestly... I don't shop for clothes for him often. Ha! I cut him out... and 'threw' him in the wheel barrow next to my pumpkins. Oh yeah... ya noticed I don't have a stick for him yet, right? *wink* My sentiment was done on the "sign" from Theresa's "Happy Camper" set. I cut the post off and again put a few of her leaves around it. My next card was done with the mailbox image from Theresa's set and IS MY REAL mailbox!!! Ha!!! If you drive down my street... you know where I live by my mailbox! *smile* I decided to give this stamp a whole different look from what I've seen it used as. I AM the "bright and all things colorful lady". LOL So.. I added the bright multi-colored ribbon to bring out the colors of MY mailbox.

For more inspiration, please check in on our Illustrator of Autumn Beauty, Theresa Momber. She has also designed a beautiful digital paper pack called All About Autumn that is available for purchase as well. Be sure to leave a comment on Theresa's blog for a chance to win this stamp set! Theresa has asked three guest designers to join in on the blog hop tonight: Pam Imholz Karen Knegten Jennie Harper Melissa Shulz Brenda Turner These Designers are also sharing projects tonight on their blogs: Gina Krupsky Carolyn King Emily Giovanni Jessica Fick Kurtis Amundson Lee Murphy Lynn Mercurio Melanie Muenchinger We even have some of our CenterStage Spotlight Designers joining in tonight: Geri Utterback Shelly Wilson Tina Gilliland Enjoy the hop!! Signature

True Friend

I had sooooooo much fun coloring all these Magnolia images that Sharri Seffens had me stamp while at her home in August. I must say... though it was fun and nice of her to do this... I KNOW I am buying more!!! UGH!! I do a card and think.. "OHHH I have that stamp to use..." Well... NO, I don't... I stamped it at Sharri's! Eeeek. Off to shop... darn. Hee Hee This little girl was a first for me. I had never done black hair before and after looking thru several galleries decided to give it a shot. Well... I don't think it tuned out half so bad. In fact... NOW she reminds me of my mom who also has black hair! And without realizing it, I colored this little one's shirt and pants in the same colors as a small doll my mom carries in her car that a friend MADE for her. I had to show this card to my sister because my mom is also a HUGE lover of her dogs and now she has a little "Teddy Bear" (mix of bichon and shih tzu... sp?) that just is the sweetest little lap dog for her. I said to her... "Now doesn't this LOOK like mom?". She agreed. I will save it and one day find a reason... or really who needs one... to give it to my mom. Things have been so hectic at work this week I haven't even had time to show my dad. I know he will agree though... it's just mom. I hope you have a great day and if you have time... why not send YOUR mom a "true friend" card. I bet you'll make her day. *smile* Signature

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

A Year Of Leaves Blog Hop

Today I have the honor of creating a few cards for you with Melanie Muenchinger's newest set from Gina K Designs entitled, "A Year Of Leaves". With Fall coming fast, this is the perfect set for Thanksgiving, Halloween, Get Well, Manly and even Sympathy cards!! But, just as the season changes, so do leaves. Have you ever seen a Golden Pin Oak tree??? They keep most all their leaves ALL year long... even in winter... they are just a beautiful golden yellow. My first card combines Melanie's "Year Of Leaves" with her last release set, "Inspiration Mosaic". I stamped the grid with white craft ink and again with Momento Tuxedo Black on Gina K's layering weight Pure Luxury White CS. I then stamped my leaves so they would have the grid lines going thru them. I colored them with my Copic markers and cut them out. I carefully placed them in the white craft grid to correspond with the black grid lines going thru the leaves. On my next card... I again used Melanie's "Inspiration Mosaic" stamp set, the dotted lines. I colored my leaves with my Copics and added them using Pop Dots. I also used Gina's self-adhesive nail heads. I think these go wonderfully with the colors of the leaves!
For even more inspiration, please visit our Illustrator of the Year of Leaves stamp set, Melanie Muenchinger's blog. You'll want to leave a comment on her blog because she is hosting a drawing for her gorgeous stamp set there tonight! Melanie has asked her two guest designers to join in on her blog hop too: Selma Stevenson Karen Knegten Also showcasing Year of Leaves stamp set samples tonight are these GinaK Designers: Gina Krupsky Carolyn King Donna Baker Erika Martin Jessica Fick Kurtis Amundson Lee Murphy Theresa Momber as well as our CenterStage Spotlight Designers: Geri Utterback Shelly Wilson Tina Gilliland Enjoy the "Year Of Leaves" Blog Hop!!! Signature

Mmmmm so comforting...

With everything that has happened in the past week, I can tell you one thing for sure... Family and Friends... that's what life is all about. And, in my mind... a good cup of coffee and sitting awhile to talk and catch up just adds to the relaxing. Today I am sharing a card that I was sooooo anxious to stamp. I just haven't had the time to get out my StampTV kit yet and it was so much fun making this card. I don't think there is an area that Gina K didn't cover with this set. It's so much Fall, comfort and kindness all rolled into one. I used the DP that comes with the set and the ribbons as well. It was so hard to decide what DP to use... she has some GORGEOUS ones for Fall included. Good luck with that!! *smile* I colored everything with my Copic markers and highlighted my "nestied" shape with my Momento Desert Sand using Gina's Jumbo Round Daubers. I hope you have a friend to sit and chat with over a nice hot cup of coffee. It certainly does your soul good. *smile* Signature

Friday, September 4, 2009

Thank You

Hello dear friends, fellow stampers and faithful followers. As many of you know already, it has been a very tough week for my family. We lost my dear dear father-in-law early Tuesday morning. Obviously, there was no time to do much of anything except hurry to find sitters for the kids, make our way to the hospital and pretty much take each hour at a time. Though we knew he was sick, I don't think any of us expected things to end so quickly. He was a wonderful man... a true fighter until the very end. No one will ever take his place. Nothing can prepare any of us for such a thing and no matter how many "pre-arrangements" were made, there is always still so much to do. My husband spent the week with is mother and I took the hour drive back and forth daily (sometimes twice a day) to support and be there for he and his mother and then back again to attempt a "normal" schedule for my kids and make sure they got to and from school daily. I want you all to know how very very much he loved the cards you sent. He got to see them up until the very end. He had great plans to write each and every one of them a thank you and today my mother-in-law said he was just amazed that so many of you took the time to send them. My my husband and I, thank you. Thank you for not only the cards, but the many many notes of encouragements, the constant prayers and for allowing us the honor to call you friends. I am going to spend the weekend with my DH and our kids. We missed him not being with us even though his job takes him away a few nights a week, knowing he is so close yet not with us made for a lonely week away. When my daughter saw him Wednesday evening (the first time after we had left early Monday morning) she said... "Daddy, are you going to live with grandma now?" *sniff sniff* It was a sad week and we are hoping to just relax and enjoy each other for a long quiet weekend together. I promise to be back to posting daily on Tuesday and again... thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness. Signature

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Family that plays together....

When I first saw Melanie Muenchinger's new set, "School, Sports, Spirits", I immediately saw the skates. BOTH pair! I always LOVED ice skating when I was a kid. But the hockey skates immediately caught my eye as well. This card was made with my brother in mind. You know how it is when you get older and your brother(s) are into football, baseball, hockey??? And, of course, sometimes, as girls... we are not so much into those things. Well.. at least I wasn't. I had a couple close friends who lived down the street from me. One day at school I heard them say they were going ice skating that afternoon. Well, this was something I had never done! I'm not sure how, but I got a pair of skates. I may have borrowed them from a sister of their, I don't remember. But, they took me skating with them. Boy oh boy, was I ever hooked!! I LOVED it! I had so much fun that I asked mom and dad for a pair for Christmas. Well, this apparently, was a good idea because that year, my brother and I BOTH got a pair. And, they looked just like the ones in Melanie's set. I remember opening mine and they were soooo pretty white and the blade so shiny! I couldn't wait to put them on!! Then when my brother opened his, I thought... "What the heck are those?" I mean, sure, I knew they were skates, but the ones I had seen boys wearing were all black. These were odd! I learned they were "hockey skates" because they didn't have the black in my brother's size. HE was thrilled with them. UNTIL... he got on the ice. Then he QUICKLY found out... they are different!! No teeth to stop him!!! YIKES! He fell and fell and fell again. I don't think he was to happy at first. But, he was a determined soul and before I knew it, he was skating like a pro. The one thing that really sticks in my mind the most though is the fact that my brother AND I were actually enjoying something "together". There were lots of fun memories while skating and we were still young enough to actually ENJOY "playing" together. In fact, I'm not so sure after that we did much together. You go to junior high and high school and it seems your interest separate there. Even today, we don't have much in common. But... we both still have wonderful memories of ice skating together every winter. Memories... such a wonderful thing to make... together. Have a great day and enjoy YOUR memories. *smile* Signature


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