Monday, November 30, 2009

Showing My Wrinkles!!

HA!! And you thought I'd show you MY REAL wrinkles, didn't ya??!! Well not today!! The card today was made with Jessica Fick's Potluck Friday challenge on StampTV, to do a card and add a wrinkle here and there. I used Nina Brackett's, "Vintage Borders" for both the music background and as the main image on my card. I LOVE that she put a border on the verse! It just adds that much more attention to a card and, as with my card, made it so easy to use as my focal point. I don't always show the inside of my card but this time I wanted you to see how easy it is to decorate AND to show off yet another favorite sentiment from Melanie Muenchinger's, "Festive Frame". Again... the added "swirls" on the top and bottom of this sentiment makes it wonderful for a focal image as well. I love this sentiment also and really wanted to share it with you AND with my neighbors at home, whom this card will be going to. I added the crystal bling to the scalloped edge and in real life it just sparkles and adds so much. I also used them as my centers on the flowers from Gina K Designs. Have a great day and tomorrow... I'll show you a card I used Melanie's sentiment as the focal point. *smile* Signature

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Stocking

I think this chimney stamp from Theresa Momber's, "A Very Merry Christmas" is just wonderful. But, I admit... I am lazy... I just can't find the energy to color it in.. hee hee. So, what's the next best thing??? I embossed it!!! WooHoo! I layered the embossed chimney on the Silver and Gold Metallic Pure Luxury Card stock from Gina K and I just love it that way!! But it wasn't enough so I added the stocking from Gina's, "Spirit of Christmas". I used my Sakura glitter pens to color it in and though you can't tell it well here, this WHOLE card really sparkles. My top ribbons are two of Gina's Pure Luxury Sheer and gold and her red dotted ribbon. I just layered the two so you could see the edges of the white and the gold thread. My bottom ribbon is ooooohhhh so pretty in real life... it is sort of iridescent and sparkly sheer as well. I found this in the "wedding" section of Hobby Lobby. Some things they sneak over there and I have to go search them out!! Ha! The lace edging is sort of like paper (not sure it's not) and it really shines but looks so pretty combined with the sheer. I made the stocking with our family stockings in mind. Every year we have these WONDERFULLY HUGE stockings that were hand made by a lady I found at a local craft fair one year. When I initially bought them, there was just my husband and I. Then... Steven came along and somehow I found her again... and she agreed to make one for Steven. She was just so swamped with orders that a couple days before Christmas, she tracked me down (must have map quested me) and came knocking at my door with his first Christmas stocking. It was sooooo cute. She sews all the stockings and on the cuff she puts the name. Her stockings remind me of the cards we all make. Some have buttons, some have bows, some have ribbons strips and some have wonderfully appliqued items on them that she stitches in place as well. They all have a different fabric on the front and back and the heel and toe area. Plus... the inside is lined in a completely different fabric! My kids just love them. She lived in town at the time and since has moved to Illinois. But imagine my shock when I found her ONLINE!!! I was so thrilled she has grown so much with her hobby. Did any of you ever watch "Jon and Kate plus 8"??? SHE did the kids Christmas stockings for them!! I was so shocked and happy for her. I immediately e-mailed my congrats to her and she responded that though she knew they had been on the show, she herself had never seen them. How wonderful for her!! If you would like to see her work, here's her web site. Aunt Joy's Personalized Stockings If you go to the "teddy bear" section, you will see she actually has MY Emily's stocking on her site! When Emily's stocking first arrived... she had the toe pointing in the wrong direction in comparison to the rest of the family's stockings. So... I sent it back and she redid it. But... for having to wait... she sent me a cute mini-stocking with our last name on the cuff. Such a sweet lady. My husband has a green stocking with a camo fabric Christmas tree on his. I just ADORE these stockings! I have even given some as gifts at Christmas and they are so loved. She even makes tree skirts and baby stockings. They are all wonderfully crafted. Signature

Friday, November 27, 2009

CSS Challenge Blog Hop

It's time for another CenterStage Spotlight Challenge Blog hop!
Hostess: Jessica Fick {Design Team Coordinator} Theme: Stamp and color the image on Patterned Paper { any occasion card acceptable, it doesn't have to be Christmas themed} { image may be cut out and layered, but must be stamped and colored on patterned paper} Requirement: any GinaK Designs stamp set & Glitter Bonus Challenge: decorate the inside of your card to coordinate
For my card I chose Melanie Muenchinger's, "Festive Frame". I stamped it on a sheet from the "Eskimo Kisses" DP pack and colored in with Copics. Though it's hard to see in my pic, I did use my Sakura Glitter Pens to color in the oval frame and the center of the poinsettia's. I just love this set and I think it is so versatile. I have seen so many of you use it as frames for your children's pictures and what a special gift it will be for those receiving it this year. Melanie gave us all a wonderful way to frame and give a great gift this year! We were to coordinate the inside as well and I again used the same DP as the front and the poinsettia from Melanie's, "A year of Flowers". Again, I used my Sakura Glitter Pen on the middle of the poinsettias. Please enjoy the other members of the CSS team for even more inspiration!!
Participating Designer's links:
Hope you enjoy the hop!!! *smile* Signature

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Earthly Cardinal

I truly LOVE this cardinal from Asela Hopkins, "First Christmas". I thought I would hate trying to color it in, but it turns out I am having lots of fun using different shades of red. I really really wanted to do a purple one... hee hee. You know I just HAVE to try things in purple if it can be done at all without making me look TO much like an idiot! LOL For this card I decided to use as many "manly" (I love to use that term for most things that aren't purple and pink... ha!) colors as I could. I really think my dad and DH would love this card. At least I seem to get the "Now I REALLY like that." from my DH when I show him cards in earth tone colors. Blah Blah Blah. I have a hard time with these colors so for me.. it's kind of a big deal when I DO get one made that I actually like. LOL Have you bought any of those FABULOUS buttons from Gina K? OMGosh.. there are sooo many colors and shades in the sets. I was dying to use this big goldish/brown one. Doesn't look gold at all in the pic but it has shades/swirls of it in there and I just love it!! I tied a bow on one but the other two I left without string because they look just as nice without ribbons and twine on them, I think. My DP is from the Basic Grey "Nook and Pantry" pack. The "tree" DP I honestly can't remember what pack it came from... but I love that you can turn it either way and see a different set of trees in it. Have a great day!! *smile* Signature

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

School Christmas Play

I just love going to school Christmas concerts (or any school show for that matter). These little shepards just look like something you'd see at a school show... costumes on... hot pink tennis underneath! LOL I got my stamp from Stampers Dream and from the Stampavie line, "Nativity 1". Aren't they just adorable? I generally like to do a "religious" scene or card to send to all my relatives and friends and I have been having a terrible time finding exactly what I want. I've done the Madonna and Child, the Baby Jesus in a manger, and who knows what else... but this year.. I can't seem to find just the right stamp. I was truly hoping for maybe an angel of some sort or a nice Bethlehem scene but I guess it's just not in the cards this year. I may end up using my cute little guys here for all my family/friend cards. Not a bad thing at all. I generally try to stay with "religious" themes at Christmas because I think to many people focus on shopping and gifts and tinsel, etc. and forget the TRUE meaning of Christmas. Something I just don't think we should ever overlook. I have seen some wonderful versus and such I can and probably will use, but it's the image I seem to be missing that I just can't quite get this year. I used my Stardust glitter pen to highlight areas of the embossed background and in the photo is just kinda shows up as a darker tint, I think, but it is really sparkly. I used my Copics to color in my singing shepards and the wonderful "Jolly by Golly" paper pack that I just LOVE from Gina K Designs. I do hope you have a great time making your Christmas cards and I too enjoy the "modern" stamps but for me... Christmas is about Jesus and his birth. Who knows... maybe I'll switch to birthday cards some year for Christmas! *smile* Have a great day!!! *smile* Signature

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A Simple Wish

Wouldn't it be nice if we all woke up on Christmas morning and THIS was all there was. Peace. What a wonderful wonderful world it would be, right? I just wanted simple... and peaceful and this is what I came up with. No major embellishments, no fancy frills, just clean... fresh... simple and "peace"ful. Don't ya think? My "Peace" is from Nina Brackett's, "Vintage Borders" and the tiny ornament came from Gina K's, "Spirit of Christmas" set. I used my Scor-Pal to make the lines and a Sakura Glitter Pen to color the ornaments. Believe it or not... that was ALL the ribbon I had left of that style and it was just plenty to make the tiniest of bows to top off a small... wishful card. Have a wonderful day and may you find Peace at Christmas. *smile* Signature

Monday, November 23, 2009

A New Journey, A New Chapter in Life

Today I am sharing a journal I designed for my mother-in-law. It has been a tough few months for her with the passing of my father-in-law and over the last weekend she drove down to see us (a BIG task for her because she hates driving in "the city") and while she was here, my husband and kids brought her by my store. She looked FABULOUS!! She was smiling and talking like her old self again! I was so happy to see her looking so good. Another reason that she was in town was because she wanted my hubby to take her around to look at some cars. She has decided to get rid of "their" truck and perhaps try a smaller SUV or van of sorts. While she was at my store she said she thought she was going to start traveling and wanted something with more room in the back for luggage and/or if she decided to take someone with her (of course I chimed in with "ME, ME, take ME!".. hee hee). Then she jokingly said as my kids were protesting about ME going with her... "Who knows I might find Don (my hubby) a new daddy."... to which she laughed, of course. It was wonderful to see her smile and joke again. Not so sure DH appreciate the thought of a new dad as he dropped his jaw and looked like a hurt puppy... LOL Of course she truly was joking and he knew that. All in all... I thought it was time she get a new journal to start her new chapter in life with. She had made the comment to me one day shortly after my FIL passed that she really need to start journaling again. So, I'm helping to get her motivated again... I hope. Nina Brackett's "Elegant Post" is totally perfect for the DP and the sentiment is from Asela Hopkins, "The Journey".

For my inside I used Gina's, "Take Flight" and nothing matches is perfectly than the sentiments she included with it.

I hope these are inspiring to my MIL and I hope as she begins her new chapter she records as much as she can for her grandkids to someday enjoy knowing that Grandma was a strong woman and though life has it hurts and milestones... life goes on and can be as good as you let it be once again.

Have a great day! *smile*


Sunday, November 22, 2009

Melanie, Carolyn, Asela, Theresa & Nina make MY Holiday Season!!!

When I made this card it was with the intention of just using Melanie Muenchinger's "Mosaic Inspiration" because I love it so much. Then.. I grabbed it and thought it needed some silver and gold on it. Then... (my thought process is so eclectic... hee hee) I decided I should put MY favorite winter thoughts in it. When winter hits I initially think... "ohhhh how pretty", THEN... I have to go out in it and it slaps me with.... "ohhhh I DO NOT like ice, I DO NOT like all the first snow accidents on the road, I DO NOT like being out in the windy, pelting sleet days... will my feet EVER get warm again?!!!" Yes... these are the bad things I think .... initially. THEN..... I realize... how fun it is to see my kids making snowmen. How I love the baking of cookies and watching the kids decorate them. How I KNOW I have to keep hot chocolate in the cupboards for AFTER the snowman making. How I LOVE decorating our tree with all our special ornaments (every year we take the kids to pick out their own Hallmark ornament for the year.. fun and my hubby and I pick one that resembles our last year together). And yes... even I want to see snow on Christmas day. Thus, my card ended up being all the things that make ME warm and cozy during the holidays and winter. The only thing I didn't include... family. Because for me... if I don't have my family... none of this really matters. It is everything.. not only during the holidays, but EVERY DAY!! I hope everyone remembers that though we have these holidays and gift giving occasions nothing is as precious or as meaningful in life as having your family with you. And to let my favorite stamp artists know how I enjoy knowing them and having them as part of my online family,... my card is dedicated to them and includes sentiment, cup and snowman from Carolyn King's, "Warm Winter Wishes"; Asela Hopkins, gingerbread cookies from "First Christmas"; Nina Brackett's ornaments from "Vintage Borders"; and Theresa Momber's snowflakes from "A Very Merry Christmas" and of course, Melanie Muenchinger for my initial inspiration, "Mosaic Inspiration". Have a great day and be thankful for family. *smile* Signature

Saturday, November 21, 2009

"The Ink is Black, the Page is White....."

Remember that song? LOL Ohhh great... showing my age again.... *sigh*. Oh well... it's a good song, I think. My card today was done using a technique Gina K shared with us on Stamp TV called "split negative".
I've done this in the past and always loved it, but sometimes you forget about them. I'm glad Gina reminded me. It's just a dramatic affect and really easy to do! You must check out Gina's video and see how it's done.
I didn't have any black and white DP so I made my own using Gina's "Many Wishes" set.
This technique can be done in so many different colors and papers, head over to Stamp TV and check out all the wonderful colors of those who tried the technique in the gallery.
Have a great day! *smile*

Friday, November 20, 2009

Gina K Designs Customer Blog Hop

Tonight I am sharing a few items for the blog hop.
My first item is an acrylic frame which I stamped using first, Nina Brackett's, "Vintage Borders" and at the bottom... using Asela Hopkins, "First Christmas".
Both were heat embossed on the outside of the acrylic frame. I then used some DP and put my daughter's pic inside. I used my Copics to color parts of the bear and I found if you dab as you put the ink on... it made the bear appear fluffy. *smile* Here's a close up of the bear, but it's kinda blurry. I also used a few blings on the outside of the frame and adhered a bow along the top. I wasn't very pleased with how it turned out... my kids were rushing me and I wasn't going to post it... but I figured it would at least give you an idea.
My next project was made for my dad to be from the kids. My dad loves just about anything nature-wise and after working for him for 20 years, we saw lots of beautiful cardinals in the trees near the office. He always mentions how pretty they are so I knew I had to use Asela's, cardinal for his card. I apologize for the ribbon shadowing the cardinal... didn't notice until I was posting. I started out with Gina K's, Pure Luxury Soft Sand, paper for my base. I stamped the cardinal on white and layered it with red then mounted it all on the Pure Luxury Good as Gold. I found some awesome gold ribbon today at Hobby Lobby and knew I wanted to use it on the tag. I am not sure this Nestabilties Fancy Tags was meant for ribbon but I made is so anyway. Hee Hee.
Now for the inside. Do you ever realize AFTER you made something that you saw it before!!! And think... "OMGosh!!! No wonder this was in my mind!!!" Yep... Melanie had done this before for us all. I made so that when opened, grandpa can display it in his office on the shelf where he has ALL his grand kids. I used Melanie Muenchinger's, "Festive Frame", (and apparently her DESIGN!!! Eeeek!) but went with VERY non-traditional poinsettia colors so that it wouldn't look "Christmasy" (is that a word??) all year.
I decided on just a regular card opening thinking that again, if he wanted, he could get an double acrylic frame to slide this into as well. The pine cones on the pink side were sparkled a bit on the ends with the Stardust Glazer pens from Gina K. I lightened the pine cones so that they were a bit softer since the flowers were done in pinks. Also on the back I made sure to use Gina's, "Signed with Love" so that Grandpa can always remember when he got their gift. I hope you enjoy the hop tonight... it's sure to be a HUGE one and packed with TONS of inspiration!!! Have a good evening!!!

Emily's Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Emily!!!! Today is my daughter's 8th... oh my I feel so old... birthday!!! She decided SUNDAY... she wanted to have a slumber party!! *thud* Yes... I love that daughter of mine!! Mom started working Monday on invites... and I have to tell ya... she only wanted to invite five little girls. Well... woohoo... good for me! But... even at only five... I had a tough time with these invites. First... things went well... I KNEW I had Gina K's "Kindred Spirits, Slumber Party" stamp so that was easy. Now... to decide on a layout. THAT was hard. I wanted it "girly" but... actually deciding on a design was just to much for me with such a short notice. As you can see, I DID get it done. I started off only having about 2 hours to totally do these five invites. Not bad, huh? IF you run to the store and grab a prepackaged set! (Ooooohhhh such a BAD thing to say to a stamper!) So I started... making the cards. I grabbed paper, and got to the task. I was pleased that in 1.5 hours I had them all cut, embossed, stamped and glued. THAT was the easy part. The bad things started when I sat down at home to color the images in. Those Copics are soooooo addicting. I mean literally. I cannot use them and NOT just follow at least "some" of the techniques I was taught!!! I initially thought... "Oh, I'll just color them in and be done. Five little girls... who will know... pffft!) NOT!!! I had to try and do SOME blending SOME shading and of course... matching of some sort with the colors to the papers. LOL Three hours later.... I was done. HA!! Ok... I did get up for potty breaks and stop to listen to my son off and on. But seriously people... THREE hours to color FIVE cards???? LOL I MUST be crazy!!! All in all... they are done... she was pleased as punch (and proud!) and yes.. it made me smile. Even though we WERE running late that morning and I didn't have time to deal with much, I took the time to help her put them in envelopes and she said she would put names on them once she got to school... a blessing for sure. My only hope NOW is that these five girls WILL come!! I am always so afraid if she just invites a small amount of people... only one will show. You know the odds. Then again... with my luck... had she invited 10... ALL would have shown! LOL So, here's to Emily and her 8th birthday! May all her friends arrive. Oh yes... the party isn't until tomorrow night because SHE got invited to someone else's birthday SWIM party at a hotel tonight and she wanted to (as she said) "change her birthday". LOL Have a great day! *smile* Signature

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sentiments Only

I truly didn't expect to like this as much as I do. This was for yet another challenge over on Stamp TV which Lee asked us to use ONLY a sentiment background... no DP. I used the sentiment in Melanie Muenchinger's set, "Festive Frame". Then I stamped Asela Hopkins bulb from, "First Christmas" and just added the "peace" from the same set. My ribbons are three strands of black satin with a a red between. I added the MS branch punch to act as a pine limb that the bulb might hang from. I think it's a very CAS card but striking to me, just the same. Hope you are getting all your Christmas cards ready... Stamp TV has certainly helped to get me doing that earlier this year. LOL Have a great day! *smile* Signature

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Love You Muchly!!

Well I am dedicating this card to Joanne Basile. SHE does the most incredibly cute cards using MFT stamps and such and I just HAD to try one. Now I KNOW my bow looks nothing as wonderful as hers... but... I WAS making this for my hubby and I needed SOME manliness to it! LOL The image is from their new "Pure Innocence" line, called "Flower Girl". Isn't she adorable? Now you realize.. I put a purple flower in her hand 'cause "I" was giving it to my hubby. Hee Hee. AND... did you notice she has grass stains on her pants from kneeling down to grab up that flower? (Oh... well the one leg has it too... just didn't' know up so well here.) HA!! I'm so clever... I crack me up!!! My DP is from MFT's paper packs except for the yellow which is the Ruched paper from the Paper Temptress. So the title of this post is actually what is stamped inside for the sentiment. How cute, huh? It comes with this darling girl as well. I also LOVE the brightness of Joanne's cards so I made sure I try to hit that with this card as well. Thanks, Joanne, for all the inspiration. *hugs* Have a great day and go love someone "muchly". *smile* Signature

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Is There a Copper Anniversary????

If there is, I am ready for it!! Ha! I made this card using Melanie Muenchinger's wonderful, "Hand in Hand" set from Gina K Designs for a challenge over on Stamp TV. I decided to pair it up with some fabulous paper from the Paper Temptress called Copper Metallic Glossy. I love the shimmer in this paper though I don't think the pic gives it justice. It feels very lightweight and so I was nervous when I used my Nestabilities on it and then tried to emboss with it. But it came out WONDERFULLY!!!! So very very pretty embossed!!! My DP is from the new "Nook and Pantry" available at Gina K as well. I love all the different styles in this pack. I tried to make a bit of a lace edging for my bride's dress sleeve and added a copper nail head to the groom's cuff but colored it over with my lipstick red Copic marker and the copper with the red made the perfect match! I hope you stop over at Stamp TV and give those challenges a try. They really do stretch your imagination for how to lay out a new design on the sketch challenges. Great ideas are waiting there! Have a great day!! *smile* Signature

Monday, November 16, 2009

Thank you Lee!!!

Eeeeeeek!!! Look what I got in the mail from my wonderful, fabulous friend, Lee Murphy!!! You can't believe how excited I was to come home and find this wonderful mail waiting for me!! A TOTAL surprise!!! The sunflowers on the card are FABULOUS... Lee, our "Glitter Queen"... put lots of pretty glitter on the centers and wow does it ever sparkle!!! I LOVE how she put the pearls all around too... so cute, cute, cute!!! THEN... even MORE fun!!! I got a fabulous tin WITH a necklace inside!!!!!! OMGosh... talk about such a fun surprise! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!! Here's a pic of the inside of the tin and a close up of the necklace! Isn't it just GORGEOUS?!!! Now I hear whispers that Lee is gonna put instructions together on how she made this fabulous necklace over on her blog. So be sure and watch for it. Life is good and I am blessed to have such wonderful friends... even those that made my eyes "all watery" (as my daughter use to say.. hee hee). I love you, Lee!!! Have a great day! *smile* Signature

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Toys and Boys

My card today is for a sweet little boy, Noah, in Michigan, who is in his last stages of cancer. I read about Noah on Melanie Muenchinger's blog. Noah won't make it to Christmas and so he and his family are celebrating early. Noah's wish was to get many Christmas cards. I'm hoping he will like the cute little teddy bear one I sent his way. The bear is from Asela Hopkins newest set, "First Christmas". The really cool thing about this bear is you can make him into a Christmas bear... or... just a cute baby bear of any kind. When my son was a baby he had a bear much like this that had a pillow in it's arms and the same kind of hat on only the hat was blue white stars and moons on it. So... this doesn't HAVE to be JUST a Christmas bear. Hmmmm... maybe I'll make a card for him with just a bear on it. I do have the moons and stars as you saw from the candle I made below using this same bear. I decorated his baby room with teddy bears before he was born and he STILL loves teddy bears. (Something his dad teases him about but.. he's a strong boy... he just laughs.) Many he still has from before he was born. *smile* Asela's set is filled with just about any type of stamp you could need at Christmas... the bear.. the lovely cardinal... the gingerbread boy/girl cookies, bulbs and some wonderful sentiments as well. I hope you are working on getting that big day ready... it comes WAY faster than I'd like but... let's eat some turkey first, ok? Have a great day!! *smile& Signature

Saturday, November 14, 2009

MMMMMMMMM More Purple!!

Now tell me I HAVE to make something purple and well... ok! Easy a that! Hee Hee. I made this card for a woman who lost her daughter in just a horrible kidnapping and murder. Deb Felts had made a request on Stamp TV for the Potluck Friday Challenge to make an elegant card with a purple ribbon for this little girl's mom. I used my Swiss Dot Cuttlebug folder for my background and my Nesties to cut out my circles and scalloped circle. I love the flowers from Melanie Muenchinger's, "A Year of Flowers" and used my Copics to color them in. You realize how hard it is to part with a card that has your favorites on it??? Hee Hee. But... this one will hopefully make someone feel comforted, if only a bit. I hope you have a good weekend.. I'll be crafting! *smile* Signature

Friday, November 13, 2009

Sweet Award

How sweet of Mary Anne to think of me and give me this cute award!! I have a few questions to answer for her though... *smile* 1. Where is your cell phone? On my desk 2. Your hair? Just a bit below the shoulder. 3. Your mother? Home... pretty... sweet. 4. Your father? On his way to a job site. 5. Your fave food? Lobster 6. Your dream last night? None 7. Your fave drink? Margarita 8. Your dream/goal? To raise my kids properly so they can be successful in life and happy. 9. What room are you in? Office at dad's company. 10. Your hobby? Stamping, reading. 11. Your fear? Being buried alive. 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Visiting my son in college and working full-time for myself. 13. Where you were last night? Home blogging and blog hopping *smile* 14. Something that you aren’t? Shy 15. Muffins? Banana Bread 16. Wish List Item? More Copics, More Gina K stamps!!! 17. Where did you grow up? Des Moines, Iowa 18. Last thing you did? Type a proposal for a job. 19. What are you wearing? Jogging pants and t-shirt 20. Your TV? Grey's Anatomy (usually taped for me), not much of a TV person. 21. Your Pets? Yellow Lab - Biscuit... Teddy Bear (bichon and shih tzu(?) mix) - Jackson 22. Friends? MANY 23. Your Life? VERY happy and good. 24. Your Mood? Happy 25. Missing Someone? Hubby (he's on the road again until Friday morning) 26. Vehicle? Dodge Durango 27. Something your not wearing? Ponytail (kids got up on time today!! *smile*) 28. Your fave store? Gina K Designs 29. Your fave color? Ha.. three guesses... PURPLE!!! 30. Last time you laughed? This morning 31. Last time you cried? Last week (hormonal.. LOL) 32. Your best friend? I won't pick just one anymore. 33. One place that I go to over and over? My kids schools 34. One person who emails regularly? My friend, Kathy Y. 35. Fave place to eat? La Hacienda 36. Facebook? Yes The five people I want to pass this Award on to are: Theresa Momber Gerri Utterback Sharri Seffens Michelle Rodgers Lee Murphy Have a great day!! *smile* Signature

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas Bear to Light the Way

I think this little bear is just so adorable! He's from Asela Hopkin's newest set, "First Christmas", available at Gina K Designs. Quite awhile back, Gina showed us all how to put a stamped image on a candle on Stamp TV and though I had done it before, I was taught differently. Sooooo... I HAD to try it the way Gina did, of course!! It turned out wonderfully!! I DID use my Copic markers to color it in and instead of coloring the hat in completely I just added stripes. I found some old stamps that had stars and moons and added them with a light blue so that they would faintly show. I added three strips of ribbon to this though it's hard to see in the photo. Between the two red and gold satin ribbons is a caramel color that matched the bear nicely. Of course, I used that wonderful new gadget Gina has.. the Bow Easy. I LOVE mine and bought it quite a while back so I know all those that just found it are falling in love with it just as easily as I did. What a wonderful gift for a Baby's First Christmas, huh? Those words are also in Asela's set so this would make it even easier to give!! Have a great day and I hope you're getting your Christmas groove on. Not many days left. *smile* Signature

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Musical Christmas

Eeeeek... I LOVE LOVE LOVE the newest set from Nina Brackett, "Vintage Borders"!!! And my favorite part... the music score she added!! I have so been wanting a musical stamp set and though it doesn't feature a grand piano... I am VERY pleased with the musical score!! This card was created with my son's piano teacher in mind. She is just as sweet as can be and every year I try to make sure I give her a little something for Christmas. I cannot even begin to understand how ANY musical instrument teacher gets past all the screetching and flat notes being played when children first start. LOL I used Gina K's Pure Luxury Heavy Base Weight Metallic Silver Lining as my card base and then topped it off with the Paper Temptress' Silver Lustre Text Weight which I then embossed the musical score on top of that. Another layer of the silver and then just a bit of black to make my silver embossing pop. I think those ornaments are sooooo classy looking embossed. I tied some silver cording around my card a few times and make a multi-loop bow to top it all off. As you can see the lower left and upper right corner of the Lustre paper is rolled. I simply used my piercing tool to roll it a bit. Kinda reminded me of a music sheet which has been used over and over and curled at the corners (much like my son's music sheets.. Ha). I bet you'll see me using Nina's borders often. AND especially the musical score. Have a wonderful day!! *smile* Signature

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cardinal Courage

Yet another thing that frightens me to color!! A totally red cardinal!!! Like the poinsettia, it just worries me that I won't quite get the color just right. One of my goals this last few weeks has been to tackle those cards that scare me to do. So here we go.... My beautifully illustrated cardinal comes from Asela Hopkins, "First Christmas" from Gina K Designs. I LOVED the set when I saw it and then I saw the cardinal and thought... "Oh no!". But I stayed determined and purchased my set. I admit the first thing I stamped from the set was the teddy bear... how cute he is... but; honestly, I couldn't wait to get my cardinal stamped. Honestly!! I knew I had to do it! I decided to go with a CAS card and used Gina's new Pure Luxury Good as Gold Metallic Card Stock as my base. Then I used the Paper Temptress' Red Lustre to accent the shimmer from the gold. I stamped my image on Gina's Pure Luxury Heavy Base Weight White. I colored my image with my Copics and started with an almost burgundy red.. R39 Garnet then switched to Lipstick Red R29 and finished it off with Cadmium Red R27. After much blending and some feathering of the R39 I decided it looked...ok... Yeah... ok. LOL I actually saw a female cardinal on TV this weekend and was thinking... "Wow, I should color my cardinal THAT way, at least there was more color variation in it." LOL But I persevered. LOL I used two red satin ribbons on top of each other with the top one having gold trim on both sides. I used that wonderful Bow Easy that Gina just got back in stock and made a double loop bow. So what do you think? I think it ok.. and I'll definitely try it again. Not as scary as I initially thought. I'm sure you'll see more cardinals in my future. Have a great day! *smile* Signature


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