Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Memories to Make Shop Photos

Well... as I promised... I have some photos to share of my shop/store. It's not big... it's nothing fancy... but it's ALL MINE!!! And... I LOVE it!!!
The last few weekends I have had customers for "open stamping/scrap booking" and last night was my first class. It was fun and we made some very cute cards.
So... I WISH I could open with the front of the store... showing my sign! BUT... I STILL have not got anyone to call me back about it. I have THREE companies looking to make my sign and submit "samples" but NO ONE has done it yet!!! So, I'll start with my view of the OUTSIDE!! LOL Looking out my windows (which, by the way, I noticed NEED CLEANED badly!!!).

This is the Des Moines International Airport directly across the street from me. I don't know why... but I NEVER hear planes. Perhaps their take off pattern is in the other direction... either way, I don't mind. I LOVE the flowers and water fountain. It was a bit windy, but you can see some of the fountain.

Stamps, stamps and MORE stamps!!!! There is actually another two shelves below the last one there AND... my other bookcase has shelf and a half of stamps. Just a couple boards of card examples... and the MTM letters I made that will show thru the front window. *smile*This isn't quite organized enough for me yet... but... it's a cute little table I found at a 2nd hand store that I just fell in love with!!! I have my ribbon (SMALL amount in tubes) on the "leaf" sections of the table... hee hee.

Yet another bookcase I haven't finished organizing. It's ALL such a learning process!!!
And... my "machine" table. Of course, there is the Cricut and HP photo printer on the shelf with the stamps, but these will be used the most, I'm sure!!! My BIGGEST fan. The one who told me the other day... "Mom, it's just so nice having a mom who is an ARTIST!! That means I might be one some day too, huh? You are such an inspiration to me." WHAT??? This from a soon to be 8 year old??? I do NOT know where she gets this stuff? LOL LOL Can you see the little pink flowered plant on top of that book case?? I came in one night to get things unpacked, etc. and there it was... with a scribbled note from DH wishing me only the best with my new venture.... awwwww. I'll keep him! *smile*
I have a couple pics from a class but... *sigh* for some odd reason, I left my camera on my desk at work!!!! Ugh!!
So here you have it... for now. There will be changes.. and possibly rearranging as my dad is giving me a small fridge he has so I can keep cold bottled water around... yay!! As time passes... I'll share improvements. AND... hopefully my SIGN!!!!
Have a great day and don't forget... tonight at 10:00 PM CST, the Center Stage Spotlight Design Team (past and present... ME included... woohoo!! and some of Gina K's Design Team) will be having a Christmas Blog Hop. Stop by and maybe you can find some inspiration for your Christmas. Gina and Jessica will start the hop. *smile*


Betty Benton said...

Hey, terrific, we can just fly into the Des Moines IA, go across the street for a class, and then fly back home -- you surely have made it convenient for us!

Kay S said...

Totally cool, Tina! I am SO excited for you that you were able to make the store a reality! I think I'm going to plan a trip to Des Moines to visit your place (and you of course!) Here's wishing you loads of luck with getting your place off the ground!

Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

Ohhh I would soooooooooooooooo just LOVE to come stamp and hang out with you GF!!!!!!!!! Someday maybe!!!!! I love your space!!

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Best of luck, Tina! It looks super! Ohhhh, and ditto what Betty said!

Payne Holler Cards said...

how exciting!!! it looks wonderful and welcoming! and I ditto Betty and Mary Anne! LOL

ps love those card boards!!!

Anonymous said...

Don't you do windows? What a way cool space! Glad to have you as a tenant!!!


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