Monday, August 31, 2009

We Got Spirit, Yes We Do!!!

Woot Woot!!! Oh yeah!!! Remember Homecoming?? Remember high school football games, cheerleaders, Pep Rallies... all those things??? Wow... it seems like forever ago for me! LOL But, I can remember... and what I remember the most is the SPIRIT!!! Boy did our school have it!!! I bet yours did too. But... after talking to Melanie Muenchinger, she informed me that NOT every school did these "spirit ribbons". Well... ha... I said... "must have been ONLY the COOL schools that did... we did!!" HA!! Melanie created a beautiful spirit ribbon, which is included in her "School, Sports, Spirit" set and I couldn't wait to add MY touch to it with PURPLE, of course!!! She hung a football and basketball from it so I decided to use a punch and some crystal lacquer to make what I hope looks like a button pin. A little more ribbon around my nesties and that was it. I didn't want to go overboard because I thought her drawing needed to be "showcased" more. But trust me... at school... there were WAY MORE things hanging from our spirit ribbons!
Don't you LOVE this new Moonlit Fog Pure Luxury paper??? I tell ya.. it mimics whatever color you put with it and I see a touch of purple in it here.
Have a great day and keep up the spirit even though you may not be in high school anymore. *smile*

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back to School...

When I decided to stamp the duffle bag from Melanie Muenchinger's newest set, "School, Sport, Spirit", I knew I wanted to use my son's middle school colors because as he gets older and heads to high school... the one he will attend has the EXACT same school colors!!! Now... when I keep the card and decide to give it to him a couple years from now, it will still work. LOL I know... I'm just smart like that. Thank you, thank you... hee hee I decided to do a CAS (clean and simple) card since I wanted to use the bus DP and didn't want to much to distract from my image. The brads I got a year or so ago and sadly, don't remember where they came from. Of course, the pennent came from Melanie's, "Sporty Accessories". I LOVE how she puts so much thought into her prior releases and somehow ends up joining them all together for great combinations later. Don't know when your schools started but my kids just did Thursday, August 27th and I'm never sure if that makes me happy or not. Getting kids up early for school is never fun for me and the older they get, the harder it is to drag them out of the house. Of course, the first few days are fun... but give it a...... week. LOL Have a great day and if you have school age kids.... keep yelling... they'll eventually get up. *smile* Signature

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Skate On!!!

My card today was made using Melanie Muenchinger's, newest sets, "Sports, School, Spirit". I LOVE ice skating and watch it every chance on get on TV... Olympics or not!! It was the one sport I actually enjoyed as a kid! And, honestly.... all five of us kids learned on our own. My parents just got us all new skates one year for Christmas and we went at it!!! What fun memories. One place I skated often was actually across the street from our house behind the other homes where a baseball park was. It was usually just a big empty space until one year the parks people decided to push some snow aside, open up the usual "concession stand" and make us a skating area. It was small but boy did we have fun!! There was nothing in the way of our skating, just a snow pile in a square and a little metal shack beside it where we put on our skates and went in to warm up now and then. My card was also done using the "brayer technique" that I learned from Sharri Seffens. You all know how much I love purple!!! I HAD to skate with a purplish sky AND purple ice!! Hee Hee I used my Stardust Glitter pen to made the blades shiney and more metal like. Wow... nothing was nicer than a new WHITE, sharp blade pair of skates!! I also clear embossed the lower half of the card and used my inkssentials white opaque pen to draw in some blade marks on the ice. I took a close up so you could see the shine from the ice. Ok I admit.... it was on my last attempt at skating not long before I had children that I took my niece out to "teach" HER to skate that I got my blade caught in a crack (we were on a lake) and fell and broke my wrist. Ya ya... she did wonderfully without much help from me and I tell you what... I can still hear that bone break just like the guys ACROSS the lake who were playing hockey did!!! UGH. So... my skating days ended and now... I can dream of them again with this new image from Melanie's set. *sigh* Ohh to be young and carefree. LOL Have a great day and if you can't get your skate on... just stamp one!!! *smile* Signature

Friday, August 28, 2009

So Blue......

Today I wanted to share a card that I decided to make after going to my Copic Certification course in Wisconsin. I learned SOOOO much that day. It was going to be a long day... or so I thought... 9 AM to 4 PM. But, it was so interesting and so FULL of information that time just flew by! One of the first things they taught us was using the "grass" technique as Sally called it. Pushing down with your copic and whisking up and away. Creating sort of "grass" if you will. It was fun and a great way to show how you could add shading and depth to your picture. Well, needless to say... she gave us a frog to practice on. Now I laughed when I realized the sample Copics I had were teal. But... I started coloring in this little toad and I tell ya... I fell in love with him! LOL Now I can't tell you what stamp company he is from, for she never told us. But I do know.. I LIKE HIM! AND... I decided he needed to really glow with those eyes! LOL Not only did she show us the "grass" technique, which is you look at the lower portion of his belly, legs, you can see he IS darker and that's where it starts, but she also showed us how the Blender Pen can make those spots just right for such an animal. I just think he's adorable. And, I gotta say... he kinda looks like a poisonous frog, dontcha think??? LOL No wonder he's so lonely and blue. Who'd WANT to be with him???!! LOL Oh I crack me up! I used my Cuttlebug embossing folder to give my card front a bumpy look 'cause it IS a toad card! And I thought the dotted ribbon went well with his dotted tummy. I wonder... hmmmm... WHO will end up getting my poisonous toad some day??? Hee Hee Hee
Have a great day and don't touch poisonous toads!!!! *smile* Signature

Thursday, August 27, 2009

I'm Here For You

So much excitement has been going on lately... on StampTV, in my personal life, and even at work. Seems there are times when things just are more than a person can take. Sometimes, I think I'm at my best when I'm under stress. You know, they say a woman who is super busy is one who can get a job done and is very organized. Otherwise, she wouldn't be able to do so much. Well... I hope I am like that. But I do know that when there is stress and pressure.. I'm at the top of my game. Normally! LOL Don't hold me to anything at this point! HA The other day I showed you a card I made my father-in-law. Well... though I want to let him know I care and pray for him daily, I also think it's important to let my mother-in-law know that I'm here for her as well. I cannot even begin to imagine my husband being so ill. I know none of this is easy for her either. We joke that she's "Momma Bear" and you don't mess with "Momma Bear", but... even moms/wives have times when they need a little help and support as well. She's a wonderful "Momma Bear" to many people is what I've learned thru the years. It's not enough she cares for her husband, but his brothers were recently diagnosed with cancer as well. And what does she do in the middle of her own turmoil and stress... she goes with them to the doctors/hospital, when she can. It's hard to tell a "Momma Bear" she has to stop saying yes and start saying no and even though we try to tell her to take care of her and her husband, she does what she can for the others as well. The true meaning of a mom, huh? She never stops caring, supporting and doing without if she has to. I made this cute Magnolia card to remind her... she doesn't have to do it all alone. Sometimes all us mom's want is someone to listen. Someone to hear what WE are feeling and nothing more. Well... I'm told I'm a good listener. So... I'm here for her and I hope she knows that. I didn't always think I was such a good listener or someone you could sound off to until my sister was going thru divorce and SHE told her "soon to be ex" that if he ever needed anyone to talk to... he could come talk to me. Well that just about blew my socks off. I mean.. sure, I was willing... but, to know that your sister would suggest to her "soon to be ex" that HE could talk to ME.. I was shocked. I think it hit me then that... ok, so maybe I AM good at listening. And.. I appreciated her trust in me that even HE could confide in me and I'd never share it with even her. That spoke tons to me. So I try... I really do.. I try to let people know I care and that I'm always within ear range if that's what they need. I can't fix everything, but I can sure lend a shoulder.
Have a blessed day and listen... it does a heart good. *smile* Signature

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Preview Day 2 - Sports, School, Spirit

I'm soooo excited to be posting a Preview for you today of Melanie Muenchinger's newest set, "Sports, School, Spirit". This is just ONE of Melanie's sets that will be revealed Thursday night at the "Release Party" on SCS.

My first card is done using Melanie's, "Inspiration Mosaic" set from last month's release. I stamped the grid on Gina's K's Summer Fabrics digital paper then paper pieced the Stars and Stripes digital paper paper in the corners and middle of the grid (BOTH of these digital papers are FREE on STV!!). My card base is Gina's Pure Luxury Heavy Base Weight, In the Navy. My next layer is Gina's NEW MOONLIT FOG cardstock and it matches the Momentos London Fog ink!!! When I first saw this newest grey, I thought it had a greenish hue to it, but as I began using it with my Navy, I thought it had a blueish hue. I love it when a color coordinates with so many others and really gives off just the right tint no matter what you use it with.

Next I stamped the trophy, ribbon and helmet onto some Pure Luxury Layering Weight paper and colored them in with my Copics. The trophy "cup" is colored in with my Sakura Glaze Pen to add shimmer. I also went around the blue ribbon's circle with my Stardust Glitter Pen.

Now, who can design for an illustrator that actually LIVES in Texas without adding a star to that football helmet?!!! My star came from Lazy Days of Summer and fit just perfectly on Melanie's helmet! How cool is that??!!! GO COWBOYS!!! (Ok, I admit, I'm a Dallas fan myself after having lived there for 6 years.)

For more inspiration with the stamps previewed today, visit Gina's blog as well as Melanie Muenchinger, the illustrator of Sports, School, Spirit. For even more projects with tonight's two stamp sets, these Senior Design Team Members are participating in previews today: Carolyn, Cindy, Donna, Emily, Erika, Lee, Lynn, and Theresa as well as our CenterStage Spotlight Design Team members: Tina Gilliland and Vicki Dutcher Don't forget about our Release Party on SCS starting at 7pm CST on Thursday, August 27th. There will be contests, challenges, lots of chatter as well as a ton more samples shared by the Senior Design team members and our CenterStage Spotlight team too. We'd love to have you join us! Signature

Angel Hugs

As many of you know, my father-in-law got some bad news a Thursday night after his PET scan. His cancer has spread to his liver and all over his chest area. That was just a huge blow to all of us since after he went thru radiation, and had his ultrasound (in which they couldn't find the spot any longer), we thought he had beat it. So, needless to say... I think he needs a few more hugs and special ones from angels are always best. I made this card using one of the Magnolia images that my sweet friend, Sharri Seffens, was so kind to let me stamp while visiting her home in Wisconsin. Sharri offered to stamp any of her Magnolia images for me whenever I needed them and mail them off so I wouldn't even really need to buy the ones she has! Now how sweet is that??? Well... you know me... I WILL buy them... I just thought it was truly generous of her to offer to supply me with a new "fix" everytime I needed one. Hee Hee I hope this little angel with her arms spread wide will make my father-in-law feel a little more at ease and know that even though I'm not there today (my hubby goes up every Monday and I sent the card with him)... that in my heart he is always being hugged. I couldn't ask for a more special father-in-law and I don't like to see him upset and hurting. So I'll send a little hug and a whole lot of love as often as I can. Have a great day and hug someone today. You never know how much it may mean to them. *smile* Signature

Monday, August 24, 2009

Country Sunrise

I told you Friday I would post the other card I made with Sharri Seffens while in Wisconsin on Saturday, well, as it turned out, much was going on and I didn't get it posted. I apologize. So, TODAY, here is the card I promised. Again, Sharri and I used the brayering technique that she taught to me while I visited. I LOVE how this technique just makes it's own reflections and highlights. My card is a bit "wonky" in size. I am so use to making the standard A2 card size that I went thru THREE full pages of Gina K's Pure Luxury Rocket Red before I actually cut a piece close enough to fit the design! HA!! And honestly, after I finished... I turned it over to put my "stamped by" mark on it and realized, I scored it wrong! LOL So... I had to trim more. Sheesh.. I really need to get out of the habit if the same old card size, huh? OR, buy more Gina K paper!!! I'm sure she wouldn't mind... ha! I wanted my card to resemble more a country feel to it so I added the red/black checked DP to it hoping to remind you of those flannel shirts and such you see farmers wear often. Stereotype, I'm sure, but I love it. They seem warm, and homey to me. Sharri and I did our sun first by sponging in a circle she punched from a Post-It Note paper and then we used Versamark to cover the sun and clear embossed it. I love how it really makes it shine, like every good sun should, right? Can't wait to try some of the brayering technique on my own and see if I get the same resuls... you KNOW how old I am and forgetful!!! Hee Hee Again, it was just sooooo much fun in Wisconsin and I am very grateful to all who helped make my birthday so special. Have a great day!! *smile* Signature

Friday, August 21, 2009

Peaceful View

Today I want to share a card with you I made while in Wisconsin with Sharri Seffens. Sharri offered to show me this wonderful brayer technique that she learned. This card seems so very peaceful and serene to me and at this moment, I feel it's exactly what my family and I need right now. My father-in-law just found out the cancer we thought he had whipped has spread. It was quite a blow to the family. I don't know how much his frail body can take right now but I do know that I want nothing more him that comfort and love. He is a very special man and I love him dearly. Sharri and I both made similar card fronts but when I left... she did her "layout" and I went home and did mine. Though they are the same front... the embellishments and design are our own. But... as it ends up... even our designs ended up very similar. Ha! How funny is that? I think we're psycho, how about you?? Ok, don't answer that. LOL I know I will use this technique many times because not only is it easy... it was fun and to see it emerge as you work on it is almost in a sense magical. Thanks Sharri for welcoming my kids and I to your home and taking the time to stamp and share with me. Come back tomorrow and I will share the "other" card we created together. *smile* Signature

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Gina K Designs Birthday!!!

Wow!!! What a birthday it was!!! I don't remember the last birthday I had that was soooooo adventurous and fun and just plain exciting!!! Visiting Gina K Designs was the ultimate birthday gift for me. But... it wasn't just that... it was soooo much more. I met ALL "the girls"!!! Jessica, Shelly and, of course, Gina herself. Oh and not to forget... an added bonus... Alicia came in while I was there. How cute is she!!! And for all of you who asked and INSISTED I take pics.... that I did!! When I first walked in I saw this blond goddesses hair peeking above a computer screen. I KNEW that had to be Jessica. Then.... over to the right... well now... WHO is that???? Yep... it was Shelly. But did I know that??? Nooooooooooo!!! I had to ask. Shelly didn't have her glasses on and she looked so "unfamiliar" to me that way. As I walked up to say "Helloooo".... out from behind a wall came this cute little button with dark black hair!!! GINA K. herself!!! WOOT WOOT!!! LOL I have to tell you.. the first thing Gina said to me as she walked out of her office... "Oh you don't want to get to close to me... I'm not feeling well and I wouldn't want to give you anything. But... I'm gonna hug you anyway!" LOL LOL So much for avoiding anything that might be contagious! LOL Luckily... she wasn't. Phewwwww. Though I admit... being able to see and actually get a hug from Gina would have been worth getting sick. Hee Hee After a bit Gina disappeared into her office and I started shopping. Oh my... dangerous to let TINA loose in a stamp shop!!! Thank goodness I have a sweet hubby who was just as thrilled as I was that I was there!! Before long Gina popped out of her office and said... "Tina, you have a phone call." WHAT???? Who could be calling me at Gina's???? Jessica handed me the phone and someone... someone I didn't know started singing.... "Happy Birthday to you.... ". After they finished I politely thanked them and said... "Who IS this?" Hot Dang!!! Melanie Muenchinger herself!!! WooHoo!!! What a huge surprise. Melanie was the person who introduced me to Gina K Designs. Unknowingly, of course, but boy did her cards ever get to me and as they say.... "the rest was history". Melanie had been tracking me with e-mail messages to me. Things like... "Where are you?"... "How far away? I want to know EVERYTHING!" Well... ok.... "Hey Melanie... an hour to go... but we have to stop for the potty!" LOL LOL She said "everything"!!! One of the funniest things that happened when I arrived I have to share with you. Gina's store has cards made by herself, Jessica, Shelly and others placed all around the store. I didn't know this when I pulled up, of course, but as I went to go inside the store... a woman in a wheel chair was leaving. I stood aside and held the door open for her. As she exited she said... "If you're the one who made all those cards in there, they are just beautiful!" LOL LOL Well now... what the heck would ever give her that idea??? LOL It was just so funny. Ya I know... I look like an artist, designer...whoa is me... such a burden to carry. Hee Hee A bit later Sharri Seffens came by as we had planned to grab me and take me to her home. We spent a few hours stamping and wow... did she show me such an awesome technique for scenery's. Both our daughters are 7 years old and they were getting along 5 minutes after they met at Gina's. When it gets quiet... I go looking for my daughter. Where did I find her?? Sitting on the floor with Sharri's daughter, Abbi. Both had one ear bud in their ear and they were listening to Emily's iPod. LOL They really enjoyed their visit as well. I hope some day Sharri and I can stamp again... she is just a wonderfully sweet lady. Now for some pics... huh??? The checkout counter. YEP... those are MY bags of goodies there! Hee Hee Stamps... stamps... and... MORE stamps!!!
Guess what's on that back counter girls????? You'll find out next week!!! *EVIL GRIN*

And something that I just loved about the store... everywhere you looked there were cards! Cards made by some of the DT and the girls here themselves. Such a beautiful way to decorate a stamp store! I LOVED every little bit of this and I tell you... if I could go back every weekend, I probably would!!!! LOL It's a mighty good thing I don't WORK here... I'd NEVER take home a check! HA!!

See the cards above the stamp sets??? They are everywhere and sooooo beautiful!! A couple ladies came in as we were leaving and I heard one of them say..."Are you going to take pics of the cards HERE?!!" LOL I think she was a bit embarrassed that her friend was standing in a store with a camera taking pictures of all the beautiful cards. LOL I hope you enjoyed the little "tour". It was just wonderful to be there. Have a great day!! *smile* Signature

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Mom, when's Christmas?"....

Eeeeek!! I know!!! Who wants to really think about that??? But if you're like me and you enjoy giving gift that were handmade.. you might want to start thinking NOW! A couple years back, I gave some of these wonderful coasters to my siblings for Christmas. Now, they weren't actual Christmas designs.. of course now... I wanted them to use them all year long. So... I made sure each set was personalized to either match their home... or... something they loved. These coasters are sooooo easy and I've used just about every kind of medium on them that my craft room had. I do suggest, however, if you plan to use something like chalks, pencils, etc., you definitely seal them with a clear coat of some sort. The tiles I purchased at a local Lowes store. I believe they were a tumbled tile. Make sure you wipe off the excess "dust" that can accumulate on them from being stacked and moved around. On this particular tile which I used in a class one month, I had the girls use their watercolor pencils as they had all recently bought a set. I know this because I had just taught them how to watercolor with them and use a blender pen. They ALL bought a set!! HA! I started by stamping my design with StazOn black. Make SURE it's totally dry before you begin working with coloring the image. As I said, we used watercolor pencils on this tile. You CAN use the pencils alone... or... as I did... using a blender pen to lighten and darken where needed. Either way, always... always, make sure you're completely dry when finishing up. I did seal the tile with a clear coat spray. You don't want to make a coaster that at the first drop of condensation your image washes away. Always remind the recipient that these should be hand washed. On the back, I simply cut some "Fun Foam" and glued it in place with a strong adhesive. No scratched tables to worry about. These were by far one of the favorite gifts I had given that year. I made sets of four and tied them with a very pretty ribbon and put them in a gift bag. Now, as I said, I DID make these "functional"; but my sister-in-law would not allow my brother to use them. She propped them up on a shelf because they were "to pretty!" LOL Either way... I'm just happy they enjoyed them. Give them a try.. they are super super easy and fun! Have a great day and remember... it's never to early to prepare for Christmas! Signature

Monday, August 17, 2009

Birthday Blog Candy - WINNER!!!

Hi everyone!!!! I'm baaack from Wisconsin!! OMGosh... what FUN FUN FUN I had!!! First, meeting GINA K, JESSICA AND SHELLY!!!!! AND... stamping with SHARRI SEFFENS!!! More about that later. And YES... I got pictures!!! But I promised to draw for a winner of the blog candy today... my birthday, while AT Gina K's!! I did... and the winner is... Luv 2 Glitter by Brenda M!!! Wednesday, August 05, 2009 "Luv 2 Glitter" by Brenda M. said... Wow .... what a way to celebrate your birthday. My favourite birthday would be when my BFF and hubby put together a surprise birthday party for me and had my friends and family with me. Love your card....the colours are so bright and cheery. Congrats, Brenda!!! Send me your stamp set choice and address and I will order it from Gina K and have them send it on. It's 11:00PM and I just got home about 30 minutes ago... SOOO MUCH construction!!! But I will also get a goodie package in the mail to you as well. It will include, flowers, a set of pastels (chalks), some other stamps and embellies!! Hope you enjoy it!! Thanks everyone for entering!! Off to have a late night birthday cake hubby has waiting for me *grin*. Signature

Ribbon Roses

Today's card is another easy, basic stamping card. I do love the look of this and I will admit, when I taught this at a class... not everyone felt it was so easy to deal with the ribbon... but with a little patience, you can do this. I KNOW you can!!! All you need is a basic flower stamp. ANY stamp will do that has stems. You don't need to worry what is on the end as it will be punched out anyway. I would suggest using "pop dots" to adhere your layers under the "ribbon" part as it can be a bit bulky and just gluing it with a tape roller will not really make it lie flat. After you stamp your flowers, you simply take a hole punch and go right over where the original flowers were at the top of the stem. I used as small a hole as I could get my ribbon end thru. I usually cut my ribbon at a sharp angle so there is a nice "tip" to push thru the hole and then all the way thru. I do this on both ends of the ribbon as you will hold them together as you push them thru. After you get the ribbon thru, it's as simple as pulling enough thru to make the "bud" look. You may need to twist it a bit to get it to look just right. If you have issues, seriously, just take your time... it will work. You can use just about any type of ribbon you want. I wonder what a velvet ribbon would look like??? Hmmmm? Try a few. I bet the person that gets the card will definitely run their fingers across those buds. Have a great day! See you tomorrow... I'll be back!!! AND... I'll post the winner of my Blog Candy! If I have wi-fi at the hotel, I'll post it before I head to Gina's store! Signature

Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Key to My Heart

Once again I am featuring Theresa Momber's set, "Timeless Treasures". Also, this card was for Lee Murphy's Color Challenge over on StampTV. Her challenge was to use red and brown in a card with ivory. I used the heart lock and stamped it in Momento Rich Cocoa onto a piece of the Lime Rickey paper. The key was stamped on paper from Gina K's FREEBIES on StampTV, Peachy Keen. I added a bit of red stickles to the key to make it coordinate a bit with the lock. And, I cannot lie... because it was a LEE challenge... I HAD to use glitter! *smile* I attached the key to the sentiment using brown floss. Again, I am rushed for time so please bare with me on these "simple" cards. I promise to make sure you get your full "mouse tap" full when I get back. Hee Hee Have a great day! Tomorrow's the day I draw for that blog candy, a FREE set from me, from any stamp set at Gina K's ($24.95 or less). Make sure your name is in the comment section here. Good Luck!! Signature

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Old Memories

I haven't had much time to play with Theresa Momber's newest set, "Timeless Treasures", and although I made a couple cards with it... they are not what I truly want to express with this set. I've been scurrying around to get things together for our trip tomorrow and well, I STILL need to make a couple more cards to post while I'm gone. Wouldn't want you all to miss me now, would I? Nor... would I want you to think I was having the LEAST bit of FUN at Gina K Designs store!!! Ohhhh what a task that will be... shopping and more shopping... sooo tiring! Hee Hee Have I made you "green" yet??? *evil grin* Today's card was made using the pendant from Theresa's set. I knew when I first saw it, I HAD to make a blue cameo with it. Years ago... when I was but a young, carefree girl dressing up in mom's clothes and jewelry, I remember my mom had one of these. I LOVED it. I thought it was just so feminine. But.. much to my dismay, she wouldn't allow me to wear it. So, it became something I adored only when she wore it. When I got older, my mom bought one for me. Now, you would think... as much as I wanted that necklace, I would still have it today Well... I may... I'm not really sure. When I graduated from high school, my uncle made me this HUGE jewelry box. I haven't used it in so long, I'm not sure what's tucked away inside. I may have to open it up and see what "treasures" I find. Funny thing, he made it with a key that looks almost identical to the one in Theresa's set!! This was a pretty simple card and I have to tell you. If you look at the scalloped edges , you will see a small amount of greenish/yellow on it. Well.. honestly.. that was a "boo boo". I grabbed a sponge I had previously been using and well... started pouncing away. EEEEK!!! I grabbed more paper and was all set to do it when I decided... "ya know... that kinda looks like the color "cheap" jewelry gets when you leave it forever. So.. I decided to leave it. NOT that I have any cheap jewelry!!!! HA!!! (Right!) But... for some reason it looked "old" to me. I might do another blue cameo some day when I have more time, but for now, it just spoke to me to leave it.
I hope you have a great day and don't miss me to much... who knows... I COULD be shopping for YOU!! Did you sign up for the Blog Candy?? Last chance to get it done today!! *smile* Signature

Friday, August 14, 2009

Babie Blankie

Well... guess what stamp set I used today??? Hee Hee Melanie Muenchinger's, "Inspirational Mosaic", OF COURSE!!! You HAVE to know how versatile it is since I KNOW you went thru the Blog Hop, right??? Well today, I turned that grid into a baby blanket! I colored it in with my favorite, unisex baby colors (ooooh is that the right way to say that????? LOL)and simply added a verse from another of Melanie's set, "Hand in Hand". Then that cute little bear... I popped him up with some mini-pot dots. Of course HE came from another of Melanie's set, "Wee Tees". I trimmed it out with some ribbon I had and added some tiny "button brads" in the corner. I snapped a pic of the inside so you could see that I also used parts of the Wee Tees set (the block)as a border. I stamped them, cut them out then colored them with Copic markers and added Crystal Lacquer and let them dry before adhering them with the mini-pot dots. My corner punch was trimmed again with the tiny button brads.
Have a great day! *smile*

Thursday, August 13, 2009

"Timeless" "Inspiration"

I didn't stop with the blog hop for Melanie's "Inspirational Mosaic"... nosiree! WHY would I do that??? And... to top it off, I haven't had much time to play with Theresa Momber's newest set, "Timeless Treasures" either!! Sooooo what's the next best thing???? Using them TOGETHER!!! I created this card, obviously, with Melanie's grid stamp and used Theresa's hourglass and sentiment. Now for the part that my buddy, Lee Murphy, will love... I added GLITTER!!!! Kind of hard to see in the photo, but it's there! First I used my Copics to draw in where I wanted the "sand/glitter" to be and then I used my Quickie Glue Pen to cover the area and applied my colored glitter to match. I HAD to mat it on black because you know I LOVE my colors and anything that makes them pop even more is a "thumbs up" for me!! Hope you have a bright and glittery morning!!! *smile* Signature

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Inspiration Mosaic Blog Hop

Tonight we are show casing Melanie Muenchinger's newest Gina K Designs stamp set, "Inspiration Mosaic". This is truly an awesome awesome set and VERY versatile as I'm sure you will see tonight after visiting all the blogs! Melanie's set was a sell out and those of us who were dying to get our hands on it had a bit of a wait. Mine was even slow in coming and I ordered the night of the Release Party!! But it's back and I KNOW you will want one for your stash as soon as you see the fabulous cards the Design Team and Melanie's guests put together. My first card I want to share features not only the Inspiration Mosaic but also one of Melanie's earlier sets called "Hand in Hand". I stamped the images using Momento Tuxedo Black ink and colored the hands in with my Copic markers. I also used a bit of paper piecing on some of the squares. I did this card to give to my mother as a symbol of three generations. The light pink on the one arm was used as a symbol of her wedding dress when she and dad married, these are their hands. The next set to the right represent mine and my husband's hands... on down to our children. If I know my mom she'll want this framed and put in her entry way on the table, thus the green coloring. I hope she likes it.

My next card was done using Melanie's set and a set by Gina K herself called "Take Flight". Again I colored in with my Copic markers and sponged some color all over the butterfly portions.

I used Gina's newest Pure Luxury Cardstock Heavy Base Weight Green Apple. Such a nice crisp color. I couldn't help using it on BOTH cards!! For even more inspiration, be sure to check out Melanie's blog. Melanie also has several guest designers joining in on the hop tonight: Jennie Harper, Linda Payne, and Jenny Charboneau These GinaK's Senior DT members have Inspiration Mosaic projects on their blogs as well: Gina K., Cathy, Emily, Erika, Jessica, Lee, Donna, and Theresa and finally, don't forget to check out our CenterStage DT members: Shannon Bracken and Brenda Turner Signature

A Hoot n' Hollar!!

I'll be honest with y'all (pun intended)... I was scampering to get a card to post today because I have a kazillion things I'm trying to take are of and get done before I head off to Wisconsin for the weekend. I finally had to make myself stop and "reorganize" my thoughts!!! And... my computer a bit! Whatever did we do WITHOUT computers????? Ugh! I had to make myself a file because I was spending way to much time trying to figure out which cards I had posted on my blog and which I hadn't. Seriously people... is 48 THAT old??? Ha! My card today was made with Theresa Momber's, "Out West", stamps. This was a VERY simple and quick card to put together because honestly... well... I did something I haven't done in years. I used a few stickers!! EEEEEKKKK!!! I had this wonderful "kit" of coordinating colors, papers, etc. and not having a stamp that said exactly what I wanted... NOR the desire to stamp each letter out... I just whipped out these letters and stuck em on! As the kids say... "My bad." (Although I refuse to let my kids talk like that... please don't tell them I put it here.. hee hee.) There really wasn't much coloring involved in this. Stamping the hat and boots in black pretty much did it. I did color in small areas of the books with my black Copic but other than that and making a "lasso", if you will, from hemp, it was a pretty basic and easy card. Those wonderful screw brads are from Gina K Designs too and I really like using them on manly cards. But I do love the way this card turned out and I can just imagine getting that in the mail (if I was a dudette... hee hee) as an invitation to a "cowboy" dance. In all the years I lived in Dallas, I never got invited to "Do Si Do"... LOL Didn't say I hadn't done a few line dances in my time, but never invited to a real ho down... LOL I hope you have a great day and remember... come back tonight at 10:00 PM CST to join in on Melanie's, "Inspiration Mosaic" blog hop! I'll have links to everyone participating and you won't want to miss out!! Signature

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Old Time Goodness

YIPPEE!!! I finally got my Gina K Designs order and included was one of my newest, favorite stamps sets by Theresa Momber, "Timeless Treasures". I LOVE this set and though I had many many things running thru my mind of what to make with it. My first thought was it needed to be something old looking. LOL Not sure why except that when I see pocket watches and cameos, etc. it just makes me think old. NOT in a bad way mind you. My first card with it I wanted to somehow distress the paper which I'm not really good at.. yet... give me time.. hee hee. So I took the pocket watch and the hourglass and stamped all over a sheet of ivory card stock in my Momento Rich Cocoa ink. Then came the fun, let all your frustrations out, part. I simply crumpled it in my hands... over and over. When I decided it looked wrinkled enough... I took my edge distresser and ran it around all sides.. even allowing it to tear the edges here and there. After I finished with that I took my Momento Desert Sand pad and rubbed it all over the card stock. I used my Nestability tags to stamp the "Looking Back" and again used one for the Chocolate Kiss Pure Luxury Card stock. I used Gina K's metallic paste and rubbed some copper coloring all around the edges of my tag as well. Next was the fun part... I added the buttons in the corner. Just simply applying them with glue dots on top of one another and threw in a few metal pieces and added a hemp bow. I thought this would be a perfect "manly" card for a birthday or even a retirement card. Wait until you see what's coming up tomorrow night! Have you heard about the blog hop for Melanie Muenchinger's new set, "Inspiration Mosaic"?? You won't want to miss it. Have a great day and make something old a good memory today. *smile* Signature


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