Thursday, April 30, 2009

Filly's at their Finest!

You remember the show line... "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Clause." Well... here's mine... "NO, Melanie... I don't put on my Wranglers and Ropers on Fridays." LOL But... I admit, I have a soft spot for Texas and Cowboys.. errr I mean, Cowgirls... or umm.. never mind, you know what I mean!!! LOL I LOVE Texas. I LOVE the Cowboys. And hey, any lady can make a fine looking Cowgirl! Right! Do I hear an AMEN!? *giggle* Well, that's where I went with this card. The Color Challenge this week was to make a black and white card with ONE other color. I'm diggin my new set from Gina K... Theresa Momber's first set, Out West! I tell you when I lived in Texas... how fun it was to wear my boots, and my Stetson hat and just look so ssshhhweeeeeettt on the dance floor doing my line dance with the best of them. Hee Hee. Yeah... take a moment to see THAT in your mind! LOL But truly, I loved it.. just everything about Texas and still do! MY boots were bone white leather with multi colored stitching on them and wow... the best lookin boots I'd ever seen! And my hat... well... of course... a Stetson... bone white as well. But, sadly things change and well.. I have no clue what happened to either :-( and some days I miss them. So I decided to bring those old feelings back with my entry for the Color Challenge.. black and white with ever so girl... pink! Someday... I may find me just the right pair of boots again and who knows... maybe ya'll see ME on Dancing with the Stars!!! *snort* Have a great day! Signature

Chuga Chuga Choo Choo

Well, as much as I hate to say it... I just have not had much time at all this week to stamp! Can you imagine my depressed state of mind??? I have all these new wonderful stamp sets from Gina K that I haven't had much time to do anything with yet other than cut them and mount them! Ugh! So, it appears my schedule will change and lighten up AFTER Saturday! In the meantime... I DID crank out two cards last night. The first is using one of my NEW favorite sets called Wee Tee by none other than Melanie Muenchinger!!! I ADORE this set!!! Can't wait to really play with it some more. I was in a bit of a hurry last night 'cause I had a niece calling for help and I had to run. I've had that "train" DP for some time now and I've been saving it for the right card to use it on and it was just irresistible with the little train from Melanie's set! One of the cool things about this set is so many of the sayings from her Little Tees set will also work on the onsie. That reminds me... when we had our baby SEVEN years ago... my husband was given a "Couples" baby shower because it was HIS first... though not mine. So... all our friends AND their husbands came to the shower. How much fun it was when my DH held up things like a onsie and said.. "What IS this?" and when the women said, "A onsie!"... the men all looked at each other and were clueless! LOL We played games and gave the MEN prizes when they won like... Oil Change Funnels, shop rags, car polish, etc. Hee Hee It was the most fun at a baby shower I'd ever had. My husband had to wear the cute corsage mom made from baby socks and I even stitched him a new shirt which had Pooh and Tigger all over it (Tigger is his fav!). Every year on Emily's birthday, he wears that shirt! LOL Here's the card for now... watch for more because this set is definitely one of my new favorites!! Signature

Monday, April 27, 2009

It's Kentucky Derby Time!

I realize this next week is the Kentucky Derby, but I didn't make this card for that purpose. I made this card for Theresa Momber who's first stamp release was last week. Theresa stamp set, Out West, can be viewed at Gina K Designs. As luck would have it... THIS was the set I won from Gina K!!! Yay Me! I was so excited I went to bed Saturday at midnight after being gone all day at our lake in Missouri and at 2:00 AM had to get OUT of bed to go down to my craft room and make this card!! LOL Some things just hit me and I HAVE to do them NOW!! I free handed the horseshoe from looking at the image Theresa has in her set. I added some little black brads (just the heads, didn't want them sticking thru the card) and colored the images with Kooh-i-noor pencils and used OMS to blend. The roses were from a SU hostess set. This card also served as my entry for the Stamp TV Challenge last Friday where we were to make a card using any other shape but square. I have another idea in my head using this set and I hope I can get it done soon. Signature

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Mom's Secrets

I apologize for this being so late but we got home from lake kinda late. Daughter decided she wanted to fish awhile so since Grandpa put a new dock in over the big pond I decided to let her stay awhile and watch her fish. Also... my camera battery died and I apologies for the quality of the pictures. I'll repost them tomorrow after the battery is charged. But not wanting to go against my word, I decided to go ahead and post them from my yukky phone camera. At least I am true to my last post... for now. LOL This card was made from Gina K Designs You Know Your Getting Old set and also uses a few stamp from Rupa Shevde's Perfectly Polished set and the wording, *smile*, came from Melanie Muenchinger's Have a Cookie stamps. All of which you can see (and purchase) from Gina K Designs, of course...she has it all!!! Oh... since you can't read them now... the lotion tubes say.. "Wrinkle B-Gone" and the other says "Wart B-Gone" LOL I know.. I have a weird sense of humor. I used my Scor-Pal to create a crease for the paper pieces from my Nestabilities so that you could flip them open to see Mom's secrets...*smile* I put a small metal tag on the right so it keeps it closed. Yeah I know... I think some wacky things in my magic shower! LOL I promise, I will redo the pics tomorrow. Have a great weekend!!


Come back tonight...

Good Saturday everyone!! Are you winding down from the CRAZY Release Party Gina K had Thursday night? I can't wait to get my new stamps.. I know they shipped... how rockin is that Gina K crew??!! In the meantime, I am heading down to our lake in Missouri for our Association meeting. Lucky for me... dad is the president.. so.. guess who GETS to be the Secretary of the Assocation?? Yipee!! ;-( During my shower... my mind therapy time... hee.. I get the good thoughts flowing and I have a few things in my brain pocket to share with you when I get back. Can't wait to play in my craft room and create for you. Check back tonight to see what my magical shower tells me... *smile* Signature

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

New Stuff... New News!

Good afternoon everyone... Today I am not posting a card... but thought I'd share my WONDERFUL news with you!! Theresa Momber, whom I met for the first time on StampTV, has just joined the Gina K Designers and this Thursday will have her first stamp set being offered at Gina K! I am so excited for Theresa!! Since StampTV began, I've been looking at Theresa's cards and I'm telling ya... she has some AWESOME AWESOME talent! I love everything she creates! Gina and her Design Team have been giving everyone "sneak peaks" of the new stamps sets coming out tomorrow and I cannot wait to see them all!!! Now for even more good news! Gina offers with her "sneak peaks" a chance to win the set being previewed that day and guess what??? I WON!!! I won... I won... I won!!! WoooHoo!! I never win. But how thrilled I am that not only is this my first ever win... I will be getting Theresa's FIRST ever stamp set!!! I am totally excited and can't wait to get my hands on those creative stamps she's drawn! Congratulations to Theresa AND me!! LOL And hey... check out my new "signature" below. How cute is that??? One more thing... I have a new "blog badge" as well. Look over to the left and check out my new little froggie prince. You can take him with you and add him to your blog, if you'd like. Just drop me a line and I'll send you the code. Have a GREAT day everyone... I sure am... NOW! *smile* Signature

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

School Day

This last weekend my husband and son went out of town so that my son could take a two-day course on hunting and get his certification. Well... you know what that means??? GIRLS WEEKEND!!! Woohooo!!! Emily and I had a blast! No boys... no cooking (or very little)... and no one asking for this or that or telling us THEIR opinion! HA! As it were... Emily decided WE should play "school"!! Yippee!! I miss it so. (NOT!) So... initially it was all good... I mean... she DOES have to be the teacher. I sat in my recliner... she put a chair in front of me and read me her book. (She holds it well with one hand and makes sure I can see it as she reads... pictures are important when being read to, ya know?) Then... of course... she had a few unruly kids... (Jackson, her dog) and she had to correct him and excuse herself from the class now and then. Tsk tsk... misbehaved children. I was patient and waited nicely. Then we had ART!!! Oh my... I can get into this. (I thought.) While we were on our trip to Kansas City... we visited the Hallmark Store, Crown Center and... the Crayola store! Emily found a book of mazes... all ready for "someone" to color in. Well... lucky me... SHE had numbered the pages and made me chose not one... not two... but FOUR of these which I could color for Art Class. Ok... so I did as told. She was set to move on to math but I was not finished. "Oh, it's ok Tina... you can take it for homework!" Nice. This maze was a full 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper. Quite a task but yep... like a good student... I finished it!! Below is what I decided to do with part of this maze. I wanted to post it on Stamp TV for their Monday's Color Challenge which required we use at least four colors. Since this had five, I decided to design my card around it. Again, I used Melanie Muenchinger's "The Best Things In Life" set from Gina K Designs. Then, of course, I gave it to Emily to keep. My kids LOVE getting cards from me. I scraped a little mail box for them one year for Valentine Day and they keep all their notes from me in there. MOST of the time. On the inside I simply free handed the letters to use as a border to the inside. Nothing is more satisfying than (after I read her the card) having her smile so big and put her arms out to give me a hug. Then simply... "I love you mom!". (In my best Martha Stewart voice...) It's a good thing!

Monday, April 20, 2009

First Touch

I am such a sucker for babies!!!! When Gina K. challenged us to do a "baby wipe" technique card well... pfffft... you just can't help but DO a baby card!!! Now I am not allowed to even look at babies... I think my hubby thinks they'll automatically make me want more... NOT! But... gosh... just to touch their little hands... tickle their tiny toes... ohhhhhhhhh nothing in the world is like touching and holding babies. Especially when it's your own!! If you've never done the "baby wipe" technique... Gina has TWO awesome videos on Stamp TV that she teaches you how and what you need to do this. Her videos are awesome, straight forward, and so easy to follow... you HAVE to go check them out! I decided to use my "baby wipe" background in more than one way. Initially, I put it behind my stamped image from Melanie Muenchinger's Hand in Hand set. Then... I decided to use the scraps to punch out a few "matching" flowers. Again, I couldn't quite find the background paper I wanted so I just took my matching markers and drew lines down the front of the card. I liked the way it ended up. Next... on the inside I put a piece down and added some border punched "ruffle" to the edges to resemble, hopefully, a baby blanket. Then I cut a smaller piece and used it for my message and also to resemble a baby pillow. I popped it up with a few pop dots so it looked like it was raised off the blanket. I guess if I can't have more babies... I'll play with the fun stamps that Gina K offers and make baby cards for everyone else. Besides... they are much more fun when you can GIVE THEM BACK to their mothers!! Right?!! LOL

STV in Lights!!! (Well... sparkly anyway...)

Last weeks, Friday, April 17th's Potluck Friday Challenge was all about Glitter!!! As I sat and tried to decide what I wanted to "sparkle up"... all I could see was Stamp TV's blinkie going off and on in my head. Sooooo... why not? Stamp TV is awesome! It rocks! It SHOULD be in lights!!! (Ok ok... sparkly! LOL) So I found my chipboard letters and grabbed my glitter and off I went. I must admit.. I MUST be getting better at taming the stuff because I didn't have it all over my clothes when I was done (or my hands, my hair, my eyelids! LOL). I grabbed the colors that Gina K and Stamp TV are known for and started gluing and shaking! I couldn't quite find the background paper I wanted so.... I decided to ummmm... forge Gina's signature!!! Eeek... shhhhhh. I added her cute little white flower with an orange center but decided to bling it up a bit more with a few other flowers layered under it. I think I'll throw a stamp on this and send it her way. When I brought it to work today my cousin, STEVE, saw it and said... "Hey... you forgot the e's in my name!" LOL I am amazed at how many of these challenges I am attempting. There is just something about Stamp TV that keeps me wanting to do more and more. Now... I FIND the time to stamp whereas before I was doing it WHEN I could. This site has me really psyched (I said psyched.... not PSYCHO!) up and the awesome display of cards that everyone shares is just that much more inspiration for me to do more and share in the fun. Oh and... just for the record... I wouldn't forge Gina K in any other form! (smile) Anyway... ON with the SHOW... Presenting.... STV!!!!

Dad's New Tulips

As I mentioned in a previous post, I loved the tulips from Melanie Muenchinger's, A Year of Flowers, and wanted to do a card for my dad. Sadly, after I finished the last tulip card I realized I had used PINK (eeeeek) paper! Didn't think THAT would go over well with the tough ol guy! So I redid a card for him with tulips. I pretty much used the same layout as Melanie only I added my wording, and a bow (and of course different color) flower to the card. I seem to remember dad having these purple and yellow tulips in his garden as well. I LOVE how Melanie did the cut out on the side of the card, going around the tulip and then stamping it again on the inside. I'm in one of those "sentimental" WEEKS, MONTHS (seems to never stop lately)... so this will go well with my "thinking of you" letter which I have tucked away to send him. I'm a sap and send my parents "thank you, love you, proud you're my parents" kind of letters now and then and well... this is one of those times. Nice thing is they have come to truly love getting them and realize I'm not brown-nosing. LOL I've never been much for that anyway and since I was probably a young teen I left notes for them to find early in the morning when they got up readying themselves for work. They use to laugh but I bet mom has some of them stashed away somewhere. OH! I have to tell you about the time I had washed my ever loved jeans before going to bed and BEGGED mom to remember to put them in the dryer when SHE got up so they would be done when I got ready for school. Well... I just didn't quite think mom had it in her to sleep and remember this so... I snuck around the house and put little notes EVERYWHERE "Please put my jeans in the dryer!". I hid one on the table where I know she sits... one on her chair when she pulled it out... one on the coffee pot... one in the cupboards by the cups... one INSIDE the coffee can!!!... and one in the bathroom... just for good measure. When I got up that morning I said... "Did you put my jeans in the dryer?" She goes.. "Huh? What jeans?" I about died!!! LOL *eye roll* Mom!!! Anyway... back to the card... LOL I used my Copic markers with this and my blender pen and for sure Gina K's Pure Luxury Base Weight Paper! I really like how it ended up.

Go Granny, Go Granny, Go!

LOL I LOVE this little ol lady! I HAD to make this card for my ex-mother-in-law. She loves her little red car and, well... she's called the Ladybug! Hee Hee. This stamp is from Gina K Designs, You Know You're Old When.... It is just cute as can be and there's even an ol grandpa in the set! My son and hubby were out of town this weekend so I spent a little more time than normal making my cards therefore I was able to do the inside layout early enough for you to see before posting here as well. I sponged the sky and drew in the road then sponged a bit below it. Again I used my Koh-i-Noor pencils and OMS to blend with the blending stumps. Also, I FINALLY got my Nestabilities I had been waiting on so I was so excited to use them in this card. I got the embossing mat and now I can actually use them and get that nice embossed edging after I cut. Fun!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Lighting the Way...

Candles are always such a wonderful way to add warmth to any occasion. I designed this candle for my nieces Sweet 16 Birthday party. She had the most beautiful pink dress and she, herself, is so elegant and fragile in sweetness that I had to make it look as delicate and sweet as she is. You can use any stamp image you want to create a candle. I simply used Staz On black ink and stamped it on my white tissue paper. Colored it in... CAREFULLY... and afterwards cut around the image, then used wax paper to wrap around the candle and hold in place as you heat with your embossing heat gun. You will see the wax look wet and "melt" into the candle. Don't heat it to long or you'll end up with brown spots. Pull the wax paper away carefully and WAH LAH! A site to behold. Wrap whatever ribbons around you like. On the stiffer ribbon I used small headed straight pins to hold it in place. Add a bow with a glue dot and there you go! Remember, if you're going to burn your candle, take care to see that when it gets closer to the image you applied it doesn't start burning. It is paper you put under the wax. Create a candle for any occasion... it will add warmth to whatever you may be celebrating!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Game? I Think NOT!

Believe it or not... I'm stamping dominoes! LOL I've had these posted on my SCS site long ago but I've met so many new friends thru StampTV and visiting other blogs that I decided to throw these in here as part of my... "portfolio" if I may. (Doesn't that sound professional?? LOL) The first dominoes is one I made for a friend who's son was getting married. They wanted to put these on the table as little "gifts". Each one was adhered with a magnetic strip on the back ... something they can put on the fridge perhaps. Very easy to make... black ink stamped and just added a few Stickles to the bride. Attach some lace and a bow with a little Scor-Tape. Easy Peezy... right?

I also made a few dominoes for necklace pendants. We made these at one of the our stamp club meetings. The girls had so much fun using different colors, etc. We actually put the necklace completely together using black leather and the latches, etc. You'd be surprised how many people had no clue these were dominoes. HA!

Mom's Birthday Gift

Quite a few years back... long long ago... in a ... (no wait... wrong story... hee hee).. anywhoooo. Long ago I made a book for my father for his birthday, I think... or father's day. This book contained all kinds of little stories about things I remembered doing or sharing with dad. He just LOVED it. So much so... that even today... some 20+ years now, he STILL keeps it next to his bed in his night stand. Awwwwww. So, I decided it was time to do something similar for mom. I mean really, what CAN I get them that they probably don't already have?? I took a small tin box and decorated it with DP and some embellishments. Then... I took Melanie Muenchinger's, "What's In Your Tin?Set2" and stamped outlines around the text I typed up. I decorated each little card and sat it in the tin. I presented this to her at dinner "with the girls" (the women in our family all go out one night a month if anyone has a birthday to celebrate in that month). It was so much fun giving it to her then because some of the things I wrote about, my other relatives remembered. It made for lots of laughter and even some "awwww ... sniff sniff" tears. Obviously the "boys" aren't invited so this morning when dad called into work he told me he thought it was "cute". Uhhh LOL OK. You know... some things STILL sound funny coming from your dad's mouth! LOL Cute??? LOL I was glad he liked it though. Though I didn't snap a pic of it.. before I went to dinner with the girls I took a small white bag (lunch type sack) and decorated it for her gift. I even took some different colored paper... ran it thru my crimper and then shredded it and wadded it up and used it in the bag. Ha... those gift stores that SELL that stuff have nothing on MY shredded paper! LOL I think the tin held about 20 cards. Could have been more had I not put dimensional embellishments on each card but... it leaves for expansion at a later date, right? I think you could come up with hundreds of ways to put little "messages" in this tin and make it personal and special for someone as well.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Birthday for Melanie

So you all should know by now how much I LOVE LOVE Melanie Muenchinger's stamps she designs for Gina K. Well... if you don't... I KNOW you haven't been reading my little card stories here... hee hee. Yesterday I had the coolest surprise ever!! I got a comment left here from someone I met on StampTV stating they had seen me featured on Melanie's blog and how cool it was that they had met me and chatted with me. Well... I was sitting there talking to my hubby and said to him... "What is she talking about? I've NEVER been featured on Melanie's blog." Then... BING... my Blackberry toned in letting me know I had e-mail. I opened the e-mail and WA LA... it was a note from Feedblitz letting me know Melanie posted a new item on her blog. Off and go and OH MY GOSH!!! THERE I AM!!!! Wooooohooooo!! You have NO idea how awesome that felt. It was like being published! Little ol me... my card... and her sweet, generous comments about MY card!!! MINE! HA!!! *STILL doing the happy dance today!!* So... I had been waiting, hoping she had received the card before posting here in my own blog. If you want to read what Melanie had to say, please check out her blog... Hands, Head and Heart. I really enjoyed making this card and I admit... I thought I was pretty clever to even ATTEMPT drawing in the fingers behind the glass... but hey... success never happens if you don't try, right?

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sunset Romance

I've had this card for some time but wanted to post it on my blog because it is one of my very favorite cards. Not like I USUALLY compliment my work. But... I admit... I was pretty impressed with myself on this one! LOL First... I've never confessed to being ANY sort of an artist... secondly, sometimes... even I get lucky sometimes. *smile* I just loved this stamp set from SU and always felt it needed more. To me, it looked like a time long ago... BEFORE kids (Yikes!)... my hubby and I would sit by the river and just... well... cuddle on a nice spring/summer day. So... I decided to get daring and try to make my own "sunset" as it were. Tah Dah! I used my watercolor crayons and water brush and actually drew in the water and sunset horizons. WOW ... did that work or what??? I should have had that card framed and hermetically sealed! LOL Anyway... this card just reminds me to be still.. patient and peaceful now and then. May you have that kind of day as well.


Super Mom to the rescue!!! Did you say that title out loud like I did??? LOL Have to get it right, you know?? Hee Hee Gina K did a wonderful card using her Kindred Spirits Super Mom Naomi stamp and it reminded me of my mother-in-law having to go thru so much with my father-in-law in and out of the hospital, back and forth to dialysis and now to radiation treatments. She has got to have more energy than anyone I know right now... ME included with two young kids!!! I just can't imagine running so many places over and over again. But, I've never heard her complain about going here and there, back and forth. I decided she MUST be Super Mom this Mother's Day!! I used my Nestabilities and my copic markers to frame up Super Mom. Doesn't she look ready to tackle anything??? A change of hair color and I bet she looks just like your mom, grandma, sister or aunt. Maybe even a teacher?? The possibilities are endless this Mother's Day.

Roses for Mom

Today is my mom's birthday and I have been so inspired by Selma Stevenson's wonderfully done flower cards on StampTV that I HAD to try a do a little "flowering" of my own. I stamped my flowers first and colored them in using my Koh-i-noor Woodless Colour Pencils and my blending stumps with mineral spirits. (These are soooooo easy to work with!) Then I cut each flower out and adhered them to the front of my card with a few dimensionals. I added the lace and also did the lattice cut on the fold of the card. I hope she likes it... roses ARE her favorite flower.

Shopping Anyone??

I love this stamp set from My Favorite Things and have waited forever for their supply to be replenished. I originally wanted to make a card for my mom 'cause she is just about as hooked on purses as I am!! AND.... the set has a remark stating... "You give Bag-Lady a whole new meaning!" LOL I LOVE THAT!!! But... I decided to save it for another time. This time I wanted to make the card for StampTV's Pot Luck Friday Challenge, Paper Piecing. The parts that I cut and pieced together are... all the purses... her shoes.. her skirt... her shirt... and the lower back part of the building wall. The thing that took the longest was finding just the right small print of paper I could that would actually show up on the purses. I pulled many pieces of DP out and stamped them but they really needed a small print to get any of it to show on each purse. I like how it turned out in the end and it certainly made me want to go buy a new spring purse!! LOL

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Easter is such a good time to realize how blessed you are and how wonderful it is to have the people in your life that you cherish. Seemed like such a nice relaxing day... until... EEEEEEKK!!!! I GOT MAIL!!! Melanie Muenchinger, whom I KNOW you've heard me mention in previous posts (ya think??!) is one of the most awesome artist I have the honor of knowing (even if only thru the internet)... sent ME... MEEEE... one of her beautifully created cards!!! *jumping in circles doing the happy dance!* I had seen this card on her blog last month and wondered "How DOES she come up with such cute ideas??" Here is the card I got.... Please look below and read what Melanie had to say about this card on her blog, Hands, Head and Heart. Personally... she is such a true inspiration to me that I plan to frame the card next to her blog post. What a perfect addition to my stamp room. Whenever I'm in a funk... I know seeing this card will inspire me (as always) to think outside the box. Thanks Melanie... you've made my Easter a REAL blessing!! If you're in a funk and need some inspiration.. want to see a real artist at work?.. or just want to learn a few new techniques and/or tricks, please take a moment to check out her blog.. I promise, you won't be disappointed! Click on the link above.. or.. on the cute little Tee to the left of this page (yet another image from her cute Little Tee's set available on Gina K Designs.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Flowers to Brighten Your Day

I love flowers. I love stamping them, getting them and mostly... sending them. Every time I see the big Gerber Daisies, I think of my ex-mother-in-law. She loves those. And... guess... she loves ladybugs too. So obviously, this card was made with her in mind. I love using my Scor-Pal as well and decided to try a sort of "grid" pattern on my card stock before stamping it. Perhaps a bit of a "ceramic tile" look. You know those WAY fancy homes and WAY expensive ones all have the coolest hand painted tiles in them! Well... this may be the only way I can afford some "handmade" tiles... HA!! I used my Koh-i-noor Woodless Colour Pencils and blended using my blending stumps and mineral spirits. These are so easy to use and blend with. I stamped the images from Melanie Muenchinger's A Year of Flowers set. Even the ladybug is in the set! I colored it and used Crystal Effects on it to add dimension to it. It looks SO REAL!!!! I didn't get a picture of the envelope I made to go with but since she uses "Ladybug" as her screen name online I also put the same ladybug in the corner of all her envelopes. As I mentioned before, I made her a bundle of cards to use since she writes notes still to friends. Now she tells me it has to be REALLY special before she gives one away. LOL *eye roll* Have a happy day and enjoy the bright flowers!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tweets for my Peeps

Once again I am taking a new Stamp TV challenge. This month's 3D Challenge was fun and VERY easy. I tried something new this time as well. Velvet Flock! You can get this from Gina K Designs store along with some other fun embellies. If you've never heard of flock before, it's basically... like... soft feeling powder with some "fluff". Apply some glue where you want it and sprinkle it on... much like embossing powder.. then shake off the excess and let it dry. Remember the soft feeling cards you'd buy at the store??? Well no more.. make your own! Thought it was perfect for my project using Melanie Muenchinger's set, "Just So Hoppy". The gift bag is perfect for a small Easter treat... perhaps some.. "Peeps"??? *smile* Very easy and fun to do. Check out Stamp TV and give it a try!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Stamping Flowers

I originally started this card with the Stamp TV "Monochromatic Challenge" in mind. I wanted to do a totally black card as I've done a totally white one and love the effect of it. But trust me... black is so much harder to do and actually photograph. Still... I think I'll work on it more and see if I CAN accomplish such a beast. As I started laying out the card, I remembered Gina K's new Stamp TV Video "Embellished Flowers". I've done this before and find that keeping JUST white flowers on hand, I can alter them to go with any card I want. Example... the middle flower in black was colored completely with my black Copic marker. In this card, I simply stamped my image from the "Friendship Blooms Set" and did nothing more. How easy is that??? It's also the reason I love buying clear Dew Drops and just plain rhinestones. Such a money saver to buy only one and use your Copics to color them to match your card. I'd also like to remind you... check out Stamp TV. You'd be amazed how much inspiration and new ideas you can get. Try a few things... you might surprise yourself. I do, all the time!


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