Tuesday, April 21, 2009

School Day

This last weekend my husband and son went out of town so that my son could take a two-day course on hunting and get his certification. Well... you know what that means??? GIRLS WEEKEND!!! Woohooo!!! Emily and I had a blast! No boys... no cooking (or very little)... and no one asking for this or that or telling us THEIR opinion! HA! As it were... Emily decided WE should play "school"!! Yippee!! I miss it so. (NOT!) So... initially it was all good... I mean... she DOES have to be the teacher. I sat in my recliner... she put a chair in front of me and read me her book. (She holds it well with one hand and makes sure I can see it as she reads... pictures are important when being read to, ya know?) Then... of course... she had a few unruly kids... (Jackson, her dog) and she had to correct him and excuse herself from the class now and then. Tsk tsk... misbehaved children. I was patient and waited nicely. Then we had ART!!! Oh my... I can get into this. (I thought.) While we were on our trip to Kansas City... we visited the Hallmark Store, Crown Center and... the Crayola store! Emily found a book of mazes... all ready for "someone" to color in. Well... lucky me... SHE had numbered the pages and made me chose not one... not two... but FOUR of these which I could color for Art Class. Ok... so I did as told. She was set to move on to math but I was not finished. "Oh, it's ok Tina... you can take it for homework!" Nice. This maze was a full 8 1/2 X 11 sheet of paper. Quite a task but yep... like a good student... I finished it!! Below is what I decided to do with part of this maze. I wanted to post it on Stamp TV for their Monday's Color Challenge which required we use at least four colors. Since this had five, I decided to design my card around it. Again, I used Melanie Muenchinger's "The Best Things In Life" set from Gina K Designs. Then, of course, I gave it to Emily to keep. My kids LOVE getting cards from me. I scraped a little mail box for them one year for Valentine Day and they keep all their notes from me in there. MOST of the time. On the inside I simply free handed the letters to use as a border to the inside. Nothing is more satisfying than (after I read her the card) having her smile so big and put her arms out to give me a hug. Then simply... "I love you mom!". (In my best Martha Stewart voice...) It's a good thing!

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