Monday, April 20, 2009

STV in Lights!!! (Well... sparkly anyway...)

Last weeks, Friday, April 17th's Potluck Friday Challenge was all about Glitter!!! As I sat and tried to decide what I wanted to "sparkle up"... all I could see was Stamp TV's blinkie going off and on in my head. Sooooo... why not? Stamp TV is awesome! It rocks! It SHOULD be in lights!!! (Ok ok... sparkly! LOL) So I found my chipboard letters and grabbed my glitter and off I went. I must admit.. I MUST be getting better at taming the stuff because I didn't have it all over my clothes when I was done (or my hands, my hair, my eyelids! LOL). I grabbed the colors that Gina K and Stamp TV are known for and started gluing and shaking! I couldn't quite find the background paper I wanted so.... I decided to ummmm... forge Gina's signature!!! Eeek... shhhhhh. I added her cute little white flower with an orange center but decided to bling it up a bit more with a few other flowers layered under it. I think I'll throw a stamp on this and send it her way. When I brought it to work today my cousin, STEVE, saw it and said... "Hey... you forgot the e's in my name!" LOL I am amazed at how many of these challenges I am attempting. There is just something about Stamp TV that keeps me wanting to do more and more. Now... I FIND the time to stamp whereas before I was doing it WHEN I could. This site has me really psyched (I said psyched.... not PSYCHO!) up and the awesome display of cards that everyone shares is just that much more inspiration for me to do more and share in the fun. Oh and... just for the record... I wouldn't forge Gina K in any other form! (smile) Anyway... ON with the SHOW... Presenting.... STV!!!!

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