Saturday, April 11, 2009


Easter is such a good time to realize how blessed you are and how wonderful it is to have the people in your life that you cherish. Seemed like such a nice relaxing day... until... EEEEEEKK!!!! I GOT MAIL!!! Melanie Muenchinger, whom I KNOW you've heard me mention in previous posts (ya think??!) is one of the most awesome artist I have the honor of knowing (even if only thru the internet)... sent ME... MEEEE... one of her beautifully created cards!!! *jumping in circles doing the happy dance!* I had seen this card on her blog last month and wondered "How DOES she come up with such cute ideas??" Here is the card I got.... Please look below and read what Melanie had to say about this card on her blog, Hands, Head and Heart. Personally... she is such a true inspiration to me that I plan to frame the card next to her blog post. What a perfect addition to my stamp room. Whenever I'm in a funk... I know seeing this card will inspire me (as always) to think outside the box. Thanks Melanie... you've made my Easter a REAL blessing!! If you're in a funk and need some inspiration.. want to see a real artist at work?.. or just want to learn a few new techniques and/or tricks, please take a moment to check out her blog.. I promise, you won't be disappointed! Click on the link above.. or.. on the cute little Tee to the left of this page (yet another image from her cute Little Tee's set available on Gina K Designs.

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