Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mom's Birthday Gift

Quite a few years back... long long ago... in a ... (no wait... wrong story... hee hee).. anywhoooo. Long ago I made a book for my father for his birthday, I think... or father's day. This book contained all kinds of little stories about things I remembered doing or sharing with dad. He just LOVED it. So much so... that even today... some 20+ years now, he STILL keeps it next to his bed in his night stand. Awwwwww. So, I decided it was time to do something similar for mom. I mean really, what CAN I get them that they probably don't already have?? I took a small tin box and decorated it with DP and some embellishments. Then... I took Melanie Muenchinger's, "What's In Your Tin?Set2" and stamped outlines around the text I typed up. I decorated each little card and sat it in the tin. I presented this to her at dinner "with the girls" (the women in our family all go out one night a month if anyone has a birthday to celebrate in that month). It was so much fun giving it to her then because some of the things I wrote about, my other relatives remembered. It made for lots of laughter and even some "awwww ... sniff sniff" tears. Obviously the "boys" aren't invited so this morning when dad called into work he told me he thought it was "cute". Uhhh LOL OK. You know... some things STILL sound funny coming from your dad's mouth! LOL Cute??? LOL I was glad he liked it though. Though I didn't snap a pic of it.. before I went to dinner with the girls I took a small white bag (lunch type sack) and decorated it for her gift. I even took some different colored paper... ran it thru my crimper and then shredded it and wadded it up and used it in the bag. Ha... those gift stores that SELL that stuff have nothing on MY shredded paper! LOL I think the tin held about 20 cards. Could have been more had I not put dimensional embellishments on each card but... it leaves for expansion at a later date, right? I think you could come up with hundreds of ways to put little "messages" in this tin and make it personal and special for someone as well.


Cathy said...

Tina, this Mother's Memory tin is beautiful.

Melanie said...

This is SO special! any mom woudl 's mom's heart would be bursting with gratitude and joy reliving these memories :)


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