Monday, April 20, 2009

Dad's New Tulips

As I mentioned in a previous post, I loved the tulips from Melanie Muenchinger's, A Year of Flowers, and wanted to do a card for my dad. Sadly, after I finished the last tulip card I realized I had used PINK (eeeeek) paper! Didn't think THAT would go over well with the tough ol guy! So I redid a card for him with tulips. I pretty much used the same layout as Melanie only I added my wording, and a bow (and of course different color) flower to the card. I seem to remember dad having these purple and yellow tulips in his garden as well. I LOVE how Melanie did the cut out on the side of the card, going around the tulip and then stamping it again on the inside. I'm in one of those "sentimental" WEEKS, MONTHS (seems to never stop lately)... so this will go well with my "thinking of you" letter which I have tucked away to send him. I'm a sap and send my parents "thank you, love you, proud you're my parents" kind of letters now and then and well... this is one of those times. Nice thing is they have come to truly love getting them and realize I'm not brown-nosing. LOL I've never been much for that anyway and since I was probably a young teen I left notes for them to find early in the morning when they got up readying themselves for work. They use to laugh but I bet mom has some of them stashed away somewhere. OH! I have to tell you about the time I had washed my ever loved jeans before going to bed and BEGGED mom to remember to put them in the dryer when SHE got up so they would be done when I got ready for school. Well... I just didn't quite think mom had it in her to sleep and remember this so... I snuck around the house and put little notes EVERYWHERE "Please put my jeans in the dryer!". I hid one on the table where I know she sits... one on her chair when she pulled it out... one on the coffee pot... one in the cupboards by the cups... one INSIDE the coffee can!!!... and one in the bathroom... just for good measure. When I got up that morning I said... "Did you put my jeans in the dryer?" She goes.. "Huh? What jeans?" I about died!!! LOL *eye roll* Mom!!! Anyway... back to the card... LOL I used my Copic markers with this and my blender pen and for sure Gina K's Pure Luxury Base Weight Paper! I really like how it ended up.

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