Friday, April 26, 2013

Color Me Creative is THREE Years old!!! Come Celebrate with Us!!!

WooHoo!!!! Color Me Creative Classroom is THREE YEARS OLD!!!!  Come celebrate and join in on a chance to WIN WIN WIN!!!!

birthday bash 3 photo cmc-birthday-3yr-2013.gif

The party starts with the CMC Design Team hopping along using some adorable Saturated Canary images!!  Then... you can hop on over to the CMC Birthday Bash Group HERE to see our schedule of events, a special sale, and check out all our awesome sponsors who help make our birthday prizes FABULOUS!!  Be sure to check back through the 29th for new postings and chances to win!!

Also, if you enter in on ALL the challenges, your name will go in a drawing for a $75 Gift Certificate to ANY CRAFT STORE OF YOUR CHOICE!!! WOOHOO!!!!

AND... you'll want to make sure and go through the Design Team hop today and leave a comment on each one for yet another chance at one of TWO crafty online store gift certificates!!!  I think this party is starting off WONDERFULLY!!!!

My card today was created to join in the celebratory mood at CMC!!!  It's a HUGE shining star in my life and I LOVE being a part of it!!  I used the Saturated Canary image, "Harley and Haley".. aren't they adorable in their tutus?!!  I tried to get a close up so you can see all their "glittered" tutu too!! Hee  My Copic colors are listed below.  

Now on to the rest of the DT!  Remember to leave a comment on each blog for a chance at a gift certificate!!!
Tina Gilliland (you're here!)

Thanks for stopping by and have fun on the hop!!!  See you at the CMC Birthday Bash Group!!  *HUGS*

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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Making Time for Me AND my Kids...

Today's card was more of a reminder to me! A reminder to keep going on my New Year's Resolution because I rarely do... and a reminder that I NEED time... quiet time.  To read! And for me, the best time to read is when it's quiet.  I have a tough time reading when there is to much commotion going on so for me reading also means quiet time.  Normally alone too.  Sure it might be midnight when I get that time, but I have to find it some how.  :-)

My adorable image is from Magnolia, Editor Tilda.  My Tilda is resting in front of an awesome Cheery Lynn Die, Chasing Rainbows Doily with Angel Wings.  Those adorable little roses all started out as white.. yep, white!  I used a little Mr. Huey's, Overdue Real Red spritz to color some red and then a spritz of Heidi Swapp's Color Shine, Mustard on the light flowers and a heavy spritz on the darker flowers.

One of my favorite things to do is purchase white flowers and white pearls and use different spritz and Copic markers to color them.  How much more easier can restocking your flower supply be??? Order WHITE!!

The DP I used for my doily and the background papers are from Teresa Collins, Memories, collection.  Have you seen her new papers??? I love them all!!


My favorite book of all time has to be "The Notebook" by Nicholas Sparks.  In fact, I am a HUGE Nicholas Sparks fan!  To be honest, I use to have to WAIT for his next release.  And sadly, I am behind and have about 3 or 4 of his books to catch up on.  THAT is not good!  So I'm hoping to catch up again this year and then... maybeee... I'll be waiting in sweet anticipation of his next book again.

Another book I really enjoyed was "Little Deadly Things" by Harry Steinman.  NOT that this was MY typical read... I'm a true romantic at heart... but... it was a way to get my son into reading again.  I knew he loved high tech items, and anything having to deal with computers, etc. would grab his attention.  I was right!  So... I chose this book thinking it sounded just like something he'd love!  We read it together... separately on our Kindles, but at the same time so that along the way and when we finished, we had a sweet little mother/son book club conversation going on.  It really did grab my attention as the book got further along and it made for some great conversations with my now 15 year old son!  We've already picked out our next book!!

And now... I have added yet another book to my Kindle which isn't exactly MY style either but again... it is moving my 11 year old daughter to read for fun.  She reads VERY well and does fabulous in school but, reading... no, not for fun.  She said she reads when she HAS to... but never for enjoyment. LOL  And yet, I can't help but hope she'll find that "one" that will change all that for her.  We are all BIG readers in our family and even my father will read 2-3 books a WEEK!  So I've always hoped she would find just one style that keeps her interest and makes her want to keep going.  

"Bliss" is all about a family who owns a bakery and the kids decide to grab the "magical" cook book out (even though they are not suppose to) and spice up their otherwise boring time with their aunt as babysitter.  I am hoping she will find it fun... funny... and exciting enough to keep at it.  Since we're still in the middle of it, I can't tell you if it has done the trick yet or not. ;-)

What do YOU do for fun and relaxation?  Do you read?  What kind of books are your favorite?  Romance, suspense and sometimes a little futuristic books are my first choice but I have found that grabbing a few other genre's hasn't done my soul wrong either.  :-)   AND.. if you have kids, this is proving to be a fabulous way for us to connect and talk and share a bit more than normal every day to day, conversations.  Give it a try, you might learn a bit more about them along the way as well.

Thanks for stopping by today and as always... I TRULY appreciate your comments and am happy you take time to look at my creations!!  *HUGS*

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

In OUR Family....

Today I wanted to share with you a multi-media canvas I created for my mom's birthday gift this year.  I've often seen these signs all over Pinterest and a few other places and I decided to write me own and add a little "personal touch" to it as well.

I started with a blank canvas and used strips of paper from various pieces I found in my stash.  I simply ripped them and added them to my canvas using Mod Podge. Easy peasy!  I added a few rub ons here and there and then I took our some of the awesome Heavy Duty Vellum from the Paper Temptress!!  Of course, mine is clear but there are many other colors available on the site as well.

I cannot begin to tell you how nice this is to work with.  First... it's not NEARLY as filmsy as a lot of other vellums I've used in the past.  Second... I printed on it using an inkjet printer!!!  OMGosh... I couldn't believe it worked!!  But as you can see... it came out fabulously!!!  I had tried printing on vellum using my laser printer and sadly the ink rubs off.  You would think it would be the other way around.  But nope, the inkjet printer won, hands down!!  

I tore the edges a bit and added some cute little Mini Magnolia images to it here and there and curled up the upper right and lower left corners of the paper using just my fingers.  With strategic placement, I used some Skor Tape to hold my vellum in place on my canvas!  Worked wonderfully!!

I love how the vellum is just the right translucency to allow for the designs of my papers to show throw and now to mute them to much either.  Perfect!  AND... to top it all off... my sweet little roses are also from the Paper Temptress.  I always buy white when I get most my flowers and these are perfect for adding any type of misting spray you have and they dry very quickly!!  Again, if you don't like messing with sprays and mists, the Paper Temptress also offers these flowers in colors too.  I LOVE these little flowers and I know I will be needing more soon!!  

I tied it all together with some of the awesome Turquoise Sheer Elegance ribbon with which mom can hang the plaque from. Ohhhh how I love this ribbon!! It's sheer but has tiny little fiberish threads where the sheer part is... it's not solid like most sheer ribbons are.  You have GOT to see this in real life... LOVE LOVE!!!

Needless to say, my mom LOVED the plaque and so did everyone else in the family.  And... I'm glad I stocked up on vellum because it seems I have a few more to make after sharing mom's with everyone at her party.  Hee  Oh well... when it's family, it's not a bad thing, right?  

Thanks fors stopping by today and remember to grab some vellum for you next crafty and/or multi-media project.  It's wonderful to work with!  *HUGS*

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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pink Besties!!!!

Have you seen Sherri Baldy's "Besties"???  I LOVE LOVE them all!!!  I have a few but not nearly as many as I want... but... THIS one "June I Do" happens to be one I was lucky enough to have named!!!  Yep... that's right... I chose the name for this image and I was THRILLED that Sherri liked the name I gave it!!!  Thank you, Sherri!!!

I FINALLY got the time to color her up and I decided why not enter her into Sherri's current challenge which is to use pink on one of her Besties!

I colored my image with my Copics and cut her out before mounting her on my card.  I used a Cheery Lynn die, "Chasing Rainbows", one of my new favs, to add some texture behind her.  I used a bit of tulle to roll up and put "under" her to resemble those "runners" you see brides walk down the aisle on.  :-)

My paper is from Gina K Designs, Pure Luxury and I used the Swiss Dot Cuttlebug embossing folder as well.

I cannot wait to do more of these fabulous images and I hope you'll come back and check out my other "Besties" images because... well.... yep... I have ANOTHER Sherri let me name!!! Woot!!  It's sooo cute too!!  I did add it to Sherri's Facebook page and if you've already seen it, I'm sorry it won't be a surprise here but hey... I couldn't resist puttin it up!! LOL

Thanks for stopping by and have a fabulous day!!!  Oh and go... grab a "Bestie"... real or digi.  Hee!  *HUGS*

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Copic Color Card Reference....

Do you ever use the Copic Coloring Chart when deciding what colors to use on your images?  I ALWAYS do!!  Well... if you do, you know this is a full 8.5 X 11 piece of card stock.  I pull it out for EVERY card I do and look at every single color when deciding what I want.  AND... then I have sheets of paper with different hair colors on them and color blends, etc.  Enough, already!!!  I decided to take my little pack of index cards and put them all together!! My color image is by the Saturated Canary, "Ruffles the Clown".  

I started by cutting all the color families on my Copic Chart and pasting them onto my cards.

I added tabs to coordinate with the color family.

Then I added pages that showed hair color and skin color combinations.

And last, I added cards that showed the different combinations of colors I like to use together.  I tabbed all the cards for ease of flipping through.

Now I have this neat, organized and small compact booklet that I can take anywhere (even throw in my purse), sit beside me as I color and it's all in one place and quick.  No more messy pages of colors, no more dirty color chart with bent up corners!!

There is a lot of space left on each card to add more combinations and even extra pages in case I find combinations I want to keep track of later, like... colors I use for trees.. favorite flower colors... etc.

I hope this has given you some tips on how you might organize your color charts and choices.  It certainly has made mine a lot less messy and a whole lot more accessible!!  Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!!  *HUGS*

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Monday, April 8, 2013

Fly Free.....

Today I'm sharing an image I colored from Saturated Canary, "Angels Among Us", which I posted for a previous Outlawz, Twisted Thursday Challenge.  I've done lots of cards lately and LOTS of coloring... trying to always get better, but not so much blog postings.  I apologize for that.  It seems with all the running and ACTUAL walking around I've done since hubby had his accident I'm pretty much at my exhaustion stage. LOL  I seem to get them created, photographed and sometimes... sometimes, even uploaded.  But to sit and write my post seems to be one of those things I always did at night once everyone went to bed.  Well, needless to say, at days end these days... I'm pretty much sitting with an idle engine.  LOL  So I am terribly sorry to you faithful followers who have been sticking with me and waiting patiently.  I'll make a better effort at it... and maybe... like tonight... I can get a minute to do it earlier!  Keep praying for me... I sure can use it! ;-)

I couldn't resist pairing up Theresa Momber's little bird image from her stamp set, "Birds and Blossoms".  I'm hoping you realize... it IS a silhouette.. I mean.. my sweet Saturated Canary image DOES have pink wings around her. Hee Hee

The beautiful bird cage was a die cut from MarkerPOP!, a Cheery Lynn Design, Bird Cage.  And those tiny sweet roses and crystal flowers ar from the Paper Temptress.

My sentiment is one I cut from SRM stickers which I like to use when I just can't find exactly what I want to use, I love their clear stickers and how I can mix and match with them.

I appreciate your stopping by today and I hope you forgive my shortness of posts in the last couple months.  I also want you to know how much my hubby and I have appreciated all your prayers and thoughts during his recovery.  He is doing wonderful and we are hoping in two more weeks he will get the ok to start attempting to walk again.  As always... blessed to have him with us AND... blessed to have you as a follower of mine!!  God is good!!

Have a fabulous Monday!! *HUGS*

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Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy Belated Easter....

I know Easter is over, but I couldn't resist putting this up since I waas swamped Easter weekend and didn't get a chance to post it on my regular blog.  But.. I have to say... Magnolia images are to cute to now use no matter if you're late OR early with a holiday! LOL   My sweet image is Ballerina Bunny Tilda.  Isn't she adorable???

I used the Silver from the Laser Lustre pack from the Paper Temptress as my base card and I LOVE how it shimmered with the bling and the glittered tulle I added to the card.  Of course I stamped my Magnolia bunny on he Cryogen White prior to coloring with my Copics.  Under that I added a layer of Autumn Hay Glimmer card stock then a layer of the Rose Quartz, Mica/Metallic.  LOVE all the shimmer these papers add to my card!!!

For my sentiment, I stamped it onto some Xcut Happy Days Ticket Stubs which I stacked a few different ones together to create a bit more dimension to my card.  On the side of it and on my flower middle I added some of my FAVORITE bling from MarkerPOP!Pebbles Candy Dots Crystals Faceted Gems, Peony.  LOVE LOVE these!!!  You have to go check them out as they come in so many different colors.

I hope you had a wonderful Easter.  We were certainly busy and saw lots of family like always on holidays!  Sometimes it's not a BAD thing. LOL

Thanks for stopping by today!! *HUGS*

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