Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Shopping Anyone??

I love this stamp set from My Favorite Things and have waited forever for their supply to be replenished. I originally wanted to make a card for my mom 'cause she is just about as hooked on purses as I am!! AND.... the set has a remark stating... "You give Bag-Lady a whole new meaning!" LOL I LOVE THAT!!! But... I decided to save it for another time. This time I wanted to make the card for StampTV's Pot Luck Friday Challenge, Paper Piecing. The parts that I cut and pieced together are... all the purses... her shoes.. her skirt... her shirt... and the lower back part of the building wall. The thing that took the longest was finding just the right small print of paper I could that would actually show up on the purses. I pulled many pieces of DP out and stamped them but they really needed a small print to get any of it to show on each purse. I like how it turned out in the end and it certainly made me want to go buy a new spring purse!! LOL

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