Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sunset Romance

I've had this card for some time but wanted to post it on my blog because it is one of my very favorite cards. Not like I USUALLY compliment my work. But... I admit... I was pretty impressed with myself on this one! LOL First... I've never confessed to being ANY sort of an artist... secondly, sometimes... even I get lucky sometimes. *smile* I just loved this stamp set from SU and always felt it needed more. To me, it looked like a time long ago... BEFORE kids (Yikes!)... my hubby and I would sit by the river and just... well... cuddle on a nice spring/summer day. So... I decided to get daring and try to make my own "sunset" as it were. Tah Dah! I used my watercolor crayons and water brush and actually drew in the water and sunset horizons. WOW ... did that work or what??? I should have had that card framed and hermetically sealed! LOL Anyway... this card just reminds me to be still.. patient and peaceful now and then. May you have that kind of day as well.


Anonymous said...

Tina, my gosh you have some talent! I didn't think about you having a blog when we chit chatted lately. Then, I subscribe to Melanie's blog and there you are featured! This is so cool! Mike and I just celebrated our 30th anniversary last week and I pulled up your card! No real romance on our part - I doubt if anybody else would have either of us!

Anyway, my cards don't even hold a candle to anything like yours! What talent!!!!!

Well, gotta subscribe to your blog and get my stuff ready for tonight - I am going to go to my CTMH stamping session tonight and we are making some birthday cards. I realized, I don't do a whole lot of coloring though I love to....ummmm I need to work on that.

I see you mention about dialysis and radiation treatments - boy, there seems to be a lot of people here in Iowa with cancers of different kinds again. I know of one in Des Moines who has pancreatic cancer. Etc. I don't have either of my parents and I really miss them. Mike's dad and his 3rd wife live in Knoxville which is close by but we don't see them too much as they are always busy with something. Mike's mom died of cancer shortly after we were married and then he remarried and then his second wife died of cancer. Sorry, about going on and on - I tend to do that, don't I? Hope to meet you for real soon!

Chris Robinson

Stampin' Pam said...

Beautiful coloring - I LOVE this stamp and agree that it reminds me of days BC (before children). I have used that stamp on an engagement and anniversary card too. Great job!


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