Sunday, November 22, 2009

Melanie, Carolyn, Asela, Theresa & Nina make MY Holiday Season!!!

When I made this card it was with the intention of just using Melanie Muenchinger's "Mosaic Inspiration" because I love it so much. Then.. I grabbed it and thought it needed some silver and gold on it. Then... (my thought process is so eclectic... hee hee) I decided I should put MY favorite winter thoughts in it. When winter hits I initially think... "ohhhh how pretty", THEN... I have to go out in it and it slaps me with.... "ohhhh I DO NOT like ice, I DO NOT like all the first snow accidents on the road, I DO NOT like being out in the windy, pelting sleet days... will my feet EVER get warm again?!!!" Yes... these are the bad things I think .... initially. THEN..... I realize... how fun it is to see my kids making snowmen. How I love the baking of cookies and watching the kids decorate them. How I KNOW I have to keep hot chocolate in the cupboards for AFTER the snowman making. How I LOVE decorating our tree with all our special ornaments (every year we take the kids to pick out their own Hallmark ornament for the year.. fun and my hubby and I pick one that resembles our last year together). And yes... even I want to see snow on Christmas day. Thus, my card ended up being all the things that make ME warm and cozy during the holidays and winter. The only thing I didn't include... family. Because for me... if I don't have my family... none of this really matters. It is everything.. not only during the holidays, but EVERY DAY!! I hope everyone remembers that though we have these holidays and gift giving occasions nothing is as precious or as meaningful in life as having your family with you. And to let my favorite stamp artists know how I enjoy knowing them and having them as part of my online family,... my card is dedicated to them and includes sentiment, cup and snowman from Carolyn King's, "Warm Winter Wishes"; Asela Hopkins, gingerbread cookies from "First Christmas"; Nina Brackett's ornaments from "Vintage Borders"; and Theresa Momber's snowflakes from "A Very Merry Christmas" and of course, Melanie Muenchinger for my initial inspiration, "Mosaic Inspiration". Have a great day and be thankful for family. *smile* Signature


NinaB said...

What a sweet post, Tina. Thank you for sharing your heart and including me in your dedication, among such a talented group. I am VERY thankful for my family. The holidays are esp hard on us, esp the kids, because we're so far from the grandparents, cousins, etc, and DH and I both come from close-knit families. But, we are thankful for our substitute "family" here in Croatia. God has truly blessed us.

It's been fun getting to know you even only through our cyber visits, Tina. Who knows maybe someday, God will allow our paths to cross. That would be a treat for me!

Carolyn King said...

Girl...YOU rock! What a cool card creatively combining all those sets. Awesome---just like you, ms. piggy!

love ya! xo Cammie

Theresa Momber said...

Tina, what an amazing card! Brilliant use of stamp sets. You rock, GF!!! Hugs, T


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