Monday, November 23, 2009

A New Journey, A New Chapter in Life

Today I am sharing a journal I designed for my mother-in-law. It has been a tough few months for her with the passing of my father-in-law and over the last weekend she drove down to see us (a BIG task for her because she hates driving in "the city") and while she was here, my husband and kids brought her by my store. She looked FABULOUS!! She was smiling and talking like her old self again! I was so happy to see her looking so good. Another reason that she was in town was because she wanted my hubby to take her around to look at some cars. She has decided to get rid of "their" truck and perhaps try a smaller SUV or van of sorts. While she was at my store she said she thought she was going to start traveling and wanted something with more room in the back for luggage and/or if she decided to take someone with her (of course I chimed in with "ME, ME, take ME!".. hee hee). Then she jokingly said as my kids were protesting about ME going with her... "Who knows I might find Don (my hubby) a new daddy."... to which she laughed, of course. It was wonderful to see her smile and joke again. Not so sure DH appreciate the thought of a new dad as he dropped his jaw and looked like a hurt puppy... LOL Of course she truly was joking and he knew that. All in all... I thought it was time she get a new journal to start her new chapter in life with. She had made the comment to me one day shortly after my FIL passed that she really need to start journaling again. So, I'm helping to get her motivated again... I hope. Nina Brackett's "Elegant Post" is totally perfect for the DP and the sentiment is from Asela Hopkins, "The Journey".

For my inside I used Gina's, "Take Flight" and nothing matches is perfectly than the sentiments she included with it.

I hope these are inspiring to my MIL and I hope as she begins her new chapter she records as much as she can for her grandkids to someday enjoy knowing that Grandma was a strong woman and though life has it hurts and milestones... life goes on and can be as good as you let it be once again.

Have a great day! *smile*



craftieodamae said...

Beautiful journal, she'll love it!! Hope she finds the just right car!!

Donna said...

you're so thoughtful, I'm sure she will appreciate this gift from the heart (I love her humor although I can totally imagine your DH's horror at that remark) the journal is lovely!


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