Saturday, September 19, 2009

Soooty Spoooky Halloween

For today’s card, I wanted to share with you a Technique Challenge that Gina K demonstrated on Stamp TV. Soot stamping. This is simple, easy to do and you don’t even need any ink!! Beware… there IS fire involved… hee hee. You will need glossy cardstock as the coating is what you will be “burning” off to create your soot. Obviously, this will require a candle as well. I used a votive candle but a larger one will work as well. This takes a little patience as you move your cardstock over the flame taking care not to hold it in one place to long. The edges are most vulnerable for burning so remember to go slow and watch your fingers. *smile* After you have your cardstock as dark as you want it, you need to remember to only touch the edges because your fingers will take up the soot and leave prints. Once you’re done you simply stamp your images. No ink OR Versamark needed! It’s like magic!! Afterwards I sprayed my cardstock with a matte finish sprayed lacquer. You may notice some speckled marks from the spray but that’s normal and really just adds to the effect. Now you can create your card!! This is fun, easy and talk about “limited supplies”!! Have fun trying your hand at Soot Stamping. The kids really dig watching this as you stamp as well. Have a great day. *smile*

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