Friday, September 11, 2009

True Friend

I had sooooooo much fun coloring all these Magnolia images that Sharri Seffens had me stamp while at her home in August. I must say... though it was fun and nice of her to do this... I KNOW I am buying more!!! UGH!! I do a card and think.. "OHHH I have that stamp to use..." Well... NO, I don't... I stamped it at Sharri's! Eeeek. Off to shop... darn. Hee Hee This little girl was a first for me. I had never done black hair before and after looking thru several galleries decided to give it a shot. Well... I don't think it tuned out half so bad. In fact... NOW she reminds me of my mom who also has black hair! And without realizing it, I colored this little one's shirt and pants in the same colors as a small doll my mom carries in her car that a friend MADE for her. I had to show this card to my sister because my mom is also a HUGE lover of her dogs and now she has a little "Teddy Bear" (mix of bichon and shih tzu... sp?) that just is the sweetest little lap dog for her. I said to her... "Now doesn't this LOOK like mom?". She agreed. I will save it and one day find a reason... or really who needs one... to give it to my mom. Things have been so hectic at work this week I haven't even had time to show my dad. I know he will agree though... it's just mom. I hope you have a great day and if you have time... why not send YOUR mom a "true friend" card. I bet you'll make her day. *smile* Signature


Patti said...

Tina, this is just the cutest! Your coloring is amazing!

Sharri Seffens said...

Tina, This is adorable! The black hair is perfect! Have you ordered anymore of the Magnolia stamps?


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