Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Anything But a Card Challenge

I think as stampers, card makers and scrapbooking people, we sometimes need to expand our creativity to areas that we sometimes "forget" we can use it on.  Such is the case with the "Anything But a Card" challenge that Karen Knegten offered up to us over on StampTV.

Karen's challenge was to take a cheap napkin holder and "spice it up".  Cover that dollar store purchase with some card stock and stamped images and WOW!!, a whole new appeal to that otherwise bland table accessory.

I could not wait to get my hands on this wire napkin holder I have had for a few years now.  First... it was from a friend who I told (while visiting her one day) I really needed a napkin holder.  Well... apparently she was at a dollar store of such and found me a wire designed holder.  Now, don't get me wrong, I was thrilled.  But... when she handed it to me and we sat it on my table,we both looked at each other and said.. "Uhh is that crooked?".  YEP!  Sure was.  But... as I said.. dollar store purchase.  So... I kept it and figured, what the heck.. it will serve it's purpose for now. 

I was sooooooooo happy to cover it.  Now... though it still appears a bit crooked, it will definitely keep one's eye from seeing that with the new "cover" Karen asked us to create.  I LOVE it!!

I used the cup from a StampTV Kit, "Signs of Autumn" and colored it in with my Copic markers.  Mounted it on my Nestabilities Labels 1 and sponged on some ink.

My DP is from the October Afternoon's, Farm Fresh pack.  Since my dining room table sits in the back half of the Family Room in our house... my husband INSISTS that is HIS room and I can't change a thing in it.  Well.. needless to say it has that ucky wood paneling, dark green carpeting and green plaid valance over the window.  So... my napkin holder was designed to match HIS room.  *HUGE EYE ROLL*  What's a girl to do. Hee Hee  But hey, it's all good... he can't say a thing when I put FLOWERS in our bedroom.. the rest of the house is MINE... ALL MINE! *BIG grin*

If you think you've stamped everything you can... look around... perhaps YOUR husband can use a new DP in HIS room. Have a great day! *smile*


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