Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The American Way

When I first saw Tami Mayberry's newest set, "Oh Boy!" I KNEW I had to use that truck to make a card for my son.

Two years ago my husband bought a truck FOR MY SON!!!  He was 10 years old!! Well... I immediately said... "WHAT are you thinking???".  Well, needless to say, he had a plan.  It was an older truck and well... it needed some work. Not a lot of work, but some.  It ran wonderfully and had nice leather seats... but... could use some new paint, a little rust taken out and minor tuning.  Sooooo... he had four years until he could actually start driving.... perfect amount of time for dad/son "fixing up" time.  And when he COULD drive, he would LOVE this old truck because he and dad did it "together". Hmmmm....ok.... guess I don't understand those "guy things"... so... ooookayyyyy....hmmmmm.

Steven is now 12 and you know what???? HE decided he liked DAD'S "newer" truck better!!  So... yep... away the old truck went.  I think dad was a bit dismayed over the whole situation, but... it is what he wanted AND dad's truck could use a bit of work in the next two years, so, why not?  Uh huh..... now I would have NEVER have guessed that. Hee Hee 

I recall my husband saying, "Man, I thought he LOVED that truck!"  And I didn't say a word... but I confess my first thought was.. "It's the American way.... right?"  Something better, newer, shinier?? 

That's how I decided to do my card. Out with the old.... though not really on a helicopter (though I wouldn't be surprised to see THAT happening someday.. Ha Ha).  Steven sold his old truck and now awaits the day he can have dad's. 

I stamped my images, colored them with Copics and cut them out.  A bit of wire to hang the truck from the helicopter and a few dark, sad clouds.  A sad day for dad... but seemingly a happy day for Steven. 

This set is going to be so much fun using in my scrapbooks for Steven.  He wants to be a chemist but NASA is his true love.  I never seem to have enough "boy" stamps so I am so happy Tami thought of it and mixed in a whole lot of boy toy love with this set.  *smile*

Oh and by the way.... my coloring was an attempt to make the truck look as blotchy and old as I could. Hee Hee

Have a great day!!!



Kay S said...

What a cute card, Tina! I loved the truck story, too! Isn't that the kind of thing we do as parents; get all excited about something that we are sure our kids will love and them feel bad when it doesn't turn out to be the case? At least your son still wants to work on some truck with his dad, just not the one dad wanted it to be!

the PaperTemptress said...

ove the story! My kids are raised and I have granbabies now but the story is as relevant today and is was when my babies where growing up in the 70's. Somethings never change! The card is perfect for the story! Thanks for sharing with us! This gives me a great idea for a challenge! Stay tuned!

the PaperTemptress


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