Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Adventure

Well, once again I ventured into the "unknown". LOL  I had canvases... didn't know what to do with them so... I thew on some paint and grab some stamps and ... TA DA!!  I don't know what it is!!! Do you??? LOL

Honestly, I was thinking of my son's grandma when I started.  She loves everything old... antique, books, etc.  Soooo... I grabbed Theresa Momber's, "Timeless Treasures" and  started coloring!! 

The paint was acrylics and I made sure I used her favorite colors... red and black.  Now I DID stamp each item and color them with my Copic markers but afterwards I mounted them on the canvas using Crystal Lacquer just to make sure they would hold. 

I have no idea what I was thinking when I scribbled on the acrylic... and no idea what I was doing when I painted the heart then decided to add the wire shaped heart over it.  But... I flooded it with more Crystal Lacquer just to .... oh... I don't know... ummmm make it shine??? LOL  My sentiment came from Melanie Muenchinger's set, "A Charmed Life"

Now I must say.... I don't always go about things in such a hap-hazard way, but for what it's worth... she LOVED it! LOL  And seriously... I knew she would.  She COULD have just been being nice.  But... I will always maintain... there is just something about things you make on your own and give to someone else.  They think I'm Andy Warhol. LOL  LOL

Ok... I promise to have something worth looking at. Hee Hee But I will say... no matter what... I DO try and I DO risk it all by venturing into the unknown.  P.S.  Don't send anyone here... just pretend you accidentally opened my blog. Ha Ha

Have a great day and if you find canvas and are not sure what to do with it... I know a few illustrators who could make it worth the cost of postage. *smile*


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