Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Little Tea for Honey and Me

Summer is HERE!!! I went out for lunch today and it was 91 degrees out there!! Who knew?? Not me, stuck in my air conditioned office. Hee Hee But.. I refuse to EVER complain about the heat this summer. The winter was sooooo awful and I will not wish for cold anytime soon!!

Today's card was made with two things in mind... summer and my darling husband. We have had quite a "ritual" of sorts for years. After the kids go to bed.. usually.. we share a drink together. NO, not liquor! We started out with espresso. We bought a small machine... made our own, got perfect espresso cups and enjoyed it in the silence of the kids being in bed. But.. we got older.. and decided staying up until 1 AM wasn't ALWAYS a good idea anymore so, we switched to tea.

Mostly it started out with just this... cold iced tea. Then, as winter came, we switched to hot tea. We found a wonderful new shop that specializes in only loose tea and I can't tell you the adventures we've been on buying and trying new tea lately. Yummy yummy!!

When I flipped through my stamp sets I spotted the glass of tea from Gina K's, "You are my Sunshine" set.  Not only did it look refreshing, it also reminded me it was almost time to head home from my shop and before long... HAVE my tea with my DH.

I decided to go completely clean and simple with this card.  Since I wanted to focus on the glass of tea, I knew how much my husband loved very simple cards and I decided to just stamp it, color it and tie a single knotted ribbon on it.  He will LOVE it!  I did add some Crystal Lacquer to the glass just for added oomph. *smile*  So, he didn't get his card last night, but he will... all in due time. *smile*

Have a great day and wherever you are, if it's 91 degrees outside... go... grab some iced tea!!


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Janelle said...

Oh yummy! I've just started making iced pepperment tea with my daughter after my son goes down for his nap. Such sweet memories!
I think the CAS look is great with this image and sentiment. I hope you both have many more evenings sharing a drink together.


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