Monday, May 30, 2011

My Mom…


I’m bad today, as promised with more “mixed media” art.  This is a metal wall hanging I made for my mother.

My mom does a FABULOUS job making quilts and when I found this picture of a little girl with her mom and a quilt, I KNEW I’d have to use it to make something for my mom. 

THIS is what the metal piece I found at a local thrift store looked like when I bought it.


Again I used various piece of DP to add to the image before laying down the picture of the little girl and her mom.  I added some Thickers to it and I also used Gina K Designs stamp set, “Signed with Love” at the bottom because mom always adds a label to her quilts.  I added some lace around the edges to finish it off.

Now for the story I promised.  While we were at the lake this weekend, the Association had a garage sale and a raffle going on.  Mom had donated a queen size quilt for the raffle.  It had a beautiful pattern and was done with a patriotic theme.  Since she and dad always have SOOOO many guests over Memorial Day weekend, she was quite busy.  Friday evening it was about 11:00 PM and she started taking out pieces of this quilt.  She said… “I have to get this done before the raffle is over tomorrow!”  She had to finish sewing the top and then add the backing and get it quilted.  I couldn’t stay up much past 12:30 and told her I HAD to go to bed. 

The next morning I got up at 7:30 AM and  saw she was working on the quilt again.  Or so I thought.  I walked into the living room and asked… “You working on that AGAIN?”  Her reply…. “I haven’t gone to bed yet.”  WHAT???!!!  Yep… my mom stayed up ALL night long just to finish the quilt for the raffle.  The funny thing was… we had just talked about how the “kids” think it’s so cool to stay up all night long and she made the comment… “I’ve NEVER stayed up all night.  Not once.”  Well… guess she can’t say that anymore! LOL 

She worked so hard on that and it turned out the lady that won the raffle…. wasn’t present for the drawing.  In fact, she was out of town on vacation and wouldn’t be home even if someone took the quilt to her! Poor mom.  Oh well… I guess she accomplished what she wanted… it was done.  Smile

Oh how I love that mom of mine!  Smile

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!!  *smile*




Karen (TLgirl353) said...

It is so neat how you re-purposed that wall hanging! The photo is perfect!

Sharon in Arizona said...

Hi Tina - Love your plaque and it is absolutely perfect for your Mom. She is one in a million and a BIG heart. Loved your story. I hope they raised LOTS of money selling the raffle tickets. I always seem to catch myself with a short deadline when I have a special sewing or quilting project. Being a perfectionist doesn't help when you're short on time. I remember one time years ago I had make Easter dresses for my two daughters and the day before Easter my niece was over and admiring the dresses..I could see she was about to cry because she didn't have a new dress, so yea, got the fabric and pattern back out and stayed up all night so she could have a new dress too. Couldn't do that now - I was much younger then. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, sharon :o)


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