Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Secret Sister Strikes Again!

I have a new bundle of goodies!!!!  My Stamp TV Secret Sister sent me a package.  Look at this ADORABLE card she made using Gina K's, "Funny Farm" set.  I LOVE it!! 

I got two packages of Gina K Flowers... both white and vanilla... and some grosgrain ribbon!!

AND LOOK..... CUTE CUTE little froggie eyelets.  Now "someone" is paying attention.  If you notice on my header.. the tiny frog on my door.  I keep that little frog on most things I treasure most.  (My logo... my wall I painted the door on at My Studio..., etc.) 

Always in memory of my dear dear friend, Bette, who collected "toads".  Quite actually, I can't tell a toad from a frog and she use to laugh at me for that.  Sooooo.... I choose anything that resembles a frog/toad.  I figure it's the thought, right? :-)  Bette would be tickled having the frog on my logo. (Sadly, I didn't have my own shop until she passed away.)  But... I had a couple frogs she had given me and I treasure them dearly!!  So those cute eyelets definitely brought a huge smile to my face.

Thank you, Secret Sister!! *HUGS*

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.  *smile*


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