Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Take Cover!!!

Well... that's what my son's DOG would want to say!!!!  It's almost the 4th of July weekend and you know what that means???? Fireworks... snaps and booms and all those wonderful things DOGS love!!!  Ok... so Biscuit, my son's yellow lab, doesn't!  AT ALL!!!!

Now... I'm not sure this will work... but... I made a card for Biscuit this week!! HA!!  She has a dog house... but no mailbox.  Hmmm... wonder whatever I will do with it? LOL  Honestly, my son thought it was funnier than heck so I will probably give it to him to keep in his stash of "memories" he treasures.

I used Creative Clear Stamps sentiment, the ever funny... "Whoop De Do", for this card because I know if Biscuit could talk she's be saying that same thing as she heard all the booms and bangs from all over our neighborhood, like she does every year!! She just runs around the yard like crazy... tongue hanging out... all hot and barking at everything... she never takes a breath!  Poor thing! 

I also had this awesome "flag" ribbon that I knew would be perfect for my card.

On the inside... I kept it pretty simple with just a few DP blocks tucked in behind my plain white paper and I used the "Patterns Alphabets and Numbers" to stamp out my sentiment. 

Yep... the fourth of July means NOTHING to our dog but turmoil because she can't do anything about it.  But... I certainly hope YOU have a nice one and that if you have a dog,I hope it doesn't suffer half as much as ours does.


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Sassy Scrapin' said...

Really really cute! and yes, my dog outside and the poodles inside HATE the noise!!! Happy Fourth too you!


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