Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!

Today my husband and I are celebrating our 6th anniversary.  Though we have been together 12 years, I played hard-to-get because I wouldn't give him a date. LOL  We were actually engaged 2 years before I decided I couldn't put him off any longer. Ha!!

It was a beautiful day outside and we couldn't have asked for anything more perfect.

I think he had me from the first date, but I never wanted to admit that before. LOL  I mean come on... I got sick on our very first date and it wasn't pretty.  He cleaned my car out... it was miserable cold outside and he actually went to a car wash and made it perfect... in the cold and snow!!  AND... since I was living alone in an apartment... he actually slept ON THE FLOOR beside my bed that night to make sure I was ok.  Then got up and made me breakfast.  A perfect gentleman and he STILL opens doors, seats me at restaurants and always says.... "Ladies first."  Chivalry is not dead!!!  I still get flowers for no reason at all... and on occasion when I hop in my car to head somewhere I will find a card he placed there as a surprise.  I have been very blessed.

My card today will hopefully remind him of things he'd done for me (not only in a possession, but also in my heart) that have meant so very very much.

I told him very early in our relationship, when we were "just dating" that I used to play violin and how very very much I loved it and how I could no longer take lessons due to no one being close enough for my mom to take me to lessons any longer after 8 years.  So I eventually had to quit.  On my first birthday we spent together, he bought me a violin!!!! My very own!!!!  I could not believe he had remembered our talk about that much less how MUCH I know he had to spend on it!!! It's just beautiful.  And though I still haven't had time to pick up lessons again... I do play it now and then.  All from memory.

My image is from InStyle Stamps, "Violet".  Not only was the image appropriate for a card to my DH but... her name was as well.  I LOVE purple!!!  Any shade of it.  So, why not... I colored her in violets and purples.  *smile*

I used my Copic airbrush system to throw just a slight bit of grey to the image and the heart as well.  I am sure he will smile when he sees it.

So here's to another magical 6 years and longer. (HE wants to be married for 100 years!!!  I told him God wouldn't do that to ANY woman!! LOL *wink*)

Have a great day!!!  *smile*


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Kay S said...

I'm a day late, Tina, but I hope you had a wonderful anniversary. Your hubby sounds like a wonderful man and you are lucky to have him in your life (of course, he is lucky to have you as well!) Congratulations and here's to many more happy years together!


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