Thursday, June 10, 2010

50???? OMGosh!!!

I look at this card and I think... "Hmmmm.... it's not so depressing a card for a 50th birthday.".  Then, I think..."I REFUSE to turn 50!!!  I don't HAVE to acknowledge it... EVER!!"  Yep... I'm close.  REAL close... like VERY soon.  Oh gosh.  I have never ever felt so depressed over an age before.  And I swear to everyone I am staying in bed that day AND eating a trifle that my sister said she'd make for me for my birthday.  ALL BY MYSELF!!! ALL OF IT!!!!

So... with that said... I decided my first card with Melanie Muenchinger's newest set, "Candles on Your Cake" should look at 50 as a somewhat happy thing.  Sure there's a bit of oldness to it.... I used Gina K's Pure Luxury Layering Weight Ivory card stock... and instead of using the red (with white) stitched ribbon as is, I colored the stitching with ivory as well to "age" them a bit; but all in all... I think the red and the small bit of color in the DP makes it a littler cheerier.  Right.... right???? *smile*

And as a little tip.... I actually stamped my image on white card stock.  Then realizing the DP was an "antiqued/ivory" color, I quickly grabbed my Vivid Tuscan Tan ink pad and rubbed it lightly over the whole image.  I tend to stamp most all my images on white and then decide later how to best color them or enhance them so unless you want the exact match to ivory, this is a quick and easy way to change out that white without restamping and recoloring (if that is the case).

Have a great day!! *smile*



Betty Benton said...

I like Your "aged" focal image (very appropriate!). I never had a problem with birthdays either but 50 was a bit of a bummer! Now that I'm heading on closer to 60, 50 sounds pretty good to me!!

Melanie said...

that's really cute! i was thinnking yesterday some of the some of the elements would be fun to put in a sqaure border the way you did to frame something else up but hadn't tried it!
cheer up girl, 50 is the new 40!!


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