Thursday, June 24, 2010

Book of Memories...

Last Saturday was our 6th wedding anniversary.  Though we have been together 12 years, we have only been married six of those years.  I always try to give from my heart when it comes to our anniversary and this year was no exception for me.  I decided to try my hand at a book for my  husband.  One that was inspired by Donna Downing

I took her board books and did some simple swipes and swirls from different Tim Holtz Distress ink pads, Memento ink pads and Vivid ink pads.  My husband loves dark wood so I used my distress ink to start swiping over the cover.  This was very easy and I used a couple different colors to try to mimic wood.  I added a sheet of paper to the left side and used a sanding block to just wipe away some of the color.  I love how the base color was burgundy and when I swiped it with the sanding block the white came out. But on the board was inked and only small amounts of the original white board came thru.  Sort of an opposite effect.  I added just a few stickers for the year and used not only some Donna Downing stamps but a few Gina K stamps as well.

No.. I didn't put a black blob on the right hand side of the inside pages... I just covered the writing up.  My husband is a very private person and I KNOW he'd never want his book read by everyone. *smile*  But my first page I used a few images from Theresa Mombers stamp sets from Gina K Designs as well.  Our first date was honestly at a park and we spent the afternoon... well into the night sitting and talking on a bench watching the river and enjoying a picnic of sorts together.

I wanted to keep a bit of  "America" in the book since my husband was retired from the Navy after 20 years and I also know he thinks he shouldn't be praised for doing this.  We once attended a convention together and the whole last day was dedicated to our men and women of the armed forced and he wouldn't stand to be thanked alongside the others because he felt it was his "duty" to do what he did and didn't think he should receive any special acknowledgment for this.  So, this page was my sort of "tribute" to his Navy days.

I LOVED the way this page turned out using Tim Holtz Distressed ink, Old Paper.  I also used the Memento London Fog on the edges and swiped it with some black though here it looks blue.  My son and I decided it looked like an old piece of worn paper and here is where I put sentiments from various Gina K Designs stamps and a few of the things he says that inspire me.  I was so thrilled when Gina K started using some of the old sentiment that we hear time after time. 

Again... some swiping with various ink pads and a few stamps from the Gina K Design line.  LOVED how these pages turned out.  They two of my favorite pages.

Lastly I will show you the brightest pages in my book.  A sun, done with a few swipes of ink again and on the last page I just threw some dots here and there using my ink pads again and LOTS of bright fun flowers... my fav!! And... two wonderful sentiments from Melanie Muenchinger's set, "Say it with Flowers"... one of my favorite stamp sets along with "A Year of Flowers"

He really really enjoyed the book and there were more pages though I didn't photograph them all.  I will tell you there is nothing quite like remembering old times and your first few days and days together.  Always brings a smile to both our faces.  And I must share with you my philosophy of a good marriage.  I HAVE been married three times you know... so I figure I have some expertise in this area by now! LOL  Let's hope!!!  But truly... I have always believed that to make a marriage work and stay fun and exciting... you have to ALWAYS remember what it was like those first few days, weeks, months, years that you met.  Remember those things that the other person did or said that made you fall in love with them.  Remember them and relive them... as often as you can.  We STILL go on dates... we STILL write love notes to each other (and actually mail them!!)... we still take time to do those things that made the other swoon.  It's important.  It keeps up happy... it keeps us attached and more importantly... I think it keeps us falling in love with each other over and over and THAT is an awesome feeling!!!  As an example... I must share.  One evening he had gone to bed earlier than I... I'm sure I was stamping or something like that... hee hee.  Anyway... before I went to bed... I grabbed a Post It Note pad and started writing... "I love you"... on almost a whole stack!! I then proceeded to stick them EVERYWHERE!!!!  They were on his computer, on his chair, on the coffee pot, on the TV screen, going down the wall to the basement... I mean EVERYWHERE!!!

Do you know what inspired me to do that?? LOLLOL  I put one inside the jar of coffee grounds because I knew she made coffee every morning!  Both my parents got the biggest kick out of this and when I woke the next morning...I went into the kitchen (they always sat there, talked and read the paper before dad left for work) and asked.. "Mom, did you put my jeans in the dryer?"  She looked at me and said.. "OH, I forgot!"  I about died!!! Then they both started laughing.  Hee Hee  A fun memory and it was something I do over and over now and then... to my husband AND for my kids.  *smile*

Have a great day and remember... you have to ALWAYS remember.  *smile* 


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