Friday, June 18, 2010

A BRIGHT Daughter!

Isn't it amazing how kids are just HUGE fans of bright colors??? I mean... seriously... I am!! LOL  But my daughter is as well.  She spyed my Neon Copics in my collection the other day and was just ooohing and awwwing over them all!  Of course she knows momma doesn't allow them to play with her Copics so.. what's the next best thing??? "Mom, can you PLEASE color something for me with them?"  Well, of course!  I never use them and I wasn't sure how they would blend with anything else anyway... so why not.

I used Gina K's awesome new "Botanicals" set which has this wonderful printed word stamp and made my own background or DP, if you will.  Then... I went in search of big flowers.  Since I guest designed for Theresa Momber when she released her "Purrr-fectly Delightful" set, I knew I had to use the wonderful vase of flowers she had in that set. 

I am always struggling with exactly how to color my water AND a glass (vase) together so this is good practice for me with her stamp.  I did use the neon blue in the Copic set for the glass and one of the pale blues in my regular Copics for the water.  (I suppose I should actually remember to write down the actual Copic numbers but I do so many at once I just forget.  Perhaps I'll work on that. *smile*)

I really liked how the flowers turned out and as I said, I have never really used the neons for anything so this was fun to see them work together.

On the inside I used the flowers from the "Botanicals" set and stamped them in Vivid Ink, Raspberry and Lemon Ice and they seemed to match my "neon affect" perfectly.  *smile*  Though she has already seen this, my daughter, I will save it and give it to her someday when she least expects it. 

Have a great day and enjoy something bright and cheery! *smile*



Carolyn King said...

LOVELY!!!!!!!!!! (eee...neon Copics. too cool!)

Newbie said...

Tina, LOVE the bright colors also!! THAT is a drawing point for me to anything!!! Your flowers are BEAUTIFUL!! And neon copics! Never heard of them, but will be sure and look for the now. Water and vase are perfect!


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