Friday, June 11, 2010

Sweeet Thanks!

Strawberries are soooooooo appealing to me!! I look at them and want one so badly.  But... honestly... I've learned I'm not that big on eating them.  Silly, huh?  I definitely don't like them mushy, like some of the ones you find in say ohhhh banana split toppings and I also don't care for them frozen and thawed.  That leaves FRESH.  IF I eat strawberries... I prefer them fresh.  But... besides that.. I REALLY like them with chocolate or... even more... stuffed like I make for us in the summer with sweetened cream cheese stuffing. Yum Yum!

My strawberries came from the NEW StampTV Kit, "Enjoying the Sunshine" from Gina K Designs. As always, I'm a bit nervous when it comes to coloring fruits and veggies.  But I decided to go for it and grabbed the Copics and threw caution to the wind!! LOL  I admit... I'm quite pleased with how them came out. 

I mounted them on a Nestabilitie circle and then added the Lotus pendant under it. 

I love the DP I found that, though flowers for strawberries are white, I felt went really well with them AND the strawberry button I found in my stash.

My base was Pure Luxury Heavy Base Weight, Lipstick Red.

Have a great day and Oh, by the way... WE are actually growing strawberries in our garden this year!  Imagine that!! *smile*


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