Thursday, December 17, 2009

The ULTIMATE Gift Card Holder for any Woman!

How CUTE is this?????!!!! Gina K Designs has started selling Perfect Patterns! This design was created by Carolyn King and it is FANTASTIC for a gift card or... perhaps a small pair of diamond earrings??? Hee Hee I mean come on... what, besides money to spend does a woman want... DIAMONDS!!! HA! This was my first attempt at creating one of these tiny purses and I must say... I LOVE it!! I have a neighbor next door over at my shop who is a tax accountant. He just got married a little over a year ago and he happened to come by when I finished my purse. We got to talking about Christmas and how he and his wife were going to the Cayman Islands and THAT was their gift to each other. I quickly said... "You MUST give her a little something... you HAVE to! Sure she'll love the trip, but trust me... you just HAVE to give her a little thing to unwrap on Christmas morning!" LOL He just smiled and didn't know what to say. I quickly grabbed my purse and showed him and said... "Here... take this... get a gift card for a massage... her favorite place to shop... OR... you can never go wrong with a pair of diamond or gold earrings!" He was just in awe over it and looked at me and said.. ."Oh my! Even "I" can do THIS!" LOL LOL It was fun and he was ever so excited to take the little gift card holder and find something to fill it with. Hee Hee I used Gina K's FABULOUS Pure Luxury Tan Leather Heavy Weight Card Stock and I must say... it truly looks like REAL leather!!! I swear I own this purse... somewhere in my closet!! Her awesome stamp set, "Signed with Love" has the PERFECT tag for the purse in it! I KNOW I have a Fossil purse that has that tag... ha! A few antique brass hardware parts.. some eyelets to match and WHOA baby you have a fantastic designer bag! I made about FOUR of these in a few hours and I cannot tell you how many more I'll be making!!! Just in time for the gift giving season!! How perfect!! Here is another I designed using the Cordovan Leather from the Paper Temptress. With MY huge family, I CAN'T give the same purse to every woman in the family so I'm making them all a bit different and even in different colors! Again, this paper looks like REAL leather as you can see below in the close up. Here is the whole purse. I punched the holes and used my Inkssential's White Opaque Pen to add a little faux stitching to my purse. Also, you can see, I didn't quite have anymore of the hardware I used on the first purse so I added buttons to the metal to cover a bar where ribbon is suppose to pass thru. You can even use this pattern to make a cute summer bag or as Carolyn's designs show when you purchase the pattern, a diaper bag!! For a mere $1.95, you will be the HIT of the gift giving season and you can use this pattern over and over again! Have fun creating! *smile* Signature


craftieodamae said...

YEP! It's gorgeous! A must have.

Jessica said...

This is amazing, Tina!!

Anonymous said...

Tina, the purses/bags are so cool. I love them. Great job. Someone hacked into my E-mail and I can't access it. Once I get up and running I will resubscribe to your blog and check all your fun stuff out. Maybe get to a class? Who knows. Hope you are having a great holiday season. I know I am already getting tired of all this snow/ice etc. Off to Gina K's site to check out what is new since I can also see the screen now and I can see again. I wanted to wish you a happy new year too as well as the opening of your new shop/classroom or whatever you call it!

Chris R. from Iowa


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