Monday, December 7, 2009

The King Lost a Tooth!!

First I want to say with the Christmas season in full swing, I didn't get a chance to update my blog this last weekend and I do apologize to all you faithful followers. I was hoping to get, and stay, ahead of my blogging but did something to my arm/elbow and have been in lots of pain the last week and a half or so. Not sure if stamping aggravates it or not and so I did very little this weekend at my shop. Couldn't have been the 48 "Festive Frames" I stamped a week ago now could it?? Hee Hee Either way... I hope to get back in full swing soon. Today's card was made for Carolyn King's son, Ben. Ben lost his first tooth on Nov. 23rd.. but you figured that out, didn't you??? No? LOL Ok... so maybe I'm not good at drawing a tooth!! I KNOW you figured out the date! This wonderful calendar set is from Tami Mayberry's latest set called, "Calendar Bits and Pieces"... along with the "Calendar Grid". On the inside I thought it was fun to use Melanie Muenchinger's, "Just so Hippy" hippo with his one tooth hanging out.. hee hee. I added a lined envelope to the mix to make it a little more "fun", hopefully, for Ben when he received the card. I didn't take a pic of the front of the envelope but I also put the smaller hippo from, "Hip-Hop Accessories", on it with the wording, "To the hippest" (also in that same stamp set). I thought he might like that. I hear my card got put up on his "bulletin board of honor". I am so thrilled you can make a card and decorate the front using Tami's set to commemorate a special day of any kind! Have a great day!! *smile* Signature

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Carolyn King said... ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ben LOVEs his card...what a special person you are with an amazing talent! This is so clever and thoughtful!


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