Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Techie Geek Christmas... Hee Hee

Wow... I think I just snapped a shot of what you would see if you looked in on ME, right now!!! LOL Sad but true. I have my tree up and you can see it through the window... but... here I sit on my net book... tapping away. Hee Hee I actually made this card for my neighbor in the suite next to my shop. He and I seem to end up talking a lot of "techie geek" talk whenever he comes by my door. Ha!! And... I know his wife is a graphic designer so we end up talking about photo editing programs as well. I used Melanie Muenchinger's "Hip to be Square to act as my window and her "Tech Talk" for the laptop. I then stamped Theresa Momber's, "A Very Merry Christmas" tree off to the side. Of course no computer would be the ultimate unless it was PURPLE... in MY mind at least. Ha!! I also used Gina K's wonderful envelope video to design one to go with my card. I love love this technique!! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas Eve tomorrow and that wherever you and your loved ones may be traveling to or from find the roads and weather cooperating. Stay safe this holiday and God Bless. *smile* Signature

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