Thursday, December 10, 2009

It's Winter in Iowa!!!

This is as far as my front door would open today!!! Yes, winter is here! Schools closed about 2 hours early on Tuesday and they were cancelled for Wednesday AND Thursday!!! I couldn't get out of my driveway if I wanted to! But, with 60 mph winds and complete white-out conditions, I was NOT in any mood to go outside either. Sadly, my husband was in Indiana. He headed back to Des Moines at about 9:00 PM EST and arrived in Galesburg, IL around 2:30 AM CST. At that point, he had to get a hotel and stay until the roads were again open. Later Wednesday he hooked up with the other driver about a block away from the hotel and they tried to drop his trailer so that my hubby could head straight to Des Moines once the roads were clear and bypass Cedar Rapids. They were froze and so was the trailer. Nothing was moving. They finally got it unstuck and unhooked. When I wrote the post, (Weds. evening) he was trying to get some sleep in case dispatch called to say he was good to go again. We miss him but want him safe. This is our backyard Wednesday. I let the kids go out for about 30 minutes. They were dying to get in the snow, but the winds were just to much so I made them wait until later in the day. Finally it stopped snowing and I let them cut loose a bit. Staying cooped up inside for days is never fun and energy levels were high. I have cards to post and no... I didn't plan to be stuck inside for three days. But, they sit at my office... not photographed and therefore not ready to post here. I apologize for that. But I do have something fun... something fantastic you can check out tonight. I wish I would have had the time to join in on the fun, but things have just been hectic. So enjoy the Blog Hop tonight and remember... looking doesn't add any weight... hee hee. Several members of the Center Stage Spotlight Team have joined together to share a special Christmas Treat Recipe Blog Hop event with everyone tonight! They have whipped up some treats in their kitchens and their stamp rooms over the past few weeks so we could compile our very first Recipe Book for StampTV! Check out these designer's blogs for the sweet projects they've designed around their treats: Then, stop by GinaK's blog for a super sweet give-away she has tonight in honor of the hop! The Recipe Book will be available as a free download PDF on StampTV tonight as well. Look for it on the Freebie Tab link. Have fun and enjoy!!! (I've seen them all and they are FANTASTIC!!!) *smile* Signature

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craftieodamae said...

OH MY STARS! I could not live there with all that snow LOL. I did not know your hubby was a driver too. Something else we have in common gf. Stay warm and stamp stamp stamp!


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