Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Give Thanks All Year

I have waited a very long time to be able to share this creation with you. I wanted to make sure it was done at a time of the year that would allow for it to be used for a good amount of time. My "container" is a "thankful" container. It is intended for my family to use it all year long until Thanksgiving. Quite simply... when we are thankful for something we feel especially blessed for, we simply take a tag from the container and write it down. I am sure we will need more than the tags I have made here and I do plan to make more. When Thanksgiving arrives, as we sit at the table and Thank God for all he has given us, we will read those things that made us feel truly blessed all thru the year. It seems sometimes when you try to think of all you are thankful for... specific things that you KNOW were good and wonderful in your life, you forget when you should remember the most. Kind of like going to the doctor... once you're there, you forgot what you were hoping to ask about before you leave. *sigh* Now, we have a "journal" of sorts to keep all together and remind us on such a special day of the year. I used Melanie Muenchinger's, "A Year of Leaves" set to compliment my Thanksgiving container. For the tags, I simply layered ivory card stock on my DP and added an eyelet to run my ribbon through. I then simply sponged around the edges of the ivory to add a little more to our tags. I hope this gives you some inspiration for the coming year and how you can start a new tradition in your family at Thanksgiving or any time of the year. With thanks to you, my readers. *smile* Signature

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