Thursday, December 3, 2009

"...A Blue... Blue Blue Blue Christmas...."

Oh that was bad, huh? LOL I love Theresa Momber's, "A Very Merry Christmas" because there are images that just hit about every aspect of a card. Formal, fun, and traditional. I love this holly image and the first time I did it, I used a burgundy ribbon. Well, I just didn't want to do a traditional red or gold so I went with the blue and I LOVE how it turned out. The corner image is also part of this set and I haven't used it enough because I think it just looks great on so many other cards I've seen using this set. True to my norm.. I also colored my white pearls with my Copics. But... I noticed I didn't have just the right color of ribbon to match. So... what else?? Out comes the white grosgrain!! Yep... I grabbed the Copic and ran it up and down my ribbon on both sides to make sure it was completely covered. Then... just to be safe, I ran my heat gun along it just to make sure it was completely dry. I think the Copic made it a bit stiff, which was fine because I wasn't trying to tie a bow. Although, I do think you could and it would work out and possibly make a more solid bow for you. Perhaps even easier to do those "buttony bows" that Joanne Basille taught us all to make. *smile* I also distressed the edges just a bit. I think this makes any paper look just a bit more expensive and luxurious. I hope you try coloring your white pearls AND your white ribbon!! Have a great day! *smile* Signature


craftieodamae said...

Gorgeous!! I lvoe the blue blue blue LOL

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

Let's just color it all! Way to make it work, Tina!


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