Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dirty All Star

Last weekend was my nephew's birthday and as is true to me at Christmastime, I always forget!! Poor little lamb... I feel so bad when I am reminded. This year I was working at my shop and knew his party was the next day so I put some thought into his card. I used Melanie Muenchinger's, "Just so Sporty" set for the jersey. My nephew AND his brothers are all into sooo many sports, but I have NEVER seen them BEFORE a game; it's always AFTER they are done and totally dirty!! LOL I used my Copics to add a few marks here and there to make it appear as though his jersey was dirty and messed. Sure looks like how I see him after a game in his sport duds. Hee Hee I find that as kids get a bit older, they LOVE to go shopping for themselves and a gift card to Toys R Us is perfect!!! I wish I had taken a pic of the inside of the card for you. I made a cute little pocket which looked like a bag of baseballs and tucked his card inside it. *smile* He was so excited... until Grandpa snagged it as he was getting his cake and ice cream. Then he was at a total loss as to where he put it! Ha! He finally got it back and all was well. I hope you remember all those things that are important at such a hectic time of the year. I was quite proud I remembered Marshall's special day. *smile* Signature

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craftieodamae said...

very pretty, love the way you turned your paper in the layout!


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