Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Is it Spring Yet??

We are getting snow... LOTS of snow!!! It started yesterday and it wasn't TO bad... but today... we are expecting at least 12". *sigh* Soooo in honor of that, I say.... let's bring back SPRING!!!!! I was kinda tired of Christmas cards so I figured what he heck. I took Melanie Muenchinger's, "A Year of Flowers" and colored in my tulips and felt "peachy" about it all. *smile* I used my Copics on my flowers and the Swiss Dot Cuttlebug folder for the base. I matted everything using my Nestabilities and TADAH!!! , it's spring again! My dad called this morning and told me to stay home. Took my kids to school (we only live a block from both the elementary and the middle school) and I'm gonna clean all day. Well... as much as I can stand anyway. Hee Hee I hope you have a nice day and wherever you are, stay warm and safe! *smile* Signature

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