Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Fishing Dad

Seems I make a lot of cards for my dad and I admit, it is my honor and pleasure to do so.  My dad does so much for me.  Not only do I work for my dad, and have for the last 21 years, but I am also his secretary at our lake home as he is the president of the Association.  We spend a lot of time together and rarely a day goes by that we don't talk to each other.  Even on weekends.

My dad has been a VERY strong inspiration to me and my biggest hero.  As a kid I never thought (like so many of us do) that I'd ever hear myself say those things to my kids that he said to me.  And I honestly can say that also as a kid, I rarely was in trouble.  So, the things he said were either lessons I needed to learn, or inspirational words that I still believe in to this day.  Things like... "You're NOT like everyone else." (When I begged for saddle shoes because EVERYONE else had them.... or... "Do the best job you can because there is always someone better than you and you need to always give 110%.".. just to name a few.

Father's Day is very special for me and because there isn't much of anything I can give my dad that he either doesn't already have or can get, I seem to give those gifts that I feel will let him know that, yes, dad, I know what you like... I want you to know how much I love you... or no one on this earth could ever take your place in my heart.  So this year, I am giving him an "interactive card".  My dad is always amazed at my cards and I know this one will have him scratching his head as well. *smile*

Honestly, the only thing I KNOW dad will say is.... "That's not a bass, it's a trout." LOL  He is a bass fisherman to the bone.  But he will still love this card I created with Theresa Momber's newest set, "Gone Fishing".

My design came from the Interactive Cards book that Melanie Muenchinger was recently published in and posted on her blog.  I am really really enjoying making some of these cards.  Cute, fast and easy to follow. 

Now.... look what happens when you pull on the ribbon....

How COOL is that????  I love it!!!

My images were colored in with my Copic markers and I used the FREE Wood Digital Paper available on Stamp TV.  Thanks Gina K!!!

I can hardly wait for June to come to give this fun interactive card to my dad.  I hope you have a chance to get this book and give some of these awesome cards a try.

(NOTE:  If you haven't already been... stop by Craft Critique to check out some FABULOUS ideas for Father's Day this year!!)

Have a great day!! *smile*

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