Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Beautiful April Fools

Ok... before I start this April Fool's post... I MUST share what I got today. No no... wasn't a joke, it was simply a BEAUTIFUL bouquet.

The card simply said... "I DO you know."  Aawwwwww... yes... it was from 'he who loves me'. *smile* Ok.. enough mush.. back to stamping! LOL

Guess what?  Today is not about my card... nosiree.... it's a commercial!!!

Yep... a commercial written especially for Kelli!!!

But.. I admit.. I will tell  you about my card.  Yes.... my commercial is about yet another card with Melanie Muenchinger's, "A Beautiful Life"!!  This one's for you Kelli... LOL  (I know she's dying to order this set and this might just push her over the edge... LOL)

I had to lighten the color on the image just a tad so you can actually see what I did here.  First, I used Gina K's Pure Luxury Heavy Base Weight Black Onyx and embossed it with my Cuttlebug Textile folder

Then I stamped my image on a layer of white in Brick Red Vivid Ink.  Now the fun part... I cut the background out all around the tulips so that my embossing would show thru.  Added a few pearls to the corners and a small bow to the top and there you have it.

Oh and Kelli, if you're reading this... just click HERE and hit the "add to cart" button. Hee Hee

This concludes my test of the emergency stamping industry.  HA!!

Have a fun April Fool's Day! *smile*



Kelli said...

LMAO!!! Tina you are HORRIBLE!!!!! No Commisssion ARE YOU SURE????? This set is SO stinkin LOVELY and Im' not a realistic flowery type-a gal!!!!! THIS IS MINE!!!!! BRAT WITH THE LINK... Gina isn't shipping until AFTER Easter so I have a few more days for you to fill me with Copy cat ideas!!!! NOW GET BUSY!!!! <3

Lori said...

Sure is a pretty card and I see you were successful in your advertising! The flowers from your hubby are wonderful, lucky you. =)

Kay S said...

Love, love your card, Tina! You aren't going to believe this but I was looking at that stamp last night and trying to come up with a fun card and I thought to myself -- hmmm -- I wonder if I could emboss that frame around the oval somehow!! Well, I didn't figure out how to do that, but your idea would basically accomplish the same thing! Thanks for the great idea! And, in case you didn't see my reply on FB -- I'd love to get together in July. Dates are on my calendar and we can figure out the details later.

Joan said...

Stunning card!!!


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