Monday, March 22, 2010

What's In YOUR Closet???

I bet it isn't a train! LOL Seriously... Gina K's inspiration challenge last week was to find something in your closet that you can use on a card and post your finished product on Stamp TV. Well... I found TWO things to use on this card. The metal button was my first find... that is an easy one because everyone has extra buttons from closed they got that came with an extra... in my case... one I found on the floor of the closet! LOL The second item I found was the ribbon. I was searching thru clothes I decided to give away to the local Battered Womens Shelter and inside a sweater pocket, I found this ribbon that my mother-in-law had given to me at my father-in-law's funeral last August. I believe it either came from a card/book or flower arrangement that the Legion had given to him as a memorial. Obviously, it being such a difficult day, I put it in my pocket and there it remained. When she handed it to me she said.. "This is pretty ribbon, why don't you take it and make something with it." So... here it is. My father-in-law was a huge lover of trains and very much a proud American and Veteran. I miss him dearly when I go to visit and he's not there bellering "Well hello there!" in his big strong voice. He always seemed like such a strong man and to have watched him slowly weekend and struggle over the last year just broke my heart. Ok.. so enough of the saddness... on with the card. I used Gina's set, "Not Forgotten" for my sentiment and Theresa Momber's, "Life is Good" which contains the gorgeous train. I colored in the train with my Copic markers and used my Copic Airbrush System to add a little grey around the edges of my Nestabilitie. On the inside you can see a little peak of the plaid DP I used as well. Jake was also very proud of his Scottish heritage and I know he would have loved this card. He always kept every card I ever made him. *smile* I hope you have a great day and I hope you get some inspiration from whatever you find in your closet, home or memories. *smile*

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Betty Benton said...

What a wonderful remembrance of your FIL! You made a wonderful bow with that ribbon and the addition of the button is perfect!


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