Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Look what was in the Attic

Ok well let me be the first to say... I am SOOOOO NOT good at "vintage/old" cards!! I just don't do "old" well. I mean have you LOOKED at me lately... ha ha ha ha! Kidding!!!! (still giggling) But seriously... I have a very hard time trying to get "the look" of vintage, you know what I mean? Thus... to me... though I tried... and I really really did try... this card just looks plain... DIRTY! HA Like, yeah, someone found it in an attic!!! *onward and upward... shrugs* My card was designed using Melanie Muenchinger's, "Pressed Flowers" and "A Year of Flowers". Now when I stamped the roses, I really wanted them to look... faded, so I stamped off before putting them to the white Pure Luxury Heavy Weight card stock. AND, I added the lined images in Memento London Fog ink, hoping again, for that "faded" look. I used the new Lovely Lavender Pure Luxury Heavy Weight card stock as my base and embossed with my Cuttlebug. The, hoping to add even more to the "dirty" look, I took my Copic ABS system and sprayed the edges of the card, the ribbon, the sentiment tag AND the focal image with a bit of grey. All of these things, except the lavender base were WHITE initially. I was... kinda happy with how it turned out. But honestly, it wasn't that "vintage" look I was hoping for. And what's worse.. when I took it home and showed it to my DH he said.. "Well.. it's just TO bright to be old looking!" What???? *insert major eye roll here* Oy! I see absolutely NO bright side to this card. I mean... none, zilch, zero!! Oh well, you can't say I didn't try and well, after meeting up with mom at her house a day later, I decided ... hmmmm... perhaps I'll add a few vintage buttons to this card which she and I scoured thru that day. I got some cute cute old buttons from her stash that both grandma's had passed onto her. Which reminded me.... when I was little girl... that was my first form of art. Grandma M&M (Emily... but we made it short because the younger kids called her this that couldn't say Emily... hee hee) would give me a piece of cloth and her tin of buttons and taught me to sew one at a time on this piece of material. I went for that tin every time I visited and got right to sewing. My little square got quite pretty after having buttons sewn here and there. She never told me, but I think at some point she must have removed those buttons and put them right back in that tin long after I left. Hey... I wonder if I snagged onto any of those the other day???? Perhaps I will put one on a card some day that I sewed at Grandma's???!!! Cool! Have a great day and if you can teach vintage cards... give me a call!! I need helps!!! *smile* Signature


Miesje said...

I think it looks great - um.. is that a moth ball I see? Heeee

Bev Gerard said...

Beautiful combination of soft colors + lace + the roses! Definitely looks "vintage" to me~!


NinaB said...

It looks very vintage to me, Tina. I hope you don't give up making these. You're good at it. :-)


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