Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Colors of Easter

Well... I'm at it again!! After creating my first Copic Airbrush card, I knew I'd have to do it more... it's addicting!!! I think using the airbrush system can be easy enough to master to just shade in around a Nestability or the edge of a card, but trying to actually add sunrises and rainbows (in case you didn't know that is what I was trying... hee hee), will definitely be a more difficult task to master. But... I'm always up for a challenge and I don't give up easily. *smile* To begin with I started off stamping the grass from Theresa Momber's new set, "Hang In There". Then, I actually had a photo of a REAL rainbow that the kids and I spotted one day while leaving the grocery store and I had snapped a few pictures of it on my cell phone so I brought it up to see the actual colors that I could. I was surprised at how many I saw in the spectrum!! I began spraying in an arch and let me tell you... it definitely was NOT what I wanted... LOL. Fortunately, I started small on the left and could even it out as I sprayed. From one color to the next I could see the over spray which happened in the picture I was looking at. I think that at some point I could get better at controlling the over spray, but for now, I was fine with how it looked. I then grabbed my B01 marker and began doing a hit-and-miss spray to purposely leave some white to appear as my clouds. I also grabbed a green Copic to fill in a bit at the bottom of the grass. I used Melanie Muenchinger's, "Square Pegs" to create my Easter eggs and mounted them using Pop Ups. Also, Melanie's set, "Just So Hoppy" had the wonderful bunny and basket. Doesn't he look pleased with my rainbow? Hee Hee I am quite pleased with the card and boy, if you're ever in need a BRIGHT card... give me a call. HA HA!! I promise I'll try a more subtle look next time around. Have a great day! *smile* Signature

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Vicki Dutcher said...

Tina - this is awesome! I love the bright colors! You should of entered my color challenge!! It was a "bright card" - you might have won the prize! Come over and check it out! Meanwhile, I love your cards and those eggs....LOVE THEM!!


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