Sunday, February 27, 2011

Tea Cups & Tiaras... and MORE!

Today was a FULL, fun-filled, special day for Emily and I.  We spent the WHOLE day having fun, compliments of dear husband/daddy.  It was our Valentine gift from him.

We headed out at 10 AM and went shopping for a few things then to tea at Tea Cups & Tiaras... an adorable tea room in Historic Valley Junction.  What a treat it was for both of us!  Below are a few pics of the inside.  Emily was finding all kinds of cute little items all over.

Emily thought it was so fun to get the PINK sand timer they brought to the table so I would know when my tea was fully steeped.

 Regardless of the "tea room" theme... nothing catches a little one more than MAC n CHEESE!!!! Oh ya... that's what she had to have! LOL  
 I had a FABULOUS soup... sweet potato and pear!  YUM!! My salad was a wild berry vinaigrette served with my chicken and broccoli casserole!  

Our next stop was Nan's Nummies!!  Yep... a fabulous chocolate/candy store!! Em found a HUGE jaw breaker.  No... she didn't buy it, but one a bit smaller.  We got daddy a "thank you" gift of a couple truffles and even some fudge for brother.

Our next stop was MORE shopping!!!  Emily found the coolest diary!!  It has a tiny heart on the front and the whole thing lights up all over!! If I still used diaries, I'd have even love it! HA!  She also got a rhinestone cover for her iPod Touch.  

Then ...  I KNOW... Emily's FAVORITE part of the day... we went to the Justin Bieber 3D Director's Cut Movie!!! WOW!!! I was even amazed!!!   3D has come a long long way since I was a kid! Ha!  (Notice the princess HAD to get OUT of that dress as soon as tea was over. Ha)

Lastly... we walked back thru the mall one last time... got her a few things at Barnes & Noble and then headed out to Target where we each grabbed new jammies... a box of fresh strawberries, chocolate AND a bottle of sparkling grape juice! 

Arriving home... she ran off to change into her new pajamas and while I was changing into mine... SHE placed battery operated tea lights all over the family room and was thrilled to tell me... "Mom... relax and I'LL dip the strawberries.  :-)  

Truly a super fun day.  Oh yes.. we arrived back home at 8:30 PM.  And now... I'm off to bed.  Hubby is heading off for an extra run tonight and packin the truffles we picked out especially for him.  A very memorable day, I am sure Emily will not soon forget.  

Have a great day and tomorrow... a new sketch from Gina K to play along with over on Stamp TV



Jennie said...

What a special day Tina and full of memories you will both treasure... Great pics and the chocolates look just delish!!

Melanie said...

what a fun time! spoiled rotten, the both of you! :)
(why don't I have a girl? sigh) ;)

peggy wainman said...

Sounds like you both had a great day!


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