Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Arched Bench

When I initially made this card, I was thinking of my hubby and I.  We always take to "benches" of any kind because our first date was by a river on a bench... talking the afternoon away.  :-)  I INTENDED to NOT ink up the "Y" in your and just use it as "our".  But.... ummmm... ya.... I forgot! LOL  Sometimes I get to working and well, ya, I forget things!! Ha!

My image is from Gina K Designs Stamp TV Kit, "Sent with Love".  The bench has to be the one image I have inked up the most... definitely a favorite!

I was inspired to put this "arch" over the bench when I was using my Grand Calibur.  I had cut out two shapes and used just the "border" of one to create the arch.  It reminded me of an arboretum.

I simply added a little bling to the top and a flower to keep it simple because I again... THOUGHT, I would give it to my hubby.  NOT that he couldn't get a more complex card... but it seems my very simply made cards are his favorites.  A simple coloring of the heart was all I added.

Thanks for stopping by today and make it a good one!  *smile*


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