Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Ready for Valentines??

It's coming!!  Faster than Christmas... hee hee.  I finally decided I best get going on some Valentine cards for my family.  But first... I have to share my first experience with my Sew Easy. I bought the Janome sewing machine back when Gina K did her tutorial on it and was so thrilled to get it and be able to sew on my cards.  Well.... needless to say... I am definitely NOT ANY kind of seamstress.  EVEN on card stock!!! I cannot for the life of me sew a straight line!!  Now honestly, I HAVE sewn a few things in my life.  I made a dress when I was a teenager... and most recently (9 years ago... ha!), I made a shirt for my husband to wear the day our daughter was born.  Yes... I had help!  My mother is a fabulous seamstress and she helped me to make both items.  But still... I'm soooo not good at it!!! So off to buy the Sew Easy tool.  And honestly, I was afraid to do just a straight line! LOL  Thus the wavy lines on my card.  I figure mistakes are harder to see if there are curves and dips. Ha!

The Sew Easy was just that... soooo easy to use.  It punched through Gina K's Pure Luxury card stock with no problem!  I had heard that some people had issues with it going through but... they also hadn't purchased the pad that works along with the tool.  I purchased the pad and had no problems going through the card stock.  I think there is a bit of a learning curve with it though.  The first time I tried the holes were further inside the edge of the card than I wanted so you have to adjust for that.  I still used the card and will share it later on my blog, but now that I know that, I will make note as to where the tool lines up next time.  You know what??? I just got a new video cam and tripod for Christmas... maybe I'll post a video using the Sew Easy.  :-)  We'll see. 

For my card today, I used Nina Brackett's, "Nana's Needlework Sentiments" for my main image.  My card base is Pure Luxury Heavy Base Weight Black Onyx layered up with white.  I used my heart shaped Nestabilitie to punch out my sentiment and before I put the image down on Pop Dots, I used the Nestabilitie again to use lay it on my white layer and sponge around it.

My stitching was done and the edges were distressed.  I added a button using the same thread for the bow.  Easy peasy!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!!  *smile*



Carolyn King said...

did Tami tell you to buy that. lol!

This is beautiful Tina!

Karen (TLgirl353) said...

Fabulous card Tina! Yes, make a tutorial!


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