Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Not a Soccer Mom... Just a "Sporty" Mom!

Once again I'm back with another Sporty Accessories card from Melanie's May release. I didn't cut off the sleeves on this hoping I could make it look more like skin.. well.. not sure I accomplished that, but hey.. another point for trying! I DID cut off the turtleneck part though, huh??? Smart lady, huhhhhh??? Hee Hee But wait! Perhaps my neck DOES look like a turtleneck at my old age and I'm afraid to admit it??? Ya think??? Eeeeeek! Ha Ha Ha Ok, enough of that silly stuff. My DP was the wonderful paper Gina K gave to the StampTV Class and I simply cut out a piece and placed it on... but... that ever clever eye of Melanie's said to me... "that DP looks like a big ol honkin yellow tennis ball behind it"!!! Well now... isn't it cool how "sometimes.. I said sometimes... " things just work out!?! I honestly hadn't even noticed until she brought it to my attention. Ok... kudos to me... or Mel???!! LOL I had to laugh when I finished this because afterwards, of course, I thought about MY mom and how she decided one day to take up golf. WHOLE new bag of golf clubs... she took a few lessons and that was it. To this day she hasn't played again.. AND... I've tried to convince her to sell those clubs to me but nooooo she "might wanna play someday". LOL My darling hubby bought me my own set last August for my birthday so I'm all good now anyway. Who knows... maybe my next card will be a "Golf Mom" card... I'm sure I'll be a rock star in the golf world... soon. Hee Hee. Have a bright and cheery day.. it's HUMP day!! Signature

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