Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Today I thought I'd share a card that I intend to give to my son. He QUIT looking at my blog 'cause he said... "Mom! I get mail EVERY day saying you have a new article on your blog... can I delete that?" LOL Ohhh sureee... no problem son... *sniff sniff*... Ha! Aren't kids great?! Honestly... he IS and I am very blessed that God gave HIM to ME! I have a very very hard time trying to get pregnant when I was younger... tried for THREE years. So... at the ripe old age of 37... God blessed me with Steven, whom I call "my angel baby". At 12 years old.. he doesn't mind me calling him that. Though... I've never done it in front of his friends. LOL THAT may gain a whole different look if I did! LOL I know when Asela's newest stamp set, The Journey, came out, lots of the girls over on StampTV looked at it and saw two kids. I look at it and see me and my son. Now.. mind you... I think it must have been a few years ago... 'cause he's WAY taller than I am now. He's 5'6" and mom is only a mere 5' 1.5" (yes I DID put that .5 in there!). He loves that! LOL But... I also admit... my daughter had hair that length and I was thinking... hmmmmm I bet I can put a skirt on that little figure????!!!! Hee Hee And... I was blessed on APRIL FOOLS day at the OLD age of 40 to find out about her!!!! So... I imagine she'll get one too... later. For now... I want to think of my YOUNGER days. LOL Have a great day and go enjoy your kids... no matter how young you are! *smile* Signature

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