Saturday, July 18, 2009

Say What????

I haven't had much time to work on my scrapbooks since I started doing so many cards and I decided to start getting them done, little by little. One of the coolest ways to do this is to hop on over to StampTV and do the Scrapbook Challenge that is posted weekly. It takes so much guess work out of HOW to lay out the page. All you have to do is take a look at the "layout design" and put your photos, embellishments, stamped images or anything else you like in the same spots. And... you can actually see a finished page as well. I figure if I do one a week, at least I will have gotten more done than I do now. Right?? Today I am sharing the first page I did for the StampTV Challenge one week. Of course... my daughter, will be one HUGE source of scrap booking moments. This is SUCH a typical picture of her. I'm telling you... who said you have to wait for the teens to get that "attitude"????? She's 7... I'm not sure I'll make it TO her teen years!! LOL Her dad and I always tell her.. "Boy, it's a good thing you're so cute. If you had been ugly AND mean, we would have had to shoot you!" LOL She USE to think it was funny... now she just gives us "that look"! LOL She knows we love her. She also knows she's a handful and truly doesn't care! LOL She told me the other day... "Well mom... I just want to always get my way." I told her I knew that and she goes... "But MOM.... I'm being honest with you!"... Yes... I know. So then she told me.. "I'm sorry.. I'll try very hard to be a proper young lady, ok, mom?" Awwwww *sniff sniff* (OK those were not real tears... I know she won't last a day! LOL) But still... she's not one you'd have an easy time NOT loving. This page shows her on Easter morning a few years ago. She had BEGGED and pleaded with her dad to buy this hat. And on Easter, we had to MAKE her wear it! *sigh* You get the idea! I used the rabbit stamp from Melanie Muenchinger's "Just so Hoppy" set. I think the rabbit and she are having a stare down! LOL Go check out'll see how easy and fun it can be to work on a scrapbook page that all the guess work is done for you. Just grab your stuff and glue it down! Not much easier than that! Have a great weekend!! Signature

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Mommys Online Garage Sale said...

She looks thrilled to be wearing the hat. Cute story.....Happy Saturday Sharefest!


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